+40 Bedroom Shelves with Various Material and Sizes

+40 Bedroom Shelves with Various Material and Sizes

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Check out the bedroom shelves that will create extra space for organizing and decorating the room. Using shelves in the bedroom, whether baby, kids, single or couple, is a great option that is always on the rise and is super modern and stylish. You can choose from shelves made of glass, MDF or thicker natural wood, which helps give a rustic feel as well. You can put together many beautiful compositions within your preferences!


Modest, but quite efficient, this wooden shelf is ideal for small places, and has a low cost of approximately $ 60.00.

Via: DH Gate

All blank, this wooden shelf brings class to the environment, and is quite versatile, fitting in various environments, costing around $ 165.00.

Via: Wounded

With a different layout, this shelf uses iron pipes for support, giving a rustic and handmade air. This model you will find for approximately R $ 200,00.

Via: Ali Express

Like the previous model, this shelf also preserves the rustic due to the strings used and costs around R $ 120,00.

Via: DH Gate

The use of wood in contrast with blue gives a special touch to the place and can be used in various environments, costing only $ 200.00.

Via: Wet Wing

For decorations with the predominant white, this shelf fits perfectly, since even its supports are in color, and costs around R $ 300,00.

Via: Wet Wing

Widely used, being one of the most adopted combinations, white together with blue brings peace to the place. These shelves can be found for up to $ 70.00.

Via: Free Market

Some places make use of plaster walls, so hanging shelves can damage the property. Therefore, this option becomes more viable and costs around R $ 450,00.

Project: HF Hurbanism

With wider but short-length rafters, these shelves fit perfectly in any environment, costing around R $ 80,00.

Via: Link 7

In addition to object support, this shelf also has hanger rod, which can be quite useful. This model can be found for $ 150.00.

Via: Link 7

Although the wood gives a rustic touch to the environment, the black brackets in contrast to the white wall give a sophisticated touch, with this shelf costing R $ 60,00.

Via: Ali Express

For these niches, wooden pallets were reused, so we found a partnership between the modern and the environment, and the cost can reach R $ 200.00.

Via: Nobailout

Here the brown contrasts with the rest of the room, making a nice combination and highlighting the child’s crib, being able to find these shelves for approximately $ 300.00.

Via: MSN

With a very different layout, this environment makes use of the tree-shaped shelf to match the forest decor. This shelf costs around R $ 600,00.

Project: Oba Arquitetura


For suite rooms or small washroom kitnets, this glass shelf fits the bill perfectly. The approximate cost of this glass shelf is $ 70.00.

Via: Gaam Store

These shelves have a unique design, due to the fact that their support is imperceptible, giving evidence to the glass, besides the low cost, not exceeding R $ 70,00.

Via: Earth

For this environment, LEDs were used behind the glass plates, highlighting the shelves. In a project like this, it can be disbursed around R $ 700,00.

Project: Open Glass

Another very interesting niche model, but with rounded corners. In addition to the spacing between shelves that give a plus on the shelf, it can cost up to $ 700.00.

Project: BH Glass

Whether for your bedroom or living room, this glass shelf can be adjustable, and shows versatility between environments. The cost is approximately $ 800.00.

Project: BH Glass

Notice how the shelf is valued in this environment, as the brackets themselves bring light fixtures that make the glass shine and stand out. For this project, you may shell out up to R $ 1000.00.

Project: BH Glass

This niche divided shelf can be used for both a bedroom and a reading space, due to the design that allows the support of books, costing up to R $ 600,00.

Project: BH Glass

Simpler and also delicate, this glass shelf has a classic feel with steel brackets that fit perfectly into a girl’s room, costing around R $ 180,00.

Project: BH Glass

For book lovers, this shelf fits the need for a particle library perfectly, and costs around $ 800.

Project: Homex Real Estate

Fleeing the greenish tone, this shelf with glass niches steal the color of the environment, and lavish modernity, costing $ 1200.00.

Project: Homex Real Estate

This silverware gets a special touch by blending wood and glass, bringing the environment greater versatility, making the colors talk. The cost can reach R $ 600,00.

Project: Homex Real Estate

With a minimalist architecture, this shelf is ideal for a small library, and perfectly matches the glass and wood. In addition, it has an interesting cost of up to $ 300.00.

Project: Homex Real Estate

Ideal for lofts, flats or hotel rooms, this corner shelf is perfect for the coffee corner. Fills the atmosphere with charm without taking up much space and can be bought for $ 89.90.

