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Small balcony decoration – 20 ideas Small balcony decoration – 20 ideas
A small well decorated balcony does not cost much, in general. And it will be much more useful and used, besides valuing your property.... Small balcony decoration – 20 ideas

A small well decorated balcony does not cost much, in general. And it will be much more useful and used, besides valuing your property. I’ve selected 20 good economic ideas, others that need more investment, but it sure is worth it! Get Inspired!


Perfect for an industrial style house, a charming and simple balcony, which even has a mini-vegetable garden (photo: CasaAbril). The cart keeps the material for plant maintenance but could also be used as a bar. And look at that one or two small puffs fit and even a small table (of the foldable type is even better)


This Scandinavian-style balcony also industrial style. The slatted wood is used in every corner: in the panel, bench, floor, ceiling and on the other side can hide the air-conditioning without undoing in the decor. The black details on the furniture and cushions give the perfect contrast, along with the blue of the wall. The washers and lamp are simple but complete the decor. The plants, in pots, are in a small corridor covered with stones (photo: int2architecture)

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Another balcony with wood in the floor, ceiling and sidewalls (the porcelanato imitating wood also works). It’s all very simple, actually. But the final effect is sophisticated due to the pictures and the wood. You can easily put potted plants on the floor or walls (photo: int2architecture)


Have you thought of such a warmth on your balcony? It takes up a good space, but it is a charm. It is a thick wood attached to the ceiling (on the same slab, see?) And a cushion to spread. In the other photo, a great rocking chair to sit and have tea reading a book. In it there is also a mini mini hour in a wooden panel and a narrow table for support. (Photos: casaeinterni and findingsdecoration)

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Comfortable outdoor seating, a small table that can be pallets, vases on the walls, deck floor, a staircase to more plants and the ambiance is perfect! In the other photo, the very narrow porch more well used, has a bench, a mobile that works as support and bar and plants in panel of wood slat (Photos: deardesigner and CasaAbril)

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Two more small balconies whose decoration appreciated: In the first, a mini-bar with easels and wooden top and pots in semicircle with plants. We can add tall benches or a bench and it’s ready. In the other photo, simple tables and chairs that are much more cozy with the cushions and rug in black and white. (Photos: decorfacil and depositosantamariah)

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A little bigger and more sophisticated in the decoration, these balconies will not pass blank: At first the black, wood and gray combine with the industrial style. Wooden slats in black enhance privacy and the sofa with gray cushions behind sophistication. In the other photo, a joinery work creates the panel, shelves (I would remove the bottom one as it may disrupt who is sitting) and the bench. The small table is beautiful but I think it impairs the movement. Maybe a narrow rectangular was better. (photos: casatreschic)

deardesigner Benefits-of-a-Beautiful-Balcony-Garden-6

Contrary to previous balconies, this porch is very simple, perfect for those who take care of plants seriously. The wires on the walls and ceiling are perfect for placing the plants and rest, trolleys and furniture with shelves to guard products and pots for plant maintenance. Of course you can reduce the space of care and add a table and chairs or benches for a multiple use of the balcony (Photo: deardesigner)


It really is not necessary to spend a lot to have a space that works reasonably to receive or enjoy the afternoon sun (Photo: Tresstudio)

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Of course investing a little more you and your visitors will have more comfort. As in these two balconies with benches, cushions and padded seats. And note the polka-dot strips that do not require complicated installations and warmly light your balcony. (Photos: casatreschic and cepaynasi)

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On these balconies 2 ways to create tables and even for small meals. Some condominiums may not allow a piece of furniture to move beyond the bodyguard as shown in the lower picture, but it is possible to modify the idea so that this advancement of the foldable part is not necessary by making a folding table all on the inside of the porch (photos: ArchitectualImovel)

casatreschic d759b021dcfe3

Basically the same idea as the other 2 balconies I put here, this bench solution skirting one side of the balcony works great. Here, instead of a panel we have a slimmer, lighter structure. The plants placed there will give some work to wet, in this case. The small table is great and very pretty. (Photo: casatreschic)


Finally, 2 more simple ideas: For those who like the net, this model does not need walls to put the porridge (see the support below). And on the other picture is a monochromatic, all-gray, plant-level balcony, a panel made of plastic in the frame, and strong woven “bags” (like a twill) that work like vases. It’s not durable enough, but it’s cheap to do. (photos: madebyus)