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How to combine rugs, curtains and sofas in practice

arquiteturadoimovel micasarevista

I get many doubts about combining rugs, curtains and sofas in the decor. So, it’s good for us to talk even more about it! I will present to you photos of rooms where the choice of carpet was well made and explain why.

For a good choice of carpet color, it is necessary to analyze the colors of SOFA, FLOOR, WALLS, CURTAINS and GREATER FURNITURE (in that order, Due to the proximity to the carpet) and DECIDE if you want the carpet to CALL OR NON ATTENTION.

The couch smooth, neutral and lighter color is the easiest to combine. But it makes a big difference if the floor and walls are light or dark and whether you want the carpet to have a strong presence or not:

architectedimovel micasarevista

A carpet in similar color to the sofa, smooth or in a discreet pattern as in the photo, combines super well, whatever the colors of walls and curtains. But do not notice that the carpet almost disappears when the floor is also clear. (photo: architected)


If you want the carpet to “show up” more, color darker than the sofa. Being neutral, there is more possibility to combine with the rest of the room. If not, choose a color that already exists in the room (or spread some objects with this color). (photo: dailydreamdecor)

See these examples:


Carpet in a similar tone but much darker than the color of the sofa, and in the following pictures, carpets patterned with a color background similar to the sofa and the blues present in objects in the environment (photos: CasaAbril, Evelyn Müller (project Ana Yoshida) and asarquitetas)

In any of the above environments, curtains in color similar to that of the sofa, rug or walls facilitate the combination.

But what if the walls are dark?

The dark carpet can darken the room! It is a matter of taste and desire, but it is good to always seek balance in the tones of the colors used to create contrasts. Look:


Here, despite the sofa and light floor, the walls are dark and a dark carpet could make the environment half sad. The carpet with light background and dark print matched perfectly and brought more joy (photo: r-design)

jeitodecasa Carolina Ourosala-modern-sofa-of-corner

In this room, even with the dark walls, a black carpet was chosen. To compensate, the tables are light yellow and yellow.This is a device you can use: Increase the amount of light objects and furniture if you want a dark carpet in a dark room (photo: jeitodecasa)

In these environments curtains in the color similar to that of the sofa or in the same color but lighter than the walls match well.

What if the walls are in vivid color?

You can use the above tips (with attention to light / dark contrast balance) and spread some items with color similar to that of the wall in bright color (the larger the wall, the less objects in the same color) or:

claudia april c90563806997

Wolocar a printed rug that has the colors of the sofa and wall (and you can add a color from the same family – here oranges and reds, hot colors – and even a counter temperature color – in this case, blue, which is cold). In this case, neutral curtains similar to the color of the sofa or beige look good. And it is also worth spreading objects in the colors of the rug. Few. And you do not have to repeat exactly the colors … use lighter and darker colors.

And the dark couches?


When the sofa is dark, choose carpet in the same color or very similar, generally not sure: The set gets heavy … Use neutral or similar colors and much clearer It gets better. On the left, curtains in beige, brown or white would match perfectly. On the right, the curtains could be in gray, white or blue, colors that exist in the room.

If you want something more cheerful, use rug stamped with the color of the sofa and another neutral or some color that exists in the environment:


In the photo on the right, the rug has the black of the sofa and the white that cheers, helps to illuminate and stands out on the dark floor. Gray or white curtains would look good. In the photo on the left, the rug has the middle gray of the sofa, white and shades of blue. See that there are blue elements in the room and that the curtain follows the color of the wall, but it could be light blue or gray as well.

casaeinterni arredamento-mescolare-stili-industriale-scandinavo-mediterraneo-6_thumb

Here a very specific situation (light and dark sofas together) that demonstrates an idea that works, whether you have light or dark sofas in neutral tones in NEUTRAL ENVIRONMENTS: Rug in color more vivid, in simple print with colors that do not stand out too much. Add fewer objects in similar colors or in the same color family as the carpet. It will bring vivacity to the room (photo: casaeinterni)

What if the sofa and the walls are dark?

verychique modern rugs-for-livingroom-small-

In this case, I suggest that the carpet have light colors. If the floor is clear, as above, use plain background prints, like this one. Here, the curtains can be similar to the colors of the sofa or walls, but light so as not to darken the room further (photo: verychique)

More tips?

If you want to use a colorful rug, see this post where I give Tips for Choosing and Using Colored Carpet Safely and in this post I show several rug combinations that work.

If you have problems like: Low light room and dark furniture or want to give a cheer in your living room or che bought a sofa in a strong color and now he does not know what to do in this post I have answers to these questions that can be resolved with a choice rug.

Small balcony decoration – 20 ideas


A small well decorated balcony does not cost much, in general. And it will be much more useful and used, besides valuing your property. I’ve selected 20 good economic ideas, others that need more investment, but it sure is worth it! Get Inspired!


