+40 Passionate Bathroom Mirrors

+40 Passionate Bathroom Mirrors

More than a functional item, the bathroom mirror adds to the look of the decor! Check out the selection with XX models of bathroom mirrors and choose the one that fits perfectly with the style and other elements of the room decor. After all, nothing better than the feeling of freshness and warmth
that a neat and decorated bathroom causes, right?


In this bathroom with the round mirror suspended, there is a joke with the colors. This model of mirror with leather strap costs approximately R $ 300,00.

Project: Andreia Galvan

The large round mirror harmonizes with the clean tones of the rest of the bathroom, leaving the impression that the environment is larger. The price is in the range of $ 200.00.

Project: Best Glassware

In this option the mirror suspended in the woody bottom gets a total highlight. Its price is R $ 359,00.

Via: Free Market

In this project the mirror, besides being suspended, has a frame in a dark shade. The price is leaving for $ 500.00.

Project: Domum Architecture

The mirror in this proportion with the wood panel brings the feeling of comfort. A more casual option and great refinement. The price goes for $ 200.00.

Project: Igor Oliveira

This large round mirror is what gives full emphasis to the wall with tablets. The price varies, and can reach up to $ 300.00.

Via: MercadoFree

This oval-shaped mirror without much detail is ideal for places that are more formal. Models like this can be found for $ 80.00.

Via: Alibaba

This mirror model is versatile, and its size fits into smaller environments. Its suspension rope is a thin rope, which brings the traces of a more delicate place, its value is $ 180.00.

Via: Americanas.com

A model with a sense of humor and a lot of creativity, for people who are stripped and of personality. Two mirrors that form glasses and cost approximately $ 499.00.

Project: Chris Silveira

A more modern environment with the geometric background and the round mirror. One way to play with the shapes that fits perfectly, this model costs $ 129,90.

Via: Free Market

A delicate project, with refined details in conjunction with this beautiful round suspended mirror, which costs between R $ 250,00 to R $ 300,00.

Project: Rebeca Souza

A project of extreme relevance with this dark framed mirror, highlighting the wall with hexagonal texture. This mirror can be found for $ 930.00.

Project: :
Three More Architecture

This mirror mix superimposed on a 3D wall, receives indirect lighting, with the proposal of sophisticated environment and very modernity, costing R $ 569,00.

Project: Natália Jacob

A beautiful bathroom option with woody countertops and large mirror that stands out in a neutral environment. This mirror costs R $ 400,00.

Project: Concrete Architecture


An industrial-style bathroom, full of charm and wood accents, allows the dark frame to highlight the mirror completing the decor. This model can be found for R $ 370,00.

Project: Domum Architecture

The larger framed mirror and worked in wood with strong elements is the differential of this project. The price of this type of mirror varies according to the type of wood, the noblest can cost $ 1600.00.

Via: Leroy Merlin

In an environment with an industrial footprint, this frame with rounded edges is highlighted in pastel colors. The mirror costs $ 1,147.00.

Project: Igor Oliveira

A gilt-framed design in combination with the tap details highlight in a gray environment. This glamorous mirror costs $ 199.00.

Project: Patricia Pomerantzeff

A frame option in the Provencal style makes this decor rich in detail and super charming. This model costs on average R $ 380,00.

Via: Madeira Madeira

A simpler frame model that holds a shelf together. It has great functionality and its price is $ 120.00.

Via: Free Market

This model features a wooden frame custom made for mirror space. Leaving the atmosphere cozy and sophisticated. This model is found from R $ 249,90.

Via: Leroy Merlin

This set of mirrors in aluminum frame, fit the composition of the decoration. This set of mirrors costs $ 500.90.

Via: Elo7

In this project the frame is made by the mirror itself. Bringing the environment elegance and highlight among the tone. The price of this mirror is $ 917.20.

Via: Elo7

One more option of framed mirror at a more affordable price. In this model the frame is in a wood tone, and the price is $ 119.00.

Via: Free Market

A mirror with the simplest frame only in horizontal areas. Gains relevance on a wall with pastel colors, the price is between $ 100.00 and $ 150.00.

Via: Shoptime

This beautiful gold-tone metal frame makes the environment sophisticated. This mirror is costing around R $ 600,00.

Project: Oka Arquitetura

A design that uses darker shades with a lot of charm, the black frame highlights the burnt cement wall along with the lamps. This mirror costs $ 1,178.40.

Project: Cátia Porcino

In this elegant bathroom, the dark-framed mirror reflects the lighted countertop and sophisticated wall cladding. You can find this mirror for R $ 340,00.

Project: Bruno Carvalho

In this project the mirror with thin frame in dark color, gains relevance in the environment. The wooden walls enhance the dark details. This mirror is around R $ 400,00.

Project: Natália Jacob


A project in cold tones, highlights the wood that comes in some details. The mirror in the composition leaves the environment modern and sophisticated, and it is costing $ 927.00.

Project: Camila Freire

The large square mirror in a bright bathroom makes the room look more elegant and larger. This mirror is in the range of $ 500.00.

Project: Camila Fleck

In this project, the wood flooring makes the environment more cozy, with discreet lighting. The square mirror completes the decoration and makes it even more beautiful, it is costing R $ 700,00.

Project: Bruna Siolari

Another square mirror option, in this model it covers the entire wall, made to measure. Great option to enlarge the environment. This model is around R $ 200,00.

Project: Montreal Glass

In a themed bathroom, the square mirror is also a great option because its lightness will not stand out from any detail of the decor. This mirror can be purchased for $ 240.00.

Project: Camila Fleck

Large mirror occupying the entire wall. Emphasizing thus its power to enlarge the environment, the recessed lights enhance the mirror. This model is for R $ 430,00.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

The proposed model with the square mirror next to a slatted panel makes it a neutral and cozy environment. Not to mention that it has a backlight that highlights the mirror, the value is around R $ 320,00.

