Double Bedroom Decoration with 70 Practical Models

Double Bedroom Decoration with 70 Practical Models

Looking for inspirations from complete, modern double rooms? Check out the double bedroom decorating projects we have put together to find that dream decorated bedroom, whether it is designed, small or modulated! It is with great elegance that each model will conquer you!

If there is something that is super high is copper. Architect Yan Oliveira knows this, and has not missed out on this Hygge-style double bedroom design that values ​​rose and gray. A pendant like this leaves R $ 142 in Madeira Madeira.

Project: Yan Oliveira

The pink and green candy colors duo is super high and ensures a light and warm look for the double bedroom. In Minna’s project, the reading corner is perfect for resting and enjoying leisure time. You can find a tripod luminaire at Lustres Yamamura for R $ 900.

Project: Minna

Architects Beatriz Ottaiano and Daniele Okuhara of doob architecture have invested in an LED board to bring a completely different look to the paint-effect wall that mimics burnt cement. Mustard yellow ensures a touch of color to the look.

Project: Doob Architecture

To save circulation space, Cavalcante Ferraz’s office bet on a side table by the bed. An hourglass-shaped model, like this one, comes out for around R $ 124 at Belle Brasil Decor. Blue comes into play on the bedding.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

In small environments, white is the perfect choice to ensure a light look that brings the sensation of visual breadth. The architect Luana Melo bet on a blue Swan armchair, color that brings tranquility to the environment. At the model goes for R $ 399,90.

Project: Luana Melo Arquitetura

Neutral tones form the basis of the double bedroom, which has gained color with the yellow and blue pillows. A good tip for small rooms is to bet on sliding door cabinets, thus saving the space of conventional door opening.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

The color palette brought an industrial look to the double bedroom. Wired, black and gray lamps make it beautiful in composition.

Project: Our Home Interior

The colors guaranteed a super modern look for the decoration. The trick was to wear neutral furniture and bedding so as not to overwhelm the look.

Project: Mariana Andrade and Carolina Pinhel

Modern environments do not bet on symmetry. See how the look looks modern when betting on different nightstands. The decentralized placed frames are the “icing on the cake” and bring the green, along with the bedding, giving a touch of color to the relaxation space.

Project: U + C Architecture

Supermodern composition, Design & Decor brought a different proposition with wood-lined and upholstered walls. The gold came into play on the side table and lamp finished off the composition.

Project: Dede | Design and Decor

Red in the room? Can! The super elegant color makes the look amazing. In order not to overwhelm the relaxation environment, the rest of the composition featured white elements and even a frame that brings the shades of blue. It was amazing, right?

Project: Yan Oliveira

How about replacing the nightstand with a desk? The idea is a nice exit for those who have little space and need a place to work or study. A chair like this leaves R $ 400 at Mobly. The main wall was highlighted with the blue paint and the mirror.

Project: Unusual Studio

White base and few elements is the secret for those who cannot dare or spend. Here, the decor was enhanced with the use of pillows and patterned frames. In shades of blue and with the seabed theme, the room brings the feeling of comfort and warmth.

Project: Paula Moura

Want to bring more visual comfort to your room without having to invest a lot? A blanket can solve! Placed at the end of the bed, it brings a certain warmth to the environment, in beige, does not compromise the ambiance.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

Burnt cement wall is on the rise and is far from out of fashion. The good thing is that you only need a paint to apply the effect. From Bautech, the bucket with burnt cement paint costs R $ 69.90 at C&C. Blue brings color without breaking the sophisticated air of modern composition.

Project: Soup Architecture

Just one piece like the 3D effect board for the double bedroom would ensure a stunning look. The architect bet on orange to break the monochrome palette of the environment.

Project: Paula Andrade

The gray and yellow duo is perfect for changing any room. In this environment, choosing to use tones in objects lets you replace them at any time without spending too much. Tok & Stok’s Festa lamp comes out for R $ 86.