Perfect for an industrial style house, a charming and simple balcony, which even has a mini-vegetable garden (photo: CasaAbril). The cart keeps the material for plant maintenance but could also be used as a bar. And look at that one or two small puffs fit and even a small table (of the foldable type is even better)


This Scandinavian-style balcony also industrial style. The slatted wood is used in every corner: in the panel, bench, floor, ceiling and on the other side can hide the air-conditioning without undoing in the decor. The black details on the furniture and cushions give the perfect contrast, along with the blue of the wall. The washers and lamp are simple but complete the decor. The plants, in pots, are in a small corridor covered with stones (photo: int2architecture)

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Another balcony with wood in the floor, ceiling and sidewalls (the porcelanato imitating wood also works). It’s all very simple, actually. But the final effect is sophisticated due to the pictures and the wood. You can easily put potted plants on the floor or walls (photo: int2architecture)


Have you thought of such a warmth on your balcony? It takes up a good space, but it is a charm. It is a thick wood attached to the ceiling (on the same slab, see?) And a cushion to spread. In the other photo, a great rocking chair to sit and have tea reading a book. In it there is also a mini mini hour in a wooden panel and a narrow table for support. (Photos: casaeinterni and findingsdecoration)

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Comfortable outdoor seating, a small table that can be pallets, vases on the walls, deck floor, a staircase to more plants and the ambiance is perfect! In the other photo, the very narrow porch more well used, has a bench, a mobile that works as support and bar and plants in panel of wood slat (Photos: deardesigner and CasaAbril)

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Two more small balconies whose decoration appreciated: In the first, a mini-bar with easels and wooden top and pots in semicircle with plants. We can add tall benches or a bench and it’s ready. In the other photo, simple tables and chairs that are much more cozy with the cushions and rug in black and white. (Photos: decorfacil and depositosantamariah)

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A little bigger and more sophisticated in the decoration, these balconies will not pass blank: At first the black, wood and gray combine with the industrial style. Wooden slats in black enhance privacy and the sofa with gray cushions behind sophistication. In the other photo, a joinery work creates the panel, shelves (I would remove the bottom one as it may disrupt who is sitting) and the bench. The small table is beautiful but I think it impairs the movement. Maybe a narrow rectangular was better. (photos: casatreschic)

deardesigner Benefits-of-a-Beautiful-Balcony-Garden-6

Contrary to previous balconies, this porch is very simple, perfect for those who take care of plants seriously. The wires on the walls and ceiling are perfect for placing the plants and rest, trolleys and furniture with shelves to guard products and pots for plant maintenance. Of course you can reduce the space of care and add a table and chairs or benches for a multiple use of the balcony (Photo: deardesigner)


It really is not necessary to spend a lot to have a space that works reasonably to receive or enjoy the afternoon sun (Photo: Tresstudio)

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Of course investing a little more you and your visitors will have more comfort. As in these two balconies with benches, cushions and padded seats. And note the polka-dot strips that do not require complicated installations and warmly light your balcony. (Photos: casatreschic and cepaynasi)

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On these balconies 2 ways to create tables and even for small meals. Some condominiums may not allow a piece of furniture to move beyond the bodyguard as shown in the lower picture, but it is possible to modify the idea so that this advancement of the foldable part is not necessary by making a folding table all on the inside of the porch (photos: ArchitectualImovel)

casatreschic d759b021dcfe3

Basically the same idea as the other 2 balconies I put here, this bench solution skirting one side of the balcony works great. Here, instead of a panel we have a slimmer, lighter structure. The plants placed there will give some work to wet, in this case. The small table is great and very pretty. (Photo: casatreschic)


Finally, 2 more simple ideas: For those who like the net, this model does not need walls to put the porridge (see the support below). And on the other picture is a monochromatic, all-gray, plant-level balcony, a panel made of plastic in the frame, and strong woven “bags” (like a twill) that work like vases. It’s not durable enough, but it’s cheap to do. (photos: madebyus)

60 Decorations for Baby Room for Girl and Boy

Decoração de Casa

Looking for an easy-to-design baby room decor? Come with us! Find the complete baby room to be inspired from the cradle wallpaper with everything that fits in the budget. They are cozy and very elegant designs that will give a special air to the room with great affection!

Modern and delicate unisex baby room in shades of ice and sand white with adhesive self adhesive vinyl wallpaper with varied polka dots found for $ 49.90. Harmonious and simple environment!

Design: RF Interior Design

Modern unisex room in shades of sand, white and beige, highlighting the Wave Acrylic Sleeper Crib with the value close to $ 2000 and for 3-door mirrored wardrobe with the approximate value of $ 800 easily found, beautiful and delicate!

Project: Juliana Baumhardt

Delicate and cozy baby room! The highlight goes to the 3D wall sticker in the shape of a tree that has the price ranging from 90 to 100 reais and to the composition in frames of plaster, leaving the environment even more delicate!

Project: Lígia Bisconti

Delicate and clean environment! The highlight of the ambiance goes to the classic white metallic pendant chandelier with arabesque in the gorgeous chandelier model easily found around 200 to 300 reais! Beautiful and elegant!

Project: TCarvalho

Super delicate and classic baby room in shades of beige and golden white! The highlights go to the cradle in classic model with delicate mosquito netting easily found for an approximate price between 600 to 800 reais, and for wallpaper in beautiful and charming golden stripes!

