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Complete Dining Room Decoration with 60 Tips Complete Dining Room Decoration with 60 Tips
The dining room is a versatile setting that can be decorated with sophistication. The decor for the dining room can be made with chandeliers,... Complete Dining Room Decoration with 60 Tips

The dining room is a versatile setting that can be decorated with sophistication. The decor for the dining room can be made with chandeliers, buffet, dresser, mirrors and other items that add more elegance to the ambiance. And no matter if your dining room is small or large, it can always get better!

With that in mind, we separate unmissable designs from dining rooms to inspire you to build yours. Check out suggestions that will fit perfectly into the space you have!


The highlight of this environment is undoubtedly the three pendant lamps above the table, ideal for this kind of more elongated environment, as it helps to fill it!

Design: Decorating

In an elegant composition, the highlight of the environment is, once again, due to the Octo pendant chandelier 35 cm in diameter and woody in appearance, which married the other decorative elements of the place. It is easily found for a value close to R $ 190.00.

Project: Ambienta Architecture

The beautiful bronze-toned vases above the table create a spot of natural light. Similar sets are easily found for an approximate value of $ 150.00.

Project: Infinity Spaces

The elegant and elegant Attena Ritualist pendant of about 35 centimeters is the ideal choice for good intimate ambient lighting following the table shape.

Project: Maria Helena Torres

Elegant and glamorous, the chic composition gained prominence with the beautiful glass table with leather chairs and the lovely chrome-plated English chandelier with fabric dome. Everything super sophisticated and elegant!

Project: Tatielly Zammar

The highlight of the environment was because of this beautiful Stoy geometric pendant chandelier in metal with hot lamps. The shelf of niches draws attention to the decoration ornaments.

Design: Tartan Architecture and Urbanism

Is the environment small? Inspire yourself in this design with neutral tones and apparent concrete that allowed you to mount a dining room behind the couch! The highlight, of course, goes to the counterpoint formed between the white metallic chandelier with delicate design!

Project: Fly Studio

Small dining room in industrial style with the use of light tones and wood. Highlight for White track lighting which allows a better targeting of light. It is easily found in kits for around $ 300.00!

Project: Acf Architecture and Interiors

The project follows the modernist line with neutral and soft tones in a simple composition with a special emphasis on the beautiful chandelier pendant vintage Zaira in wood, beautiful, elegant and easily found for an average value of $ 100.00.

Project: Sabugosa Architecture

Small and cozy dining room in modernist style with furnishings following a vintage line! Highlight the beautiful pendants that leave the environment with more centralized lighting on the table.

Project: Studio Boscardin. Corsi Architecture and Interior Design

Modern and simple dining room design with cheerful and cheerful air and a touch of refinement and sophistication, highlighting the beautiful pgeometric enduring multi-illumination metallic golden!

Project: Studio GPPA

Modern room with vintage touch in a sober composition using white, wood, gray and nuances in copper, blue and black! Highlights were the vintage black tripod lamp and the geometric metallic copper pendant chandelier!

Project: Infinity Spaces

Modern dining room under the composition of neutral and soft tones in the palette of straw, cream and ivory. The more than elegant highlight was due to the beautiful pendant with bronze-colored metallic beads.

Project: EFTM Architecture

Modern dining room next to the kitchen reminding the Nordic design with soft and neutral tones, in the gray and white palette! Highlight the wide gray round pendant that leaves the atmosphere even more sober and elegant!

Project: Patrícia Martinez Architecture

Modern Dining Room Design! Highlight for the delicate pendant to the center of the table in soap bubbles style, consisting of acrylic and metal beads!

Project: Hildebrand Silva Architecture

Beautiful modern dining room with high tech touch in a composition on the palette of white and black. Note the highlight of the beautiful upholstered swivel chairs in yellow Canarian color and the beautiful, all-enveloped global pendant!

Project: Sônia Beltrão Architecture

Modern and stylish dining room with the use of super chic Roman travertine marble and cream tones, highlighted, yet to the table in a matte black and gorgeous lustrous crystal chandelier pendant!

Project: Mariane and Marilda Baptista

Dining room integrated with being in the style of Uruguayan vacation homes! Highlight the beautiful stainless steel floor lamp that is easily worth about R $ 500.

Project: Cadi Architecture

The highlights of this environment were due to the beautiful wooden sideboard with stools to support the bar and the beautiful crystal ceiling lamp, elegant and sophisticated!