Project: Camila Fleck

In the perfect combination of white with woody, the mirror stands out on the wall where the cladding is worked. The value of this mirror is around $ 200.00.

Project: Yan Oliveira

A mix of prints, shapes and colors, but all in harmony. In this bold project the mirror is a complement to all the information that the environment brings. It costs on average $ 400.00.

Project: Yan Oliveira

This practical and versatile bathroom design, the highlight is the texture of the coating and also the light in the background of the mirror. The mirror costs approximately R $ 280,00.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

A sophisticated design that features a neutral marble countertop and the details come in shades of gold metal. The large double mirror gives elegance to the environment, these two mirrors cost $ 1800.00.

Project: Oka Arquitetura

A bathroom option with many details, however not leaving the famous black and white. The mirror helps to compose the style, also helping to broaden the environment. This model costs $ 200.00.

Project: Monise Rosa

Charming and cozy bathroom due to the pastel colors in conjunction with the slatted details. The cabinet and shelf are illuminated by enhancing their details. The large mirror accompanies all the proposed charm, costs $ 400.00.

Project: Leticia Santana

A classic-style bathroom with gold accents enhances the ambience. The large square mirror camouflages itself and expands the ambience. It costs approximately $ 300.00.

Project: Dileia Bezerra


A bathroom that conveys personality, with porcelain tiles and gold accents. The backlit mirror comes to life in the decoration, costs around R $ 300,00.

Project: Camila Fleck

In this bathroom the wood tones stand out and the light in the back of the mirror makes it even more sophisticated. Even though the environment is small, this mirror looks great, its price is $ 740.00.

Project: Greice Vargas

A classic contemporary style bathroom, the wooden slats brought elegance to the place along with porcelain tiles. Even the light around the rounded mirror emphasizes the details, costs around R $ 920.00.

Project: Camila Fleck

In this environment the tiles in the box are colorful and panel in wood tones makes the bathroom light. Already the illuminated mirror gives a sharp delicacy in this place. This mirror costs on average R $ 600,00.

Project: Brothers Oliveira

A bathroom with dark wallpaper in contrast to the porcelain countertop. The large, irregularly lit large mirror completes the decor with excellent refinement. The mirror costs R $ 750,00.

Project: Cavalcante Ferraz

The light above and below this mirror makes it even more refined and highlights the entire coating of the room. The value of this mirror is $ 1200.00.

Project: Alves Zoppas

In this project the light behind the mirror highlights the color in the background and the wooden countertop. This mirror costs $ 1200.00.

Project: Suzana Duarte

In the following model, the light behind the mirror reflects in the texture of the coating that is formed by minisaxes. This large mirror costs around R $ 1500,00.

Project: Juliana Perine

The light around the mirror, this time enhances the white porcelain blocks, leaving the environment modern and elegant. The mirror costs $ 1300.00.

Project: Juliana Perinea

A delicate design that unites the colors gray and pink, the result is spectacular. The mirror with lights behind highlights the bricks, it costs on average $ 1400.00.

Project: Brothers Oliveira

An impeccable bathroom, worked with wood in its panel, enhanced by the light around the mirror that costs $ 399.99.

Project: Brothers Oliveira

This black-framed square mirror matches the bathroom decor that uses this color to add an air of sophistication to the room. You will find this mirror for R $ 293,90.

Via: Leroy Merlin

A clean, small bathroom model, the light behind the mirror enhances the woody toilet. It costs on average $ 780.00.

Project: Natália Jacob

A mirror model with LED lights, which in addition to elegant ends up being precious to women who love makeup. It costs around $ 1,500.00.

Via: Bathroom Furniture


This model of rustic framed mirror with inserts matching the sink top is ideal for those who want to make the environment more cozy. The set sells for about $ 1,200.00.

Via: Free Market

This mirror model made of peroba wood makes the bathroom warm and receptive. Its price is R $ 1095,00.

Via: Free Market

A model all crafted in solid wood, its lavatories stand out in the contrast of color. Price is approximately R $ 1,200.00

Via: Pixabay

This model features a rustic demolition wood mirror style, its countertop and cabinet harmonize the environment. The mirror costs $ 850.00.

Via: Paraiso Rustico

A rustic-style bathroom with a wood-framed mirror, a lighter wooden countertop and a stone toilet. Extreme taste and personality, its price ranges from $ 1000.00 to $ 1200.00.

Project: Intelligent Joiner

A beautiful rustic bathroom style with round wooden mirror in contrast to the wall. This mirror comes out for R $ 399,90.

Via: Elo7

Rustic mirror model with the wooden frame suspended with a rope. Its price is leaving for R $ 699,90.

Via: Shopdesign

A style of rustic bathroom full of refinement, where the mirror is made of wood and the stone bathroom covered with wood slats. The price of the mirror is $ 399.90.

Project: Natália Jacob

A delicate model, all worked in wood. The indirectly deposited lights highlight the color, making the wood even more beautiful. The price of the mirror is around R $ 300,00.

Project: Natália Jacob

In this bathroom the mirror has one with rustic iron stand. The blue bowl stands out in its woody details. The mirror costs on average R $ 800,00.

Project: Natália Jacob

This model of rustic bathroom is all tiled in wood, highlighting the satin basin. The suspended mirror costs around R $ 300,00.

Project: Natália Jacob

This model, besides being rustic using wood in the mirror, is also modern. Using leafy prints to enhance the environment. This mirror costs $ 240.00.

Project: Concrete

A more rustic mirror style with the middle walnut color. In the jackfruit model, leaves the elegant environment, which can cost R $ 342.00.

Via: Bathroom Furniture

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