Project: Fonseca and Burity Architecture

Clean, modern and spacious baby room in neutral and soft tones! The highlight of the environment is the decorations and niches hanging on the walls leaving the environment even more cozy for the baby, these objects are easily found for an average price of 50 to 100 reais!

Project: BMG Architecture

Beautiful baby room blending the retro industrial style in soft, neutral tones! The highlight is the crib in straight wooded cribs and the Eames RAR Balanço White Chair with synthetic fur blanket, found in children’s stores for an approximate price between 500 to 1000 reais!

Project: Billy Scatena

Beautiful children’s environment composed basically of light woody and white tones! Soft and cozy and the highlight is the carpeted in wooden blocks of Peroba Dourada Frosco, leaving the modern and natural environment, this floor is made to order varying its value per square meter!

Project: Blacher Architecture

Beautiful baby girl bedroom in shades of light brown, yellow and white! The highlight of this environment is undoubtedly the composition of the wall with the crib and the canopy mosquito net in a mix of the line between the classic and modern! This cot with mosquito net canopy in voil is easily found for an average price between 700 to 100 reais!

Project: Raquel de Castro

Baby girl bedroom in rustic chic style in a composition between natural wood and white! And the highlight of the environment is the beautiful wood cladding with round illuminated niches, made to order for an average price of 500 reais!

Project: Neoarch

Delicate twin room in shades of gray and white! Highlight for wall stickers on butterfly themes easily found for an average price of 30 reais and for Provencal white washers with direct lighting beautiful and delicate for the crib for an average price of 150 to 200 reais!

Project: Mack Architect

Beautiful baby girl room design in classic and modern style in a sober palette in soft and neutral tones! In this environment the highlight goes to the set of round niches in white MDF with points of illumination! Ideal for spruce with toys and children’s objects and easily found for an average price of $ 150 reais!

Project: Pure Architecture

Lovely minimalist baby room design in soft woodsy tones with wood and gray wall accents! The highlight of this environment goes to the modern crib in rounded wood made with mosquito netting! Beautiful and elegant!

Project: Architects Bermueller and Niemeyer

Beautiful baby boy design in neutral and light tones of blue, white, beige and grayish nuances! In this beautiful cozy environment the highlight goes to the retro white crib with drawers easily found in stores for an average price of $ 550 and for the custom-made gypsum wall frame ideal for embellishing the environment!

Project: Tutto Design

Stylish boy’s baby room in neutral tones featuring the retro cot in wood and white tones found on the market for an average price of 2000 reais! In a harmonic composition with colored sticker on the wall easily found for an average price of 30 reais!

Project: Almeida Architects

Beautiful baby girl room delicate in shades of beige and sand! With a retro and modern composition, the highlight goes to the armchair of breastfeeding with soft cloth pouf found in stores for an average price of 400 reais! Comfortable atmosphere, simple and elegant!

Project: Pure Architecture

Beautiful baby room delicate and bold in a neutral composition of white and sand tones, with a contrast in vivid tones like on the rug and armchair! Highlight the colorful and delicate rug with fine fabric embroidered in nature themes, ideal for children’s environments!

Project: Izooom Interior Architects

Baby boy bedroom in Provencal style in neutral tones in a palette of sand and white with nuances in objects in blue prince! Delicate and elegant the highlight goes to the crib with mosquito net canopy in white wood voil and matching fabric with the lounger armchair!

Project: LM Architecture

In shades of white and with details in blue and plaid the highlight of this room goes to the modulated bed with niche below illuminated ideal to store objects and serving as support, easily found in stores for an average price of 600 reais!

Project: House 2 Architects

Baby room super modern and daring in shades of white and black, not too childish and ideal for another phase of the child! In simple composition the highlight goes to the striped wallpaper and to the niches in black MDF matching with the comics!

Project: Andresa Jessita


Beautiful baby girl bedroom in Provencal style in soft tones of sand, white and ivory, highlighting the frame and wallpaper put up, leaving the room elongated and for the armchair Luis Xv Poltrona in smooth white lyon fabric and elegant solid wood !

Project: Lígia Bisconti

Baby girl room in shades of fendi, beige and green water! Beautiful and charming the highlights of this environment are the lighting spots found behind the cladding on half-timbered wall and for the delicate cloud-wall luminaires, easily found for an average price of 150-200 reais!

Project: Alessandra Nahas Architecture

Baby girl’s room in shades of fendi for the furnishings in a simple and modern line and rose in the compositions of objects and utensils, forming a harmonic environment! Highlight for the blank shelf set ideal for children’s room!

Project: Lígia Bisconti

Beautiful baby girl bedroom in fendi and white tones, with nuances in rose and pastel blue, featured for the white plush glamor banquet puff with feet toothpick, easily found at an average price between 100 to 150 reais! Beautiful, modern and elegant!

Project: BEP Architects

Chic retro baby girl’s room with a palette in soft tones in rose, white and sand! Lovely delicate combination and the highlights go to the wardrobe on smooth and mirrored sliding doors, ideal for those delicate environments in combination with the classic cot with mosquito net canopy in white voil!

