Tips for decorating the daily dining table Tips for decorating the daily dining table
We found a lot of tutorials and tips for setting up the dinner table at dinner or party time, but how to decorate it... Tips for decorating the daily dining table

We found a lot of tutorials and tips for setting up the dinner table at dinner or party time, but how to decorate it on a daily basis? That empty table may seem like enough, but try putting a nice flower arrangement on it to see the difference it makes in the room! But is any arrangement cool? And are there any other ways to decorate than flowers? Let’s see this now!

Attention to the PROPORTION!

What is on the table, to decorate it, has a more interesting effect when it is proportional to it and the free space (also considering the lamp above the table, if any). Check out these examples:

(photo: homefreak)

The arrangement is beautiful and consistent with the size of the table in this beautiful room, but… the large lamp gets too close to it. Other than that, arrangements like this one in transparent vases add lightness and match almost every style.

Better in this case would be a shorter and longer arrangement (or any objects), occupying more the table horizontally, as below:

(photo: Apartment34)

Follow the style of decoration!

See this photo:

(photo: home-designing)

Besides being noticeable that the arrangement is too small for the table (the problem of proportion), it does not match the style of the more luxurious room. See ideas where the room decor style matches your choice of table decor:

(photo: limaonaagua)

An exquisite room calls for exquisite table decoration. Sophisticated flowers in a silver vase and chandeliers achieve the necessary refinement. Imagine if the table decoration looked like this:

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(photo: newzealanddesignblog)

With rustic floral arrangements and simple vases, that perfectly match the ambience they are in? Notice the clever detail: Vessels in different sizes follow the different heights of the luminaires.

Choose shapes that harmonize with the table

I found it kind of hard to explain what I mean, but this picture shows well what I mean:

(photo: decoration finds)

Notice how the arrangement seems to repeat the shape of the table and the vase is like an extension of the table’s foot. The set is actually weird. Compare with this other picture and draw your conclusions:

(photo: architecturalmovel)

The low red vase blends in perfectly with the table and the ambience. Similar reds and plants are repeated on the shelf, which facilitates harmony and it is easy to see that a blue or white vase would look great too.

Test enough not to overdo it or be too economical

(photo: delikatissen)

3 objects (and, to make it worse with flowers too high) on a table that is not so big is overkill. And they make the beautiful chandelier lose its impact.

(photo: StudioColnaghi)

Already in this large room, with very high ceilings, a fabulous chandelier in good height, the 2 pieces on the table, although they occupy the space well horizontally, are too low, narrow and, worse, practically the color of the table. They disappear, see? And the color is another matter: Creating contrast (light / dark) between the color of objects and the table enhances the arrangement.

See good examples:

(photo: Desvinter)

On this very long table it was possible to place a group of objects of very different sizes and shapes and materials, creating an interesting set. Note that a good measure (not required) is occupy about a third of the table area with your decoration. In this case the colors used in them repeat the colors of the environment, which is not an obligation at all, but considering that the environment has gray colors, objects in very vivid colors would “appear” too much, unbalancing the harmony.

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(photo: homedsgn)

A room dramatic like this one is asking for a dramatic decoration too. Imagining the room without this table decoration greatly diminishes its beauty. When you do the below, for example:

(photo: asimeugosto)

My impression is that something is missing. This type of decoration is used a lot, I know. But it seems to me that someone forgot that object there. I always think something is missing.

When there is a kitchen nearby and the decor is not luxurious My opinion (and many disagree) is to put one of the oldest arrangements in existence (just choose well): A beautiful fruit tree (with fruit!)

(photo: home garden)

I might not choose this color, but this table decoration is perfect in a relaxed atmosphere and when the table is in or near the kitchen.

(photo: tuacasa)

Finally, look at this super hot idea now (and that lasts much longer than flowers): a beautiful transparent table-sized vase, terrarium-type, with cactus inside. Great for relaxed environments.

Use your creativity and imagine what else can go on the table and enhance your dining room.

And do not forget!

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