Do it yourself for decoration – 30 ideas with cheap materials

Do it yourself for decoration - 30 ideas with cheap materials

With simple and cheap materials you can have at home you can do a lot of beautiful things. And after all, who doesn’t know how to paste?

(photos: easy-diysprojects, decoist)

Simply glued PVC pipes and you can make panels, shoe racks and even a mini cellar

(photos: handcrafted, neat, goodshomedesign)

A mirror more pvc, wood, plastic cutlery, finally, a multitude of things and glue. And a mirror with a beautiful frame is ready

(photos: collagyo, coco + kelley, midiamax decoration)

You can also use glue and fabric scraps, wallpaper and even photos to change walls and furniture.

(photos: vivadecora, i24mujer)

With paper (from magazines, newspapers or cardboard) patience and glue it is possible to make beautiful table centers and baskets

(photos: catchmyparty, elizabethjoandesigns)

And with string, glue, cardboard you make from letters to decorate your baby’s room, pots and baskets

(photo: casadefifi)

With coins and glue a simple vase can shine

(photos: decoracaoeinvencao, designsponge, terra and sbastelkistleblog)

A bottle, ink and pieces of lace; A vase and pieces of mirror; pins and picture frames and cut paper

(photos: thehousethatlarsbuilt and thedecorist)

With creativity and glue you can modify the decoration of your home without spending almost anything!

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