Bathroom Cabinets +70 Models and Materials Bathroom Cabinets +70 Models and Materials
The right bathroom cabinet will decorate and organize the room with modernity. You can choose a bathroom cabinet that matches the tub or that... Bathroom Cabinets +70 Models and Materials

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The right bathroom cabinet will decorate and organize the room with modernity. You can choose a bathroom cabinet that matches the tub or that fits best in a small environment, choose models with the sink already built in, opt for glass cabinets or with super stylish mirrors and, why not, cabinets designed to take advantage more space.

Check out our selection and get inspired on your favorite models!


Modern ambience with lateral closet in gray MDF chumpo with ample mirror! Ideal for small environments, leaving the place feeling deep! A Deca Black Noir Wall Faucet comes out at $ 510 at Liven House.

Authors: CW Architecture and Design

Modern and simple bathroom in light gray neutral tones with MDF cupboard concealed by the sliding mirror, which hides the niches that store personal items. Celite Elite fairing toilet comes out R$ 475, 90, at Leroy Merlin.

Authors: Elisangela Selau Architecture

Modern bathroom with highlight for the upper cabinet composition with mirror and black metal niches! Ideal for storing objects and decorating space!

Authors: Flávia Pires Architecture

Modern and simple planned bathroom with cabinet hidden behind the mirror and small niches in shades of rosé, ideal for small environments! An Incepa semigam bucket leaves $ 631.99 at C & C.

Authors: Claudia Albertini Architecture

To take advantage of the vertical space, the option was to use a cabinet behind the mirror, good idea for those who have small bathrooms.

Authors: Ideas for Bathrooms

Light and woody composition with simple modern closet and mirror, small planned environment, can be replaced by a mirror and niche assembly! Similar to this, Roca’s Gap lavatory mixer comes out at $ 588.99 at C & C.

Authors: Ideas for Bathrooms

Modern and sophisticated bathroom with side cabinets and tucked away by the mirror with top wall fixing together with lightweight lower cabinet! The LED hose costs from R $ 7.90, in Led Max.

Authors: AD Architecture

Simple bathroom in neutral tones with concealed two-door mirror cabinet with internal shelves in white MDF in conjunction with lower cabinet in MDF beaded black! Ideal for small environments and easily found in modulated shops starting at $ 1,000.

Authors: CW Architecture and Design

Clean light-colored bathroom with upper side cabinet next to the cabinet concealed through the mirrors with wall mounting together with bottom cupboard in white MDF with friezes!

Authors: CW Architecture and Design

Minimalist environment in neutral tones composition with highlight cabinet fitted with mirror in front and frame doors! The closet found in stores of planned environments, made according to your space!

Authors: Studio Moraes

Simple and delicate bathroom with top cabinet in lacquered wood in white and sand with mirror next to it, great for storing objects, leaving the environment even more charming!

Authors: Studio Moraes

Simple bathroom with wood furniture in a side cabinet composition and top mirror fixed to the wall, with lower hanging cabinet set! Easily found in stores starting at $ 500.

Authors: Orton Baths

Retro bathroom in neutral tones with planned closet with mirrors in a composition superimposed between a back mirror, and the built-in closet with outside mirror! Stylish and modern!

Authors: Orton Baths

Simple and small bathroom with dark tones and use of burnt cement with upper cabinet built into the mirror plane with three doors and internal partitions! Stylish and modern.

Authors: Orton Baths


Clean environment with light and soft tones with closet in conjunction with mirror and alcoves with a large tub with side counter, simple and beautiful, easily found in stores from 700 reais!

Authors: Domus Arquitetura

Modern bathroom with neutral tones in the black and white palette, highlighting the beautiful cabinet with black built-in tub in rectangular oval shape, simple easily found in stores!

Monise Rosa Architecture

Modern bathroom with a retro touch with white ice background, stone finish, black metal accents with highlight to the beautiful closet with linear shelf set with built-in tub with simple side counters, easily found in stores! The Adnet style mirror comes out at $ 260, at Tok & Stok.

Authorship:: Moma Design

Vintage atmosphere in baby blue tones, prints and details in gold, with a beautiful rustic cabinet with a retro sink of rounded in marble in clear!

Authors: Driftwood Decor 

Modern bathroom in shades in blue palette with white background highlighted the lovely hanging cabinet in royal blue with rectangular tub in simple white backing, found in stores!

Authors: CW Architecture and Design

Clean and simple white-tiled bathroom with green granite countertop Ubatuba and overlapping tub with highlight to the hanging closet with low span between simple counter, easily found in stores for a value ranging from $ 500 to $ 1000.

Authors: Betta Capri Architecture

Simple bathroom in neutral tones between beige, straw and white, especially the beautiful hanging cabinet with stone bench and square cuba. Set easily found in stores for a value close to $ 1000.

Authors: Paloma Rodrigues

Modern and simple bathroom in woody tones with white background with highlight to the cabinet and countertop set with small contemporary cuba support, found in stores for an approximate value of
$ 1,000 to $ 2000 the set!

