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50 Kitchen Floors with Various Material Options 50 Kitchen Floors with Various Material Options
Check out the kitchen floors that can fit into any design style. Are you planning on choosing a vinyl or ceramic kitchen floor? We... 50 Kitchen Floors with Various Material Options

Check out the kitchen floors that can fit into any design style. Are you planning on choosing a vinyl or ceramic kitchen floor? We will show you the best inspirations and also other types of materials, models and prints to use in the environment that is the heart of the house!


The vinyl flooring with woody finish brings warmth to the kitchen designed by LR Architecture. Similar to this, the Home Ivory vinyl floor goes to $ 49.90 the m², in the Leroy Merlin.

Authors: LR Architecture

The architects trick was to bet on the effect of the wood through the vinyl floor.
The PVC flooring imitating Ecko Coating wood sticker costs approximately R $ 70.00 m² and may be a good option to achieve the same effect.

Authors: Studio DWG

In this project the architects Estela Pinheiro and Nilton Montarroyos used the vinyl material on the kitchen floor, the synthetic material does not damage with splashes of water and fat. You can bet on the vinyl floor in Belgotex Castilla ruler 2 mm patina with aged appearance that costs approximately R $ 55.00 the m².

Authors: Estela Pinheiro and Nilton Montarroyos

The environment brings two shades of vinyl floor of the line Ambienta Rustic in the colors Cotton and Acai, which costs on average $ 100.00 m². The collection brings high relief that reproduces with fidelity the surface of the wood.

Authors: RC Flats

Architects Erika Mello and Renato Andrade, from Andrade & Mello Arquitetura e Interiores, bet on Click’s vinyl floor model throughout the apartment to give unity to the project.

Authors: Andrade & Mello Architecture and Interiors

Integrated with the dining room, the kitchen brought the vinyl floor ensuring the visual unity between the environments. Durable material does not damage the water.

Authors: RC Flats

The classic black and white was eternalized in this kitchen with square vinyl flooring. The model in blanket leaves R $ 21.90 the m², in the Leroy Merlin.

Authors: Decorate More for Less

Good idea: vinyl coating was used to coat both the walls and floor, increasing the amplitude of the integrated environments. The Pvc Essence Liso Roma floor faithfully reproduces the project and costs R $ 85.00 o m².

Authors: RC Flats

Cozy, the kitchen refers to the farm climate with wooden furniture. The vinyl floor contributes to the welcoming atmosphere of the receiving environment. Choose patina models to achieve this effect.

Authors: Decorate More for Less

Impossible not to fall in love with this large and cozy kitchen. RC Flats has proposed a perfect environment to gather friends around the table. The Vinyl floor Régua Tarkett Injoy Poppy of 2mm can be used and costs approximately R $ 57,00 o m².

Authors: RC Flats

Integrated kitchen and laundry were coated with vinyl flooring. Light blue brought a refreshing feel to the environment. Good idea for those who have trouble separating clothes. Bet on the vinyl floor in Belgotex ruler Castilla of Oviedo that costs approximately R $ 55,00 the m².

Authors: Decorate More for Less

There was no lack of color for this kitchen designed by interior designer Ana Campos. The composition full of striking elements has gained vinyl patina flooring to bring warmth to the environment.

Authors: Decorate More for Less

This vinyl floor model mimics burnt cement, bringing modern atmosphere to the kitchen. The model is Tarkett’s Essence Stone, costing an average of R $ 200.00 per square meter.

Authors: Tarkett

How about innovating using two colors for the vinyl floor? Here the idea was put into practice with two models of square floor, bringing a different design for the setting.

Authors: Tarkett

Water Tiles

Iná Architecture brought a clean composition with the white and blue duo. The protagonism was due to the hydraulic tile floor in the shades in evidence. You can bet on the Polished Rectified Colonial Floor of Ceusa that costs R $ 250.90 per m².

Authors: Iná Arquitetura

The patchwork of hydraulic tile makes up the whole floor of the kitchen. The architect bet on a coat with palette of beige tones. One option to use is the Ceu Decorated Amu tile Ceiling which costs R $ 128,90 the m².

Authors: Lorrayne Zucolotto

Iná Arquitetura bet on the model of hydraulic tile Model Star Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Ladrilar in gray and blue.

Authors: Iná Arquitetura

The concrete beams and blue and white hydraulic tiles impress joviality on the apartment designed by Iná Arquitetura.

Authors: Iná Arquitetura

The hydraulic tile leaves the kitchen and invades the dining room in this Pena Studio project. At Leroy Merlin you find the piece of hydraulic tile from $ 15.

Authors: Penha Studio

Iná Arquitetura is an expert in kitchens lined with hydraulic tiles. In this project bet on a composition with coatings in black, white and gray. At Americanas.com you get $ 12.59 in white.

Authors: Iná Arquitetura

The hydraulic tile was positioned under the dining table, creating the illusion of a rug. Good idea, is not it? A similar model, with triangle print comes out $ 16, at Leroy Merlin.

Authors: Etsy

The hydraulic tile delimits the space of the kitchen and dining room in this supercolored and modern design. The wooden chairs bring warmth to the composition.