Project: Ximenes Dantas


Flat, table, chair and buffet in natural woodwork make up a colonial dining room that gains softness with the white walls. The handsome solid wood buffet is easily found for an approximate value of $ 1,000.

Project: Hoearquitetura

Sobriety and modernity in one environment! The retro dining room was made up of wood-framed furniture, including the built-in buffet with more closet in the corner.

Project: Diego Revollo

The modern and sober dining room was symmetrically composed with square table and chairs in the center. The buffet in the background takes up all the bottom space of the wall in a planned environment using sober tones such as ice white and black.

Project: Paula Carvalho

The versatile setting combines the island kitchen with the dining room in an industrial-style blend with the rustic chic! In a palette of sober tones, wood and use of the apparent concrete, with the highlight of the yellow on the sideboard.

Project: House 14 Architecture

Dining room in modern style, using neutral and soft tones in the palette of white ice and nuances in nude and red, with a simple symmetrical composition. The suspended buffet is featured in the composition.

Project: Mendonça Pinheiro de Interiors

Modern and charming dining room with use of neutral tones and the combination of black and yellow, creating a great contrast in the environment! The highlight goes to the composition of asymmetrical pictures under the suspended buffet!

Design: 24.7 Architecture Design

Elegant and sophisticated, the highlight of the ambiance was the contemporary furniture lines, such as the buffet, with matching upholstery!

Project: Carolina Lage

The small and cozy integrated environment has won neutral tones in the gray and white palette, highlighting the beautiful yellow gold wall that doubles with the retro buffet counterbalancing with the apparent concrete background!

Project: Pietro Terlizzi Architecture

The elegant composition of neutral tones in the dining room comes to life with the turquoise buffet that also contrasts with the rosé panel of the TV room in a mix of delicate colors with a childlike touch.

Project: studio bene architecture

Dining room with extension to TV room, modern and luxurious. The buffet features the wood finish and white doors, which ensure the contemporary air to the environment.

Project: Fabiana B. Zanchetta


The small dining room gained “space” with the installation of the large L-shaped mirrors that accompany the table and the dark wood-leaked sideboard.

Design: 2M Interiors

Small and simple dining room in contemporary style with retro touch. The highlight of this environment, undoubtedly, is this beautiful round mirror in olympic model with simple frame in wood, that we can easily find for a price that varies between R $ 200,00 to R $ 300,00.

Project: Nook Architects

Functional modern dining room, elegant and sophisticated. Highlight the chandelier in the center of the table in the white crystal Jamile model, which leaves the ambience with even more refinement!

Project: EFTM Architecture

The sophisticated dining room integrated into the living room was made into a composition in the palette of gray and cream. The highlights of the environment, undoubtedly, are the mirrored panels that lengthen and deepen the environment and the red part that draws all the attention to itself in the elongated niche.

Design: Cristiane Schiavoni Architecture and Interiors

Small atmosphere in a mix of classic to modern style! Highlight the mirror with gold frame, able to magnify the ambience and make it even more glamorous!

Project: 3P Studio

Modern dining room with the use of light and neutral tones in the palette of white ice and cream, in straight lines and symmetrical composition. The mirror in the background helps to enhance the look of the environment.

Project: Fabiana Dinelli Maramaldo Interior Architecture

In timeless style, neutral and soft colors, this elegant dining room integrated with living room made use of colors such as cream, ivory, white and brown. The mirror is present at the back of the dining room.

Project: Fernanda Hoffmann - Architecture and Decoration


Dining room design in a modern style and highlighted by the beautiful pendant chandelier with metallic space design and the beautiful symmetrically arranged wooden frames that decorate the living room wall and make it even more elegant.

Design: Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co.

In this environment the highlight was the beautiful fixed wood panel, which was also used as a frame for the paintings.

Project: Kleber Arigucci

Dining room open to the living room following a simple line and balanced tones in ivory, cream and white, highlighting the brown sofa and geometric frames!

Project: Ximenes Danta

Tables and chairs

A clean dining room gains sophistication with the right furnishings and décor. The lacquered cabinet contrasts with the dark wood trim and the mirror draws attention to the decorated corner.

Project: Maria Júlia Faria 

The modern Scandinavian style is another great bet to apply in the dining room combined with the living room. The highlight of the ambience for sure is the beautiful table with benches and chairs in a mix of acrylic and rustic wood!