Project: Paula Andrade

Color in the three frames, lamp, blanket and pillows. This is the set that transformed this room signed by Marcio Campos in such a special environment.

Project: Marcio Campos

Natural elements such as wood, straw (on the seat of the chair) and plants (natural or on the board) make the room mood much more soothing. The blue completes the decoration by being a relaxing tone, perfect room for those who have the hectic routine!

Project: Monica Nicolau

One more example of how color can completely change environments. In the project of Degradê Arquitetura, blue is also a protagonist and worked superbly with a prominent tone.

Project: Degradê Arquitetura


The architect Yan Oliveira brought as a proposal to the intimate environment a palette of neutral and warm tones where the wallpaper is the protagonist. For the decoration another highlight is the Adnet mirror, Tok & Stok leaves for $ 149.90.

Project: Yan Oliveira

In a large room, you can bet on furniture that increases comfort, such as the armchair and recamier, as did the Estela Netto. You will find armchairs from R $ 500 on Mobly. The wooden panel under the bed doubles as wallpaper and completes the decoration.

Project: Estela Netto

The romantic atmosphere, guaranteed by the arabesques in the wallpaper and furniture reminiscent of the Provencal style, the room designed by Eduardo Muzzi brings the mirror in a creative way covering the nightstand, besides being an attractive decoration, the furniture helps to bring visual breadth to the project.

Project: Eduardo Muzzi

Here, the side table came into place instead of the common nightstand to help save space. Another trick to enlarge was the striped wallpaper, which helps create the feeling of elongated ambience.

Project: Paula Moura

The architect proposed a mix of styles by mixing the arabesque of the wallpaper with the geometric of the paintings. At DePoster, the picture pair comes out for R $ 70.

Project: Eduardo Muzzi

Wallpaper is featured in this contemporary room due to the superclassic arabesque pattern. In order not to steal the scene, the bedding is neutral, with only matted texture. A quilted bedspread on Tok & Stok comes out for $ 100.

Project: Paula Moura

Wallpaper, wood panel, wall sconces, upholstered headboard and rocking bedside table. That was the recipe for this room project signed by Vértice Arquitetura. The rose, color that is trend, finishes the composition!

Project: Vertex Architecture

Planned cabinets

The highlight of this project is the planned cabinets that help to make use of “dead” spaces, such as the top of the nightstand and the footrest recamier, which is also a shoe rack.

Project: Making Interiors

Designed for a 28 m² studio, the custom-made workbench serves as both a home office and dining space. To expand the storage area, the aerial niche is a great outlet. It is possible to find a wooden niche from $ 180.

Project: Paula Andrade

Cavalcante Ferraz architecture firm got it right by proposing a wooden panel in the headboard area. The element is perfect for warming up the relaxing environment. A MDF board with freijó finish leaves R $ 347, at Léo Madeiras.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

The planned cabinet has the right depth so as not to disturb the circulation of the environment. The mirrored doors bring the feeling of spaciousness that the room needs!

Project: Paula Andrade

Another nice way to insert the mirror into the room is by investing in mirrored cabinetry. In addition to ensuring a superb look, it helps bring the feeling of breadth. At there are models that leave $ 630.

Project: Tainá Torres

For those with plenty of space, you can leverage the wall in front of the bed to create a bookcase for your TV, electronics, books, and other personal items. A Home Teather bookcase starts at $ 720.

Project: Renata Matos

Gray is the big one in the environment. To bring more grace to the space, architect Caroline Brandão invested in prominent points, such as the striped comforter, and the engravings under the headboard. The planned closet and mirror-coated nightstands complete the ambience.

Project: Caroline Brandão

To make the most of the vertical space, Juliane Perine’s choice for this room was to use the niche and shelves on the nightstand. The proposal allows to use the space for the storage of personal items. The paintings on the headboard wall are also featured, as well as exploring the palette of blue, in different shapes create a movement for the decoration of the environment.