Authors: Home Stories

Color comes into the picture on the floor in this kitchen. The hydraulic tile model features a geometric pattern that blends beige, yellow and orange.

Via: Magical Details

The architect invested in the hydraulic tile on the floor and wall. For the print not to weigh in the environment the choice was for a print in light tones.

Authors: Toni Toniolo Tieppo

In the design of the architect Mauricio Arruda, of Todos Arquitetura, the neutral base allowed to bet on a geometric hydraulic tile in shades of gray and black.

Authors: All Architecture

The hydraulic tiles of retro air and very colorful objects mark the decoration of this kitchen in L. The hood with glass finish leaves to R $ 700,00 in the Madeiramadeira.

Authors: Home Stories

Burnt cement

With industrial style, the kitchen reflects the style of the residents who dreamed of a versatile and practical abode. The burnt cement kit from Bautech comes out at $ 56.90 at Leroy Merlin.

Authors: IBD Architecture and Interiors

The burnt cement gives versatility and a touch of boldness in this minimalist kitchen designed by the architect Fabio Galeazzo.

Authors: Fabio Galeazzo

Floor and burned cement bench guarantee the modern atmosphere for the environment, which is the preferred environment of the residents.

Authors:  DT Studio

The industrial style reigns in this project proposed by the studio Arkitito. The burned cement is featured in the composition that counts with black, white and stainless steel.

Authors: Arkitito

Photo: House Stories

The Nordic style was the starting point of the resident for this apartment of 53 m² which received white, gray and black base. The black pendants are highlights in the composition, a similar model comes out about R $ 100.

Authorship and photo: House Stories

Industrial style marks the design of this apartment. The Allegra black chair comes out at $ 134.99 on Americanas.com.

Authorship: Architectural Ideas

Bright, modern and uncluttered apartment idealized for a young couple by 2Two Design. The architects bet on the integration between the environments and the same palette of colors throughout the decor, bringing the sense of spaciousness to space.

Authors: 2Two Design

The modernist style of Brasilia was the inspiration for this studio apartment of 42 m² designed by Semerene Interior Architecture.

Auter: Semerene Architecture Interior


The architect Cristiane Schiavoni bet on the porcelain tile that imitates burnt cement for this kitchen with glass. The Portobello Enameled Porcelanato Straight Edge Nord Cement 120 x 120cm exits R $ 190.99 m², in C & C.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni

The architects of the architecture doob bet on a porcelain tile floor that imitates burnt cement for the blogger Lala Rebelo, the solution allowed to bet on colors and the wooden panel. Invest in Portobello’s 120x120cm Edge Cement Nordic Edge Enamel Porcelain Finish which costs R $ 190.99 or m².

Authors: doob architecture

See that the porcelain floor imitates burnt cement, ensuring a modern look to space. A good choice is the Porcelanato Acetinado Straight Edge London Brown 63.5 × 63.5cm from Porto Ferreira.

Authors: Cristiane Schiavoni

Carrara marble is synonymous with sophistication. In order not to weigh in the budget you prefer the model of porcelain tile that imitates the Italian natural stone. The enameled porcelain tile with this stamp leaves R $ 35 m² in C & C.

Authors: doob architecture

From Korman architecture, the kitchen brings the gray in evidence, from the floor to the appliances. Turquoise finishes the decor of the environment.

Authors: Korman Architecture

The architects of Dantas & Passos Architecture used the same flooring for the kitchen and bathroom area, ensuring visual unity and sense of spaciousness.

Authors: Dantas & Passos

The architects of Andrade and Mello architecture brought the burnt cement floor to complement the neutral base, with wood and white. The Porcelanato Esmaltado Straight Edge Nord Cement 120x120cm in C & C costs $ 199.99 m².

Authors: Andrade & Mello Architecture and Interiors

The neutral base was the form the interior designer found to be able to dare in colors, such as red and green.

Authors: Daiane Antinolfi

Clear porcelain in an environment with dark furniture? Can! The look is supermodern and to warm the environments the resident brought plants for the decoration.

Authorship: Ideas at home


White prevailed in the kitchen design with white pottery on the walls and floor. A model with 45 x 45 cm leaves R $ 11.99, the m², in C & C.

Authors: Casaumcincoum

The cement floor ensured amplitude for this kitchen. The clear tone is responsible for the greater sense of environment.

Authors: Evviva

The wood-finished cabinet helped warm the room, creating a counterpoint to the ceramic, which is cool.

Authors: André Freitas

The tile floor was the perfect base for this kitchen with central island and wooden wine cellar.

Authorship: IH Designers

The clear model collaborated with the visual breadth of this small kitchen. The model is of Incefra and costs R $ 16,90 the m², in North Tile

Authors: Incefra

The model with brightness brings reflection to the environment, which contributes to the visual amplitude visual. The gray model is from the Royal Gres and leaves R $ 17.90, in the North Tile.

Authors: Royal Gres

It is possible to find on the market ceramic floor models that imitate carrara marble, much more in consideration than natural stone. From Formigres, the model leaves R $ 18.90 or m².

Authors: Formigres
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