Design: Stained Glass Architecture

Beautiful baby girl bedroom in contemporary style with a fendi, rose and gray palette The highlight goes to the matte wallpaper with assorted and metallic hearts in delicate rose and ideal for these environments, and to the lead gray breastfeeding armchair, leaving the modern and elegant atmosphere!

Project: Myah Interior Design

Delicate baby girl’s room in a soft palette with a blend of furniture in the tone fendi and white, and pink baby nuances with a modulated tailor-made wardrobe composition, changing table with dresser and shelves, great for organizing with practicality environment!

Project: Kali Architecture

Classic baby room with straw and white hat tones, simple and delicate with a modulated composition of shelves with mirror base for the support of flower vases and highlighting the panel with butterfly cutouts in the bottom of the dresser, harmonizing the environment simple!

Project: Architect Achilles

Beautiful baby room in classic style in shades of straw, white and pastel pink, highlighting the Provençal Louis XV cradle in solid wood of white and white easily found in stores and for the delicate butterflies theme wallpaper found by a Average price of 60 reais the roll!

Project: Sesso and Dalanezi

Classic baby room in sand, white beige and with pink palette accents! Highlight the plaster frame illuminated with floral wallpaper composition in the background, leaving the environment delicate and comfortable.

Project: Arina Araújo

Beautiful baby room in classic style in sand, ivory and with a furniture composition in white color! Highlight the arabesque themed wallpaper by composing the environment in an elegant way, easily found by an average 60-reel roll!

Project: Cristiane Fernandes

Beautiful baby girl bedroom in classic style in shades of white and beige, highlighting the beautiful rhombic wallpaper with ties easily found in stores for an average of 200 reais, the set of mirrors with imperial frames and the beautiful imperial pendant delicate crystal!

Project: Leticia Sá Architects

Modern white and pink girl’s baby room with nuances in blue, highlighting the wallpaper with colorful stripes easily found for an average price of 50 to 100 reais, leaving the environment harmonic!

Project: Amanda Miranda

Baby room in classic style in white composition highlighting the delicate wallpaper in light gray tones and the composition of pendant teddy bears, leaving the environment even more delicate!

Project: BMG Architecture

Beautiful little girl’s room with furniture planned together with cot, armchair, and chest of drawers, in shades of white and rose! Highlight the panel above the wooden furniture with built-in lighting, leaving the environment beautiful and delicate.

Project: Kali Architecture

Girl’s bedroom in classic imperial royalty style in nude and white tones in a composition with lots of frills, bears and plush! Beautiful environment with highlight the overlapping frames with mirror, shelves and with delicate wallpaper and to the beautiful and elegant Provencal washer!

Project: Kali Architecture

Beautiful baby girl room with blank, sand and pink nuances! In a blend of classic and modern style, the highlight goes to the custom-made painted wood wallcovering, easily found on the market!

Project: Kali Architecture

Modern baby girl room with sky theme and angels in a composition in fendi and cream tones! Beautiful environment with highlight the wall stickers on cloud theme easily found in toddler article stores at an average price of 100 reais!

Project: Botelho e Friche

Baby room in modern and classic style in gray and white tones with decorative object nuances in blue, pink and pastel green! The highlight of the environment is the modulated with pastel blue niches and the shelves, being practical and modern for the environment!

Project: Denise Friedmann

Beautiful baby girl room in classic style in shades of white ice and flora, highlighting the Provencal cradle in Louis XV and for wall painting in delicate floral theme, leaving the environment even more harmonious and charming!

Project: BEP Architects

Beautiful baby girl room in shades of white and light pink in a classic composition migrating to the modern, featuring the beautiful American white satin cradle with rose capiton, easily found in stores for an average price of 800 reais!

Project: Lezsy | Interior Design

Baby girl’s room in shades of white and pink and with furniture in a mixture of wood and white! Highlight the comfort in Provencal style and the panel in white wood composing the environment and leaving it even more delicate and classic!

Project: Anna Maya

Beautiful baby girl bedroom in Provencal style consisting of a set of Louis XV furniture in shades of cream and straw, highlighting the headboard of capitone Louis XV tailor-made and for the floral wallpaper. Delicate princess style composition.

Project: MJ Architecture

Beautiful baby girl bedroom in a mix of classic and modern style and in a white and cream composition, with crystal pendant highlighting that left the environment even more delicate!

Project: Lezsy | Interior Design


Beautiful baby boy bedroom in modern style in shades of white and blue sand highlighting the crib in white wood with acrylic lid and for the wallpaper of stripes in the palette of blue, easily found with a great value on average of 30 reais!

Project: Célia Orlandi

Beautiful modern baby boy bedroom with a blend of white, yellow, gray and wood! Highlight the wood panel with niches lit with animated backgrounds and for the modulated pieces with recess of the sky-style plaster with lighting spots! Beautiful and modern!

