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The thousand ways of dividing environments without walls
I made a selection of examples of room partitions anyway. If you want to increase privacy or simply visually divide an environment, especially in small apartments or houses, see if there is any idea that fits your decor. 1)Screens – When you do not have space and want a... Read more
Decoration for party of guinea fowl
There are many themes for children’s parties that will make children happy, but the favorite for boys and girls is Pintadinha. Therefore, we separate some tips for you to decorate the party in the easiest way to the boldest. Check it: To get started, we need to choose the... Read more
20 in room tv ideas and tips
I’m really not a fan of tv in the room. Much less in double bedroom. This is because, from the moment I decided to remove from my cell room and television, my sleep and rest period has improved dramatically, as the many medical researches on the subject say …... Read more
10 Open Brick Wall Design Used in Modern Kitchens
Brick walls look fabulous in classic kitchens. An interior brick wall adds drama to interior design and connects a modern kitchen with the house exterior creating harmonious and attractive homes. Old brick walls and fake brick wall designs can add a smooth or rippled finish to modern kitchens. Textures... Read more
10+ Cool College Bedroom Ideas
10 Fascinating Bedroom Ideas
50 female cabinets decorated improbabilities
The closet is a space of desire for all women, and there are those who cheat, who need a large area to gather together. Currently, small rooms can fulfill this function, for example, the TV room or office can be converted for your clothes and accessories. A good cabinet... Read more
Bathrooms with Marble: Sink, Countertop, Floor and Wall
Classic, rustic or modern, one bathroom with marble always looks stylish. Marble sinks and counter tops in bathroom add a touch of sophistication to any chosen color and pattern. The marble can still be placed on the wall or on the floor and leave the bathroom even more striking.... Read more
+30 Super Stylish Kitchen Wall Stickers!
The wall stickers for cooking renovate the room with style, modernity and elegance. In addition, kitchen wall stickers are a practical solution to give a new face to the environment and are practical that you can install them yourself at home. Follow the following more than 30 choices of... Read more
Rooms for 2 children or teenagers – 20 ideas
I made a selection with 20 ideas for small and medium rooms for two big kids or even teenagers, arranging beds in different ways. Enjoy and be inspired! There are several ways to put the beds. Choose the one that best fits the space: Beds side by side They... Read more
40 Sensational Room Chairs!
40 sensational inspirations from armchair to bedroom! Whether you want to have extra space in the room to rest, get a guest, change your shoes or even breastfeed babies, the armchairs are a very interesting item. In addition to functionality, it is possible to design and comfort to these... Read more
30 Simple French Kitchen Decor Ideas
Classic, elegant and stunning – these three words describe French country kitchens well. Houses with this majestic kitchen style are certainly praised for their earthly colors and fine details. While modern kitchens are truly beautiful and ideal as well as practical and elegant, the imposing beauty of French country... Read more