Project: Slab 54 Architecture

The integration of the dining room with the TV room can be made with a white table, a mirror to lengthen the ambience and chairs with woody details that give that feeling of warmth and elegance. The straw backrest is super high, it’s worth it invest!

Design: Decorating

The corner of the sofa was the space chosen to mount the integrated dining room under a composition of gray, white and wood use, which helps warm the environment composed by cold colors such as blue and gray.

Design: Decorating

Sand, ice white and wood shades make up the modern and stylish integrated dining room. The chairs with sticky feet are featured in the composition.

Design: Decorating

You can count on the furniture and decorative elements of this minimalist dining room design with only the indispensable items for the environment, such as the super-comfortable chairs and the dining table with central foot, which allows you to accommodate more people around you.

Project: Liliana Zenaro - Interiors

The large dining room with modern American kitchen has clean contemporary composition. This environment proposed by the architect Carmem Ávila counted on the predominant use of the white, of the wood and of nuances in the palette of the wine and gray. The chairs in different models bring a supermodern look to the environment.

Project: Carmem Ávila 

The highlight of this environment was the beautiful built-in closet with ladder supported by natural wood, leaving the dining room with a rustic chic touch!

Project: Caio Nazar Architecture

Simple and modern combined dining room with a brief retro touch! The highlight of this environment was because of this beautiful set of Eames Eiffel white chairs, easily found for an approximate value of $ 200.00 each!

Design: 2M Interiors

Beautiful small dining room design following the industrial style line with touches in yellow, the rounded table is perfect for small spaces that need to accommodate enough people.

Project: Andrea Pontes Architecture

Practical and modern dining room with use of matte black, light gray and the use of wood! The highlight was because of this beautiful set of chairs Isabelle Preta Tramontina with leather cushions: beautiful, elegant and sturdy!

Project: Mariane and Matilda Baptista

Simple and small room following the traditional line with wood furniture and predominant white, with emphasis on the beautiful buffet style partition that serves as support for another environment and for the dining room!

Project: RAP Architecture and Interiors

The blend of tones and materials resulted in a stylish ambiance Eiffel Rivatti retro chairs blue, that leave the environment even more personalized!

Project: Moove Architects

Clean dining room in modern style using the ice white and pastel pink palette, highlighting the set of simple but elegant chairs in the model Juno Quartz Wonderful pink!

Project: Leandro Matsuda Architecture

The dining room with combined living room has modern and elegant design in neutral tones of fendi, white and gray, which are present in the chairs, armchairs and dining table.

Project: Ximenes Dantas

The atmosphere is very glamorous and of great taste! The highlight was the coating on 3D plaster, supermodern and economical, ideal for innovating your environment and for an approximate value of R $ 10.00 a piece!

Project: Mariane and Marilda Baptista

Dining room integrated with the living room in a mix between rustic, eccentric and modern with the use of wood and vibrant colors on the furniture, such as the chairs in yellow and the red cupboard!

Project: Simple Architecture

Dining room integrated with the living room in a slim, elegant and sober design with use of dark tones in the furniture, the large window overlooking the garden brings natural light to the environment.

Project: F: Poles Associated Architects 

Timeless and elegant design of dining room integrated with living room with neutral and soft tones in a palette of fendi, brown, wood and gray. The dining table has ten seats, ensuring plenty of comfort to receive.

Project: David Guerra Architecture and Interiors

The contrast between white and blue and modern and vintage makes all the difference in design! The chairs Eames Eiffel were the ideal choice to embellish with the decor of the environment.

Design: Salles & Aldworth Architecture & Design

The integrated dining room is designed in a modern line with stylish and practical design! The highlight goes to this beautiful set of chairs Eames Eiffel Chair white, giving a vintage touch to space!

Project: House 100 Architecture

Beautiful dining room in contemporary style using the palette of black, silver and white, glan style. The highlight of this environment was certainly the set of Solna Allegra matt black chairs, modern and uncluttered. They are easily found from $ 170.00.

Project: Paula Carvalho


The artful and lush retro dining room was designed with the use of neutral tones, wood and accent to the blue. The carpet delimits the space of the integrated room.

Project: Nook Architects

Dining room with simple and small living room in contemporary style. The geometric rug brings modernity to the environment and combines superb with the brick wall.

Project: A3 Architecture
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