Project: BG Architecture

Baby boy bedroom in modern style in shades on blue and white palette! In a daring composition the highlight of this project is the geometric painting on the wall, leaving the environment even more beautiful, varying in blue, and for the pendant lamp of cloud, easily found in a value close to 100 to 200 reais!

Project: Gabriela Viero Architecture

Baby room in retro style in a playful composition in shades of white and light wood and colorful nuances in green, blue, yellow and gray! Highlighting the niche in the shape of houses and the shelf supported ladder type, leaving the environment delicate and beautiful!

Project: NEW Architecture and Interiors

Baby boy bedroom in modern style in white, gray and blue oil colors highlighting the wall composition with the use of wood finish with light gray smooth paint lighting and geometric wallpaper, matching with the crib blankets!

Project: Samantha Sato

Baby boy bedroom in rustic chic style with prince theme featuring the cradle in solid wood and capitonê and to the beautiful plaid wallpaper in blue and brown, easily found with an approximate value of 50 reais!

Project: Luciana Ribeiro

Beautiful Navyi style boy’s room in a modern line with neutral colors such as white and wood for the furnishings and the sand, blue and orange for the details, highlighting the beautiful theme wallpaper ships with a great approximate value of 30 reais!

Project: Collection Architects

Boy’s bedroom in Provencal style and modern in sand, white tones and pastel blue nuances, highlighting rectangular recessed corner alcoves illuminated with led and plaster moldings in the middle of the wall and lining, leaving the environment even more beautiful !

Project: Lezsy | Interior Design

Baby boy room in classic and clean style in white, gray and pastel blue composition. Simple and comfortable atmosphere with highlight to the light gray rhombus wallpaper found in the range of 100 to 150 reais!

Project: Lígia Bisconti

Modern baby boy’s room with soft tones in white and light blue, consisting of a simple line and highlighting the beautiful pendant globe type lamps illuminating the breastfeeding armchair!

Project: Lígia Bisconti

Beautiful baby boy bedroom in navy style in white and navy blue composition, in a modern line highlighting the delicate themed comics and for the short built-in curtain, leaving the environment delicate and cozy.

Project: Aline Fleet

Baby boy’s room delicate and soft with pastel tones in the palette of blue, green and yellow, with furniture designed in white lacquered wood, beautiful and simple, highlighting the set of round colored niches easily found in the range of 120 reais!

Project: Amanda Miranda

Beautiful environment for baby boy in simple modern composition in white and blue baby color, highlighting the decoration on the wall with panels, comics and clock, leaving the environment timeless and harmonious!

Project: Tatiana Zaitseva

Beautiful boy’s room in modern style with highlight to the Provençal wooden and white crib with a touch of Navy style in the decoration the composition in blue and white gained even more prominence with the smooth painting in overseas blue in the wood panel balancing with the delicate background flora wallpaper!

Project: MJ Architecture

Twin room in classic style with shades of sand, cream, blue and straw! Beautiful blended and playful ambience with emphasis on the long high wooden shelf leaving the linear environment and the long curtains in shades of beige!

Project: Vanessa Guimarães

Beautiful baby room in a mix of classic and modern style, made up of light and soft colors in shades of white and gray, with a smooth gray paint and comic book mounting on the wall emphasizing the imperial cradle with casters, for the armchair of sling with pouf and the practical built-in closet of sliding doors!

Project: LM Architecture

Baby boy’s room in classic style with ivory, white and pastel blue shades, highlighting the lovely comfortable bay window and the provençal style canopy crib easily found in a range of $ 900!

Design: Design Studio Details

Beautiful boy’s room in playful theme of valerie in modern style in a composition made by the palette of brown, cream and white! With special attention to practical and simple personalized furniture and to the beautiful wallpaper with large leaves in brown color, found in the market for an approximate value of 100 reais!

Project: Meblik

Delicate room of baby boy in shades of white, straw and green! Highlight the starry sky-like lining made with fiber optic application on the lining panel! Beautiful and elegant!

Project: LM Architecture

Beautiful baby boy bedroom in a white fendi composition and sand, blending the classic with modern features! Highlight for the beautiful closet of Provencal white clothing, easily found in stores with an approximate value of 900 reais!

Design: Betsy Design

Classic and modern boy baby room in shades of gray and white! With a clean lighted composition with highlight for the wardrobe built-in with transparent door and for the geometric organic wallpaper in the gray palette!

Project: Amanda Pinheiro

Beautiful delicate baby room with playful themed toys and toys in a composition in shades of beige, sand and white! Highlight the beautiful comics on the wall and the wallpaper in vertical stripes, easily found with an approximate value of 50 reais, leaving the environment beautiful and delicate!

Design: Betsy Design

45 Awesome 3D Wallpaper Templates

45 Awesome 3D Wallpaper Templates

With the 3D wallpaper you can add depth and texture to the environment. For the living room and the bedroom, it is worth betting on the 3D wall paper that allows the use of colors and shapes in a more relaxed and unusual way to make the walls are an elementary part of the decoration, with drawings in high relief and even of animals and natural landscapes!

For those who want to innovate and surprise in the decoration without losing the style, the 3D wallpapers are an excellent option! Check out the models we have for you and get inspired!

