Rooms for 2 children or teenagers – 20 ideas

Rooms for 2 children or teenagers

I made a selection with 20 ideas for small and medium rooms for two big kids or even teenagers, arranging beds in different ways. Enjoy and be inspired!

There are several ways to put the beds. Choose the one that best fits the space:

Beds side by side

side to side

They work well in rectangular but not too narrow rooms. A minimum space of 60/80 cm is required between beds. And since they are going to be against the walls, it is good that there is some coating – mdf panel, upholstered or not, lambri, etc.- (photos: thebooandtheboy and casinhacolorida)

side to side 2 side 3

(Photos: casatreschic)

In L

L room for 2 in L2

A good choice to use a small, square or rectangular room that is not too narrow (Photos: CasaAbril enatocadesign)


(Photo: aspasseadeiras)

In line

decorology6d50648 line

For long rooms (where two beds fit side by side) and narrows gives a certain feeling of privacy, especially when there is something between beds, like here. (Photo: VaeDesignGroup)

Counter Beds


I called this organization in which the beds are in opposite walls. They work well in larger rooms and you can put a tall but leaky furniture between the beds to increase privacy (Photos: decordev and lorenac)

Bunk bed

bunk bed 3

Solution for very small rooms but having a reasonable right foot. For children, safety is a priority. Not for children under 6 years old, at least (Photos: thebooandtheboy and mimosalane)

bunk bed-with-desk-1

(Photo: decorfacil)

Bunk bed in L

bunk bed in l 4

This type of bunk makes good use of space and is a good idea for small rooms too (Photos: casatreschic and prodesign)

bunk bed in l 3

(photos: gravityhome and decorfacil)

Other variations of bunk beds

bunk bed different decorfacilbeliche-with-desk-17

To best fit the space, you can think of other variations of bunk beds, like this one, which is very good for small environments with the lower right foot (you can narrow the distance between the beds, put a cabinet under the top bed , etc. (Photo: decorfacil)

contemporary bunk-bed-split-room-in-two-201217-643-02-800x1076

They look like 2 but it’s a single room, with a full bunk in the middle. An original idea to give enough privacy for teenagers. It is necessary that the room is large and has a large window. (Photo: Contemporist)

I hope some of these ideas are perfect for your children’s room!

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