Project: Juliana Perine

With generous measures, the double room allowed to create a reading and living space for the couple. The marble on the wall tops off the stylish composition and features custom-made shelves.

Project: Patricia Franco and Claudia Pimenta

Tailor-made for the double bedroom, the architects at Domum Arquitetura bet on overhead furniture under the bed. Perfect solution for those who do not have much space for cabinets. Note that the trunk has been placed higher on the under bed so as not to give the suffocating feeling to the person lying down.

Project: Domum Architecture

In this project, overhead cabinets were also the space saving feature used. In this case, the architects bet on LED light and decorative frames to increase the composition. The set with these two pictures comes out R $ 104,54 in Madeira Madeira.

Project: Igor and Yan Oliveira

It was possible to invest in a closet next to the bed without disturbing the circulation. The exit widened the storage area of ​​the couple’s items, so as not to feel like a “wooden box”, they placed a wooden niche between the top and bottom of the closet.

Project: Express Architecture

Good idea for women who dream of a corner to get ready, the double room has a dressing table built into the planned cabinetry. The beanbag is stored under the dressing table so as not to disturb circulation when not in use.

Project: Márcio Verza


Architect Isabela Torres has bet on a dark curtain to bring a more modern look to the double bedroom. At Tok & Stok a similar model comes out for $ 260.

Project: Isabela Torres

In addition to the sliding doors, here, the architects bet on mirrored doors that help in the visual amplitude for this super small room. The flowing fabric curtain lets in natural light, which helps bring in a greater sense of ambience.

Project: Cavalcante and Ferraz

The curtain rail has been built into the molding, making it look much lighter in this double room where blue is the highlight.

Project: Indoor Spaço

The architect responsible for this room has relied on the lightness of white and transparent to ensure a relaxing look in this double room. Even the curtain was white so as not to break the monochrome look.

Project: Cássio Gontijo 

With low ceilings, it would be difficult to lower the ceiling with plaster to place the curtain. The output was to create a wood model with embedded spots. It was show!

Project: Eduardo Muzzi

The LED came into play in this double bedroom, as well as installed under the main wall mirrors of the room, also gained space within the curtain. All to bring a more intimate lighting to this couple’s dream room.

Project: Patrícia Franco and Claudia Pimenta


There is no doubt that gray is the new “little black dress” of the decoration. The foundation made of burnt cement wall is proof of how elegant the environment looks with it. In the ceiling, the tear for the recessed lighting is protagonist in the space.

Project: Natália Jacob

The Vertice Architecture bet on a great trick for those who have little space. For those who don’t have a lot of space, every inch should be saved, that’s what the architects thought when choosing the wall sconce model over a lamp, leaving the small nightstand free to dispose of the residents’ items.

Project: Vertex Architecture

With no room for a nightstand or side table, Stilo Arquitetura has brought a bedside floor lamp with two spotlights to help create an intimate mood. The model leaves R $ 439,90, at Tok & Stok.

Project: Stilo Arquitetura

Gray is the basis of this super-modern environment, which has an industrial lamp and mirrors on the headboard wall. The three-point pendant enhances the industrial look due to its straight line design and black color.

Project: Our Home Interior

The composition of paintings ensured a super modern look for the double bedroom. Gold sconces complement the décor and have adjustable spotlights for more intimate lighting.

Project: Elayne Felix

To solve the angled wall, the architect in charge bet on a desk-vanity under the window. The white brick wall and copper lamps ensure the Scandinavian look to the double bedroom.

Project: Yan Oliveira

Such a chandelier steals the whole scene from the environment! The idea contrasts with the sober and dark tones of the rest of the room. Note that the architect brought as a proposal to warm the room a small wooden panel and warm orange clothes. An orange chenille bedspread comes out for $ 75.90, at

Project: Sérgio Paulo Bello

Little money is no excuse for a bland room. Just investing in a different nightstand and a pair of pendants was enough to get the room off the basics.