Much love and warmth for this room. The paper that imitates boulders only left the environment more elegant.

Project signed by: A3 Architecture

A good lighting project only exalted this living room and the three-dimensional application of the wallpaper.

Project signed by: Casinha Bonita 

Details that enchant! This space in the living room became even more charming with the application of 3D paper.

Project signed by: Soho Design

A nice way to replace the living room panels is by placing applications on the wall. And best of all, it comes out cheaper and looks gorgeous!

Project signed by: QG Architecture and Interiors

Bed headboard can? Yes you can! The environment that blends nude and white tones has become even more noble with the wallpaper skirting board.

Project signed by: Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

The entrance hall of this house became much more charming with this application in foliage.

Cadi Architecture

Do you know that part of the house that looks dull? An alternative is to use bright and clear colors, a good application of 3D wallpaper.

Project signed by: Evelin Sayar

A toilet super charming, nude and full of textures. Between marble, metal and coatings, the right side receives an application of paper textured in linen.

Project signed by: Oka Arquitetura

This rustic sideboard became more incredible overlapping the application imitating wood aged in various shades.

Project signed by: Acf Decor

One more show of how amazing wallpaper looks in lavatory. The choice for dark paper further emphasized the golden metals of the environment.

Project signed by: Ataide Decorations

Bricks in the home office is also a great alternative. The combination with black metals left the environment more charming and welcoming.

Project signed by: Elis Camargo Design

The Dining Room also deserves attention. The clean environment has become more elegant with the application of the paper on the wall.

Project signed by: Our ap7 007

The babies room is not left out! Look how incredible this space for breastfeeding and changing room with the application in gray tones!

Project signed by: Ma Vie Baby

The brownish tones of this room were even more incredible with the texturing of the wallpaper. Really lovely!

Project signed by: Valéria Viana Architecture

What an incredible combination! Chess, squares and dashes left this modern and cozy double room.

Project signed by: CG Architecture

Tijolinho in the room is very love! Look what an incredible combination with the pictures and other decorations on the wall. Modern and full of life.

Project signed by: Valéria Viana Architecture

This single room was even more beautiful with the gray paper. With geometric shapes in different sizes, the tones become even more incredible.

Project signed by: Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

The three-dimensional wallpaper stood out even more with the shades of yellow in this single room.

Project signed by: A2E Architecture and Engineering

These rustic and woody tones were a charm on the wallpaper. Great detail for fast food countertops.

Design signed by: Wallpaper 70 years

An option for those who have kittens is to replace porous coatings with wallpaper. Look how the brick application made the environment even more incredible.

Project signed by: QG Architecture

Living room

Accompanied by the nude tones and finishing in marble, the paper is a great inspiration for the home theater.

Project signed by: Duo Architecture

Gray shades really bring grandeur and elegance to the environments. The wallpaper application behind the sofa is the show of it!

Project signed by: Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

The beige tone application left the room in brown tones even more welcoming.

Project signed by: Andrea Nygaard and Andréa Simas

Stones and ash are a perfect match! By further optimizing the coating application, 3D wallpaper is more a great choice for these environments.

Project signed by: Architect Gláucio Gonçalves

This environment brings yet another beautiful display of application replacing wall panels.

Project signed by: Pontal Group

Bet on the details! With the paper that imitates the woody coating aged it is possible to leave the atmosphere more cozy.

Project signed by: Mario Mantovanni

Ceramic flooring? Not! It’s the same wallpaper. Highlighted between the mirror and the comfy, the finish gets super so natural and elegant.

Project signed by: Duo Architecture

One of the features of 3D paper and reproduce finishes, including fabrics. Have you thought about getting home and finding those foliage on the side of the door? Really incredible!

Project signed by: Souraya

Imitating bricks, the paper brings practicality in the application of the finishing and coziness in the hour of watching a movie.

Project signed by: Glaucio Gonçalves

Recreating a stone wall, the natural finish brings modern industrial air to the living room.

Project signed by: Caroline Andrusko

More a sample of the possibilities of the three-dimensional 3D paper, this time giving the sensation of a upholstered panel.

Project signed by: Débora Bohrer

The dining room gets a charm with the linen finish on the walls. The design receives a warm lighting in the space, leaving the clean room very modern.

Project signed by: CasaPRO

The textured wallpaper has left the romantic mood even sweeter!

Design signed by: Jamie Keskin Design

In this environment the bar space with the industrial barrel became even more modern with the application on brick wall paper.

Project signed by: Husbands the work

The turquoise green armchairs formed a beautiful composition with the three-dimensional application of the wallpaper.

Project signed by: NIT Interiors

The masculine environment with shades of gray and yellow gave life to this room and canopy with details of the application.

Project signed by: Robert Robl

Wallpaper that mimics concrete? We also have! Bringing all the elegance of industrial environments, this corner of the room became even more elegant with the application.

Design signed by: 70's wallpaper

The nude we love! Application imitating white brick and the linen counter form a perfect match!

