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A vertical garden to call your A vertical garden to call your
We can say that vertical garden is any installation where plants are placed on a vertical plane, isn’t it? Thus you can have a... A vertical garden to call your

We can say that vertical garden is any installation where plants are placed on a vertical plane, isn’t it? Thus you can have a vertical garden on a balcony, porch, panel, backyard wall and even indoors. And in small or large spaces, sunny or with some natural light, which depends on the plants you choose.

Considering this, take a look at the vertical garden ideas I have selected for you and choose the one that suits your space, your style and the conditions of your environment. And enjoy the tips!

(photos: interiors and you need to decorate)

TIP 1: You can use many materials to make your garden vertical, from stuck pots – use drills and dowels, not just nails – to walls or structures, cement blocks, pottery, or concrete, cobogos, mud bricks, plastic modules, gardeners. , pet bottles, PVC pipes, pallets, trusses, coconut fiber, fabrics or plastics, strong and resistant, blankets, rubbers, etc. and we have several products, plates and kits ready for various materials that you find in stores.

(photos: Several websites selling kits and upright garden supplies)

And you can create very original installations:

(photos: apartmenttherapy and TheDecoJournaldesign)

TIP 2: Clustered plants need to have the same needs for light, water, wind and nutrients.

And do it yourself, whatever you have at hand:

(photos: CommaDecoration and Casaabril)

TIP 3: Find out if the plants have roots compatible with the size and depth of the place where you will place them.

(photos: green and tidy condominiums)

TIP 4: Wooden panel vases, trusses, blankets or directly on the wall: The important thing is that both the wood, the wall and the floor are waterproofed and frequently maintained. Using trusses, chicken coop screen, etc. it is important to place a drainage blanket between the material and the wall and / or that it does not “cling” to the wall.

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(photo: A specific green wall ceramic product)

TIP 5: It is important to consider space for plants to grow after planting.

(photos: simplichique and propot)

TIP 6: Hire experts for bigger, sleeker, professional jobs

(photos: blogdecorandoonline and you need it)

TIP 7: Hanging, flexible plants more easily create the “vertical garden” look and are easier to control. If necessary in the environment, place at the bottom, half-shade plants (or even shade plants) and the pendants above.


(photos: tresstudio and your decoration)

TIP 8: Plants and land weigh. Make sure the structure is strong and firm.

(photos: casatreschic)

TIP 9: To keep the plants happy, worry about drainage – don’t let water accumulate – fertilizer – keep the soil nourished, add fertilizer and even change the soil eventually if you feel the plants are weak. And watering – That’s why it’s important that plants that stay together have the same need for water.

Or more current:

(photos: contemporist)

TIP 10: If you don’t have a lot of time or care about plants, definitely large vertical gardens are not for you (unless you have a caretaker). Prefer few plants that are easy to care for, hardy – succulent for example.

(photos: Casaabril and homedit)

And minimalist:

(photos: architecs and home-designing)

As I said, it all depends on your space, style, environmental conditions and budget. Ideas of all kinds abound:

(photos: decordemon and depositosantamariah)

(photos: just-carol – Expoflora and freshome)

Last tip:

Some plants for sunny places: Asparagus, Serpent’s Beard, Brilhantina, Chlorophytus, Ivy, Purple lambari, Purple trappoeraba, ripsalis, Red shrimp, Guaimbê, russia, heliconia, morning glory, s.Jorge sword, lady’s finger, strelitzia, Vegetable garden plantssuch as basil, rosemary, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, peppers, mint, etc.

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Some plants for shaded places (but with natural light): Fern, asplenium, calateia, Coléu, Maranta, Portuguese lace, with me no one can, phytonia, ivy, Adam’s rib (monstera), neoreglia, bromeliad, pandano, peperomia, philodendron, Guaimbê, s sword. Jorge, Peace Lily, Lambari, Moss ..