Authors: TORRES - Projects | Plots

Super modern bathroom in white tones with sophisticated design and featured cabinet and countertop with supporting tub in conjunction with stylish side niches! Similar, the square support bowl of Celite comes out $ 380, in the Submarine.

Authors: G 'ARQ

Modern bathroom with vintage accents in neutral tones with highlight to the closet with extension along with the side counter in marble with built-in marble, elegant and charming!

Authors: CW Architecture and Design

Super modern ambience with the use of Tauari wood and white nuances with highlight to the modulated cabinet in conjunction with the bathroom with rectangular cuba support, further highlighting the ambience!

Authors: Orton Baths

Elegant and rustic bathroom with touches in industrial style with highlight to the hanging cabinet in simple design with wooden bench and rectangular support tub! A pendant with glass dome leaves $ 400 in the wood.

Authors: Orton Baths

Modern bathroom with a retro touch in black and white tones, highlighting the wooden cabinet with counter and simple white overcoat tub, easily found in stores for an approximate value between R $ 900 to R $ 1,500.

Authors: P | S Architects

In the bathroom designed by the Cristiane Schiavoni architecture, black appears on the floor and countertop adding elegance and modernity to the space.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni

Modern bathroom designed in neutral tones by architect Cristiane Schiavoni. The highlight is the custom-made white lacquered cupboard and stone vats.

Authors: Vilela Florez


The glass bench ensures lightness for this bathroom countertop, the timeless material does not weigh in the environment and has the price super considered.

Monise Rosa Architecture

The cabinet received glass doors that ensured a more sophisticated look to the bathroom, which featured the Carrara marble as a highlight.

Authors: Araujo & Barberá 

From Celite, the cabinet with glass countertop ensures greater durability in contact with water. The model is suitable for support tanks!

Authors: Celite

From SCA, the bathroom cabinet with glass doors ensures greater sophistication for the environment.

Authors: SCA

The cupboard with swing doors is a good idea for anyone who wants to enjoy the space under the counter, the glass doors let you see what’s inside.

Authors: Intatto Móveis

The glass bench brings lightness to the bathroom and was secured with French-hands. Wall mounted metal is a solution to save space on the surface.

Authors: IBD Architecture

The glass bench brought lightness to the composition of the bathroom designed by the architects Mariane Baptista and Marilda Baptista.

Authors: Arq M Batista

The sink was carved in Carrara marble, which bears shades of gray. The glass comes into the picture as a bench for the environment. Carrara marble costs an average of R $ 800, in a marble.

Authors: Myrna Porcaro

The architect Marco Antonio Medeiros signs this bathroom project where the tablets are featured. In order not to overload the look of the environment, the architect bet on a cabinet with glass countertops.

Author: Marco Antonio Medeiros

The architect Patrícia Azoni is responsible for this project that the black tablet reigns. As it is a dark coating, the professional preferred to use the glass countertop. A 30 x 30cm tablet comes out at $ 18, at Leroy Merlin.

Authors: Patrícia Azoni


The drawer with casters ensures practicality for the large bathroom, besides facilitating at the time of cleaning.

Authors: Ideas for Bathrooms

Modern, the furniture counts on two finishes, in two parts, an account with tipper door to another with drawers and castors.

Authors: Click Furniture

Double arrangement: On one side, drawers with casters to dispose of the offal, on the other, a chest, perfect for putting towels.

Authors: Urbaville

To take advantage of the space under the cabinet, the architect invested in a cabinet with wheels and swinging door. To assist in organizing, wicker baskets store towels and other items!

Authors: Daniel Tesser / My House

The yellow drawers with casters stole the scene in this bathroom with the base all neutral.

Authors: My House

This bathroom trolley with casters can go anywhere! Great choice for anyone who wants to bring makeup and perfumery items from the bathroom to the bedroom, for example.

Via: Free Market

From Tok & Stok, the drawer with casters is ideal for small spaces that need to be organized. The top surface can store items that should always be on hand such as towels and toilet paper.

Via: Tok & Stok

The niche with casters was the closet option for this bathroom. Another highlight is the tablet coating that frames the mirror.

Authors: My House

To organize the niche with casters, the option was to use baskets that are great allies to store offal.


Little space was no excuse for this project. The half-tank is an ally of both small toilets. To complete, the caster cabinet optimizes the space under the countertop.

Authors: Figolli and Raveccas

No money to invest in planned furniture? The drawer units with wheels fulfill the same function of the piece of furniture under measure and cost much less. The cost-benefit is worth it for the practicality of the piece!

Authors: My House

In addition to the countertop with built-in towel racks, three drawers with casters make up the bathroom of this Studio Fabricio Roncca project. The highlight is for the turquoise model in the center.

Authors: Studio Fabricio Roncca

Two casters furniture compose this bathroom, one is a chest of drawers and the other a bau, duo perfect to organize hygiene items and towels. A drawer with casters leaves for $ 170 in Marabraz.

Authors: Cappeline Cucine
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