Project signed by: Home and Construction

Wooden boards on the wall? No, no! Wallpaper. The application is even more amazing with the shades in blue. A charm!

Project signed by: Home and Construction


Recreating textures, the environment brings all the modernity of the pebble coatings, but is nothing more than an application made on wallpaper on the bench.

Project signed by: Consuelo Jorge

Details that enchant! Gaining prominence in the kitchen, the paper recreates a classic finish.

Project signed by: Elegueller Architects

The highlight of this kitchen was for the stove and coifa with this beautiful application on wallpaper. Another reality show replacing pottery in the environment.

Project signed by: Collaroy Kitchen Center

With imposing and high ceiling high, this modern kitchen has received wallpaper application across its wall. Recreating the ceramic flooring the ambience was totally contemporary.

Project signed by: Gail Owens

Choosing on more than one wall is also a tip to modernize the environment. In this kitchen the paper occupies the entire right foot and imitates a ceramic of pebbles.

Project signed by: Form Collective

For those who like color and joy in the kitchen, one option is to bring papers that recreate hydraulic tiles for the workbench. Easy to clean and cheap, the environment creates life.

Project signed by: Fábio Galeazz

Tile and brick in a lonely environment? Not! Same wallpaper. The combination, together with the woody furnishings brings a rustic air to warm the meals.

Project signed by: Rafael Castilho Devienne and Raphael Civille Rodrigues

One more application shows in tablet, or in fact, wallpaper. Amazing how the faithful deed to reality.

Project signed by: Isabela Nunes Mayerhofer

A little London in the kitchen? Yes, it’s possible! 3D wallpaper allows you to recreate extremely realistic environments.

Project signed by: Leila Libardi

Finishing the ceiling? May also! Dimensional application on wallpaper has brought elegance and style to this environment.

Design signed by: Essential Design + Build

Wallpaper on furniture? Who said no? The property received the application on the lower and upper furniture and showed that the combination is optimal.

Project signed by: Lufe Gomes

A great tip is to bring details to the small spaces. The fast-food counter was even more charming with the 3D wallpaper application.

Project signed by: Art of color Campinas

The yellow in the kitchen was even more beautiful with the details of the finish on the wall of the table.

Design signed by: Dupla Design

Another hydraulic tile show in application with 3D wallpaper. It’s amazing how realistic it gets. The countertop and brown furniture made the wall finish even more impressive.

Project signed by: Stixx

Woody and black always form a beautiful combination. With the geometric application on the wall of the bench the space became even more elegant.

Project signed by: Casinha Bonita

It looks like some rare and very expensive stone, but it’s just application on 3D paper mimicking pebble coatings. Elegant and a great choice for highlighting spaces.

Project signed by: Houzz

Rustic brick for food spaces? Why not? Look how amazing the combination with the black countertop and the colorful chairs.

Design signed by: Easy Decor

As noble as gold is the result of this kitchen. The adhesive coating became glossy and extremely natural.

Project signed by: Casinha Bonita

This workbench received a mix of colors in the inserts made in wallpaper. With brilliance and detail the finish is very real.

Project signed by: Atlanta Decorations

The furniture classic and the finish coat on the stove wall have left this kitchen even more charming.

Project signed by: Houzz


Tijolinho on the wall of the room brings a rustic and warm air to the room, including the women. A charm, is not it?

Project signed by: Allison Cerqueira and Renata Fragelli

Light brick paper is also a great addition to male rooms. Shades of gray and woody add an elegant touch to the environment.

Signed project: Tok Stok

How delicate! Recreating the texture of a fabric, the walls were applied on wallpaper in shades of beige. The combination gets more prominence with the woody tones of the furniture.

Project signed by: By Kamy

By recreating a linen fabric, the neutral wallpaper stands out in the middle of the clean environment.

Project signed by: Duo Architecture

It is not only the women’s room that has a charm with finishes that imitate stones. The masculine environment also presents the imposition through the application of the role in the environment.

Project signed by: Duo Architecture

A little bit more of the realism of the application of brick wall to the male rooms. Look at the combination with the wood gets cozy!

Project signed by: Paola Ribeiro

Applications that mimic metallic coating look extremely noble in couples’ quarters.

Project signed by: Beatriz Fabri

And what about that wallpaper that recreates the patina painting? A detail of love above the couple’s bed.

Project signed by: Ivva Arquitetura

Metallic tones and full of depth effects. The wallpaper brings the elegance and impotence of the gold to the wall of the bed of this double room.

Project signed by: Ceres Constâncio

Another application that recreates metallic coating. The neutrality and warmth of the application into the room.

Project signed by: Ana Massud

Wood on the floor, wood on the wall, wood on the furniture. The wall of the mini home office became even more elegant with the wooden wallpaper.

Project signed by: Marcio Acaro

The dark brick wallpaper finish left this cozy male bedroom. Perfect combination with books on the shelf.

Project signed by: Rodrigo Maia

But the light brick looks as good as it does in women’s quarters. Look how charming the combination of gray and pink.

Project signed by: DDShow

The baby rooms also look gorgeous with the combination of 3D wall paper. And the best, combine for boys and girls.