Project: Interior Spaço

The industrial style is very high and deserves attention. The good thing is that you don’t need big investments like plaster ceiling or recessed lighting. The light railing with apparent wire is featured and matched with the walls and ceilings of burnt cement.

Project: Bruno Moraes


From Doob Arquitetura, the project features a headboard that hugs the bed, delimiting the bedroom space. Aerial nightstands provide a lighter look to the composition.

Project: Doob Architecture

Who wants to bring a touch of greater coziness to the double bedroom, the rug is a wildcard item. Riachuelo has models starting at $ 100. To top it off, the frames with wooden frames were supported on the white headboard with friezes.

Project: Simone Saccab

The headboard can greatly influence the decor of the double bedroom. The button design brings a romantic look to the environment consisting of light colors and contemporary elements.

Project: Eduardo Muzzi

In small environments, a good trick is to create horizontal lines that bring the visual effect of amplitude. Here, the vertical headboard brings the feeling of greater ambience by creating a longitudinal line in the room. Creative, the architect bet on chairs instead of the nightstand, bringing a stripped look to the environment.

Project: Yan Oliveira

The wood panel is a smart way to take advantage of the vertical space of the environment. Another trick used was the inverted headboard, which creates a neat visual effect without taking up precious inches in circulation.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

The wood-paneled wall warms the double bedroom against the mirror. Another mix that worked out was the nightstands at two heights, on one side, two side tables, on the other, side table and drawer.

Project: Eduardo Muzzi

With plenty of room, it was possible to create even a dining space in this super modern room. In the composition the architect bet on the mixture of elements and prints, the pillows of different sizes brings a cozy atmosphere to the double bed.

Project: Paula Moura

The 3D effect mirror is the big star of the room and makes a background for the headboard. To warm up, the wood came into the wall paneling, to add, how about using wood slats instead of a smooth panel? The solution is right for those who like a neat look.

Project: Dneper | Interior design

Framed mirrors are the highlight of this double room where fendi is the protagonist. Impossible not to fall in love with the bedside tables with textured finish drawers and the upholstered headboard that brings a Provencal feel to the double bedroom.

Project: Fernanda Marchette

Want a more contemporary combination than the mix between white, gray and black? The trio gained even more fun by including the mirror in the environment. Note that the strips applied to the side of the bed give the feeling of amplitude not only by the reflection, but by the vertical band created by the element, to break the cold look of the mirror, the upholstered headboard warms the room.

Project: Cássio Gontijo

The flap-style shelf was staked over the upholstered headboard to arrange the geometric frame. At C&C, the channel shelf leaves R $ 25,90.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

Tailor-made joinery has created a built-in niche within the headboard. The niche was illuminated with targeted spots, great for spot lighting.

Project: Paula Moura

The wooden niche rack and headboard wall panel are custom-made for this room with generous measurements. As the wood finish is dark, bet on a lighter base, ensuring visual comfort.

Project: Monica Nicolau

To innovate, the architect bet on a project that explores the asymmetry. See that the headboard and mirror come with only one side of the bed, leaving the other free to put the pictures of the couple. Great idea for those who dream of a custom room.

Project: Monica Nicolau

Once again, doob architecture’s architects explored wood as the main point of the project. The headboard made of wood reserved space to arrange the comics. The same material was used on the nightstand, camouflaging the piece and making the space lighter.

Project: Doob Architecture

The slatted wood panel made to the head of this double bedroom was the right trick to bring the feeling of spaciousness, guaranteed by the verticality of the woods. Beside the bed, a mirror completes the larger ambient impression.

Project: Eduardo Muzzi

Did you lower the temperatures? Bet on quilts and crochet or knit pillows. The handmade wefts are perfect for warming up the environments and the architect Paula Andrade knows this and has bet on the textures to warm the environment with wooden headboard and mirrored wall.

Project: Paula Andrade

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