The thousand ways of dividing environments without walls

The thousand ways of dividing environments without walls

I made a selection of examples of room partitions anyway. If you want to increase privacy or simply visually divide an environment, especially in small apartments or houses, see if there is any idea that fits your decor.

1)Screens – When you do not have space and want a partition that, besides adding a charm, is easy to move, create a little privacy and / or protect from the sun. And they can be made in different materials (including fabrics, for example).

(Photos: VivaDecora, CasaCorRJ2018 Office of the Stylist – Cristina Japiassú e Decorfacil

See another post with examples of tabs.

2)Cobogó – A fixed partition, which embellishes and maintains ventilation. Perfect for creating a beautiful hall without taking up too much space and lessening the invasion of unwanted looks.

3) Ropes, cables or bamboo – More visual and decorative, when well installed, but on stairs, for example, help with SAFETY.

4) Curtains – Easy to install and decorative, depending on fabric or other material used, may or may not reduce brightness, privacy and ventilation.

There is another post here with more partitions for your environment.

5) Black frames, steel meshes, rebar – The industrial style gives your touch to the partitions. With or without glass or mirrors, more delicate, sophisticated or raw, using masonry or not, in folding doors, etc, this is a world of options that are currently up and serving from who wants to decorate to who needs privacy and not care about losing some ventilation or even natural light.

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