Via: Magazine Luiza

This rectangular set of shelves is ideal for suites. The bath accessories are perfect in them. You will find the kit from R $ 159,90.

Via: Free Market


Corner shelves can be quite versatile as they make better use of space such as the shelf below, ideal for small environments and costing $ 50.

Via: Americanas

Like the previous shelf, this one has niches, but the red one stands out, giving a special touch to the decoration, costing R $ 160,00.

Via: Magazine Luiza

Notice how you can ally niches also in out corners, making your space more enjoyable, and spending about $ 200.

Via: Amazing Club

Made of bamboo, these corner shelves give a rustic touch, besides the handmade air of the decorative item, being interesting for overlapping vases, with an approximate cost of R $ 200,00.

Project: Zico Craft

Like the previous design, placing the shelf boards in the corners can optimize your space, and they still have virtually invisible brackets, costing approximately $ 200.

Via: Total Construction

These white shelves seem to be of plaster, due to their design, and thus give a touch of class to the place, can cost up to $ 400.00.

Via: Total Construction

This super stylish piece in retro style gives color and style to the environment. Ideal to give life to the room and can be found from R $ 520,00.

Via: Tommy Designe

These angle-shaped shelves are easy to change places. Ideal for those who usually change the storage of furniture. You can find this model for R $ 350,00.

Via: Elare

This model with feet can be used as a nightstand. It’s great for laying by the bed in rooms that have little space. You buy for R $ 440,00.

Via: Attractive

The gray shelves give the room a more serious look, making the room more formal. This model is purchased from the R $ 45,00 each.

Via: Aki

To get out of the monotony and move the room decor, these zigzag shelves are perfect. They can be found from R $ 219,90.

Via: Extra

This model of framed shelves is perfect for use as cabinets for storing materials you don’t want completely exposed. The one in the photo can be bought for R $ 514,00.

Via: Super Closets

The small black shelves match any environment and any decor. These in MDF can be bought for $ 53.90.

Via: Elo7

The small rectangular L-shaped shelves are perfect for placing decoration details and leaving the room in the owner’s style. This model costs $ 84.99.

Via: Free Market

This model with multiple shelves together is great for taking advantage of spaces. It is small and stylish and you find it for sale for $ 123.00.

Via: Aliexpress


Very high, niches are a very versatile style of shelves, and those who have a good imagination can make the environment an amazing place, for this model, the cost can reach $ 200.00.

Via: Link 7

With tone on tone, the shelves in sky blue stand out against the opaque light blue, being a very interesting decoration for a boy’s room, and can cost only $ 200.00.

Via: Obino

Here we see square niches standing out against the wooden background, which is a good decoration tip for a neutral children’s room, costing around R $ 300,00.

Project: Saint Gobain

See how in this environment the whole wall is taken by internal niches that perfectly match the yellow, white and gray, and can cost around R $ 1000.00.

Project: Saint Gobain

This set of rectangular niches is perfect for placing decorative objects that will define the theme of the room. This one can be bought for R $ 53,90.

Via: Magazine Luiza

Here we have a shelf of niches and doors. The combination is ideal for those who want to store some of their belongings and expose others. You buy this model for R $ 1,399.00.

Via: Veromobili

The niche shelf in this irregular shape makes the atmosphere modern and casual. You can buy this model for R $ 186,90.

Via: About Home

Here we have another model of bookcase with niches, this time in retro style. This model still has the color differential, which will give the room much more life. You find from R $ 399,90.

Via: Casas Bahia

This triple hexagonal niche model gives the environment a more delicate climate. It is ideal for children’s rooms and can be purchased for $ 149.90.

Via: Extra

This other option is more modern and bold. The set of asymmetrical niches makes the room super light and cheerful. It can be found from R $ 129,90.

Via: Casas Bahia

Already in this triple square model, the symmetry makes the environment more balanced. It is also ideal for children’s rooms, for the ease of storing small objects. This model you buy for R $ 239,90.

Via: Leroy Merlin

In this other model there are also hexagonal but separate niches. That way you can match their position as you see fit. This charming trio can be bought for $ 149.90.

Via: Leroy Merlin

Here we have a trio of square niches. It would be quite basic, but the different color gives a touch of personality to the environment. This trio can be found for $ 63.90.

Via: Panorama

The combination of various colors, shapes and sizes is ideal for children’s rooms. It also helps to organize children’s toys. These models can be purchased from $ 59.90 each.

Via: Leroy Merlin

The stairwell niche combo is used mostly for storing books. The visual effect it provides is perfect. This model costs around R $ 480,00

Via: Attraktiva

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