Project signed by: Ma Vie Baby

The three-dimensional casing of this double bedroom has made the bed space modern and futuristic. Simply gorgeous.

Project signed by: Christie Spancer

And what about that wallpaper that imitates cork? Amazing. Made from cork oak bark, the material is sustainable and full of fantastic features.

Design signed by: 70's wallpaper

Linen on the walls leave any atmosphere amazing. The combination makes the double room even more welcoming.

Project signed by: Home and Construction

This role with hazards is so real! Applied to all walls, the minimalist bedroom gains an extra charm with the composition of pictures above the bed.

Design signed by: 70's wallpaper

This single room with references to the city of London was even more beautiful with the application in white brick.

Project signed by: Home and construction

Le Monde Sauvage wallpapers innovated with this model inspired by travels around the world: Mexico, India and Africa. Amazing!

Design signed by: 70's wallpaper

Decoration for childrens party

Image (1)

Organizing a children’s party requires a lot of work, as well as preparing the sweets, which you also need to think about the decoration. The small details make the difference and make this event even more enjoyable for children.

The first step is to determine the environment in which it will happen and which party theme is desired for the venue. There will be a number of elements that will amuse the table and the atmosphere, from games, tablecloths and even some decorative details that will put your table in the spotlight.

For a children’s party, it’s always nice to invest in colors, choose the shades you want to decorate and follow with elements to harmonize the whole party. So a decoration with colorful satin ribbons is ideal for hanging on the table or on the ceiling to create a fun atmosphere in the room. And when it comes to making the environment more lively and child-friendly, you can also incorporate bladders and flags into the decoration.

For those who want a theme party, you can also use these items in decoration, but always remember not to exaggerate the colors too much to be outmoded. What the table will not miss are little candy stands and a decorated cake that usually follows the theme of the party (animals, dolls, circus, cars and more).

And if you have not found the decoration for the children’s party you’re planning, let’s go to a selection of photos that we’ve selected from this selection:

Picture 1 – Mesa decorated for children’s party

Image (1)

Picture 2 – Decoration for girls

Image (2)

Picture 3 – Table with pink candies for party decoration

Image (3)

Picture 4 – Outside decoration

Image (4)

Picture 5 – animal table for children’s party decoration

Image (5)

Figure 6 – Table with cupcakes for decoration of the children’s party

Image (6)

Picture 7 – Flags in pastel colors

Image (7)

Figure 8 – Mermaid thematic for children party decoration

figure 8)

Pictures 9 – Sweet door with gargoyle decoration

Image (9)

Picture 10 – Meal table with colorful plates and hats

Image (10)

Picture 11 – Decoration with ice cream theme for children’s party

Image (11)

Picture 12 – Decoration with soccer theme

Picture 13 – Clothesline with ice figures

Image (13)

Picture 14 – Glass for decorated juices

Image (14)

Picture 15 – Decoration with clown for children’s party

Image (15)

Picture 16 – Decoration with a rustic style

Image (16)

Picture 17 – Junina decoration for children’s party

Image (17)

Picture 18 – Place to paint

Image (18)

Picture 19 – Table with yellow and pink decoration

Image (19)

Picture 20 – Table with Pantone theme

Image (20)

Picture 21 – Table with souvenirs

Image (21)

Picture 22 – Garden table

Image (22)

Picture 23 – Decoration with frozen theme

Image (23)

Picture 24 – Decoration with Malmotiv

Image (24)

Picture 25 – Circus table for children party decoration

Image (25)

Picture 26 – Decoration with the theme Peppa

Image (26)

Picture 27 – Colored decoration

Image (27)

Picture 28 – Candy table with awning

Image (28)

Picture 29 – Sideboard with sweets for children’s party

Image (29)

Picture 30 – Cake table

Image (30)

Picture 31 – Decoration with pirate motive

Image (31)

Figure 32 – Mercadinho theme decoration

Image (32)

Figure 33 – Colorful mobile phones for a children’s party

Image (33)

Picture 34 – Cake in a colorful slice

Image (34)

Picture 35 – Decoration with zoo theme

Image (35)

Picture 36 – Decoration Marine for children’s party

Image (36)

Picture 37 – Decoration with means of transport

Image (37)

Figure 38 – Table with cake

Image (38)

Picture 39 – Decoration with butterfly for children’s party

Image (39)

Figure 40 – The Little Prince Theme Party for a children’s party

Image (40)

Figure 41 – Small table with decoration of Lego on the wall for a children’s party

Image (41)

Picture 42 – Painting room for decorating the children’s party

Image (42)

Picture 43 – Truck theme table

Image (43)

Picture 44 – Modern table with sweets

Image (44)

Picture 45 – Decoration for boys for children’s party

Image (45)

Picture 46 – Room decoration

Image (46)

Picture 47 – Cloud drawings on the wall

Image (47)

Picture 48 – Wall of Poá with pastel blue tone and name hanging

Image (48)

Picture 49 – Decoration with Barbie for a children’s party

Image (49)

Picture 50 – Cart with sweets

Image (50)

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