20 in room tv ideas and tips

20 in room tv ideas and tips

I’m really not a fan of tv in the room. Much less in double bedroom. This is because, from the moment I decided to remove from my cell room and television, my sleep and rest period has improved dramatically, as the many medical researches on the subject say … But if you really need to have a tv in the room, here are suggestions and tips to make this habit healthier, ok?


This should be your first concern when considering placing a tv in the room: A position relative to the bed and when it will be. Take a look at these photos:

(photo: CasaAbril)

O center of the screen should be about your eye level.

(photo: vmdesignblogg)

THE height and degree of inclination (if necessary and best NOT to be as the image may be distorted in your eyes) depends on as you usually watch tv. In the case above, the tv is straight on the wall and very high (the black arrow shows where the best viewing point would be, which is too high). Visibility is impaired. If you watch the tv sitting, the slope of the yellow arrow is the best and if you sees her more lying down (o), the slope of the red arrow is the best.

(photo: home garden)

Sometimes, due to room configuration, distribution and size It is complicated to have the TV in the best position. In these cases, the most important is work with tv tilt for the best possible visibility. In the room above, for being in front of a window, visibility is also impaired during the day. To avoid this, it is best to choose blinds or curtains. allow minimal passage of external light.

(photo: homedsgn)

If for some reason the tv can’t be exactly ahead in your line of sight looking forward (which is terrible, because it will force her to twist her body or at least her neck) can be moved, with brackets like this, for example:

(photo: decoration2)


(Photo: tuacasa-Rafael Lima)

Prefer that the wall or panel where the television is don’t be white and avoid powerful lights around the tv. This way your vision will not be affected by sharp contrasts in the time you watch your programs. In the picture above, the beige tone of the panel, the wood around it and the dim lights behind it (which can be turned off when you’re watching tv) give visual comfort. Use dimmer lamps (which you can control) is a good choice.

(photo: tuacasa)

I know, you love big screen tvs! But a huge tv at a short distance is not worth it, in the matter visual comfort, the investment. Look in this post the minimum distances for current tvs (They are much smaller than the old TVs). Very small screens They are not comfortable either.


(photo: CasaAbril)

We small apartments current every inch counts. Remember that the minimum necessary for reasonable circulation on the sides and foot of the bed is 50cm. In some rooms nothing more than a wall-mounted TV or small panel may not be possible.noThe thickness.

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