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50 Kitchen Vats That Leave Any Sophisticated Sink! 50 Kitchen Vats That Leave Any Sophisticated Sink!
Are you in doubt about which kitchen tub to choose? Let’s give you a hand! There are several types of kitchen tub and to... 50 Kitchen Vats That Leave Any Sophisticated Sink!

Are you in doubt about which kitchen tub to choose? Let’s give you a hand! There are several types of kitchen tub and to choose the ideal, you need to consider the counter space, whether it will be planned or waiting for the tub. It is also important to think about the type and installation of the faucet, as it is important that the faucet is suitable for this need. Check out more information on the following models!

The sink for kitchen sink with space for drying is ideal for those looking for a cleaner look on the bench.

The built-in drainer in front of the kitchen sink tub gives practicality to the environment.

How about two vats at the ends of the countertop?

Stainless steel kitchenware accessories make everyday life easier.

A golden tub is pure luxury!

Stainless steel is the most traditional material for kitchen vats.

The oval tank holds very large shapes.

The vat in aged tone is very elegant.

The double space facilitates between soaping and rinsing.

The black rise stands out on the wooden bench.

The bowl and bench stand is a real luxury.

The double bowl and sling makes it easier to wash taller pots.

Perfect matching in gray with this beautiful view!

Smaller vats are ideas for those who already own the dishwasher.

The counter was tailor-made to adapt the tub to the corner of the house.

A modern tub has space for washing and drying!

A wide tub is ideal for those who like lots of space!

The tub design modernizes the rustic decor.

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The stainless steel set is simply luxurious.

The deeper tub optimizes the washing and the use of water.

White is certainly a standout!

The tub in bamboo is very original and differentiated.

How about the countertop material being the same as the tub?

In this model, in white, shows total harmony.

The movable faucet reaches the entire space of the large tub.

Bet the accessories to optimize the wash!

In this luxurious kitchen, the tub is the protagonist!

The faucet design is very important to highlight the tub.

The kitchen tub needs to respect the layout of the environment so it does not stand out.

In this model the tap is not inserted in the tank.

The faucet positioned between the two tanks guarantees total reach.

How about the combination of black and stainless in this piece?

The matching faucet with the tub is the perfect assembly to accentuate the contractor with the clear wood countertop.

A lot of elegance and practicality in this double piece that has different spaces.

How about a wooden top to use the tub as a table in the open hours?

The marble can also be used for countertop installation with tub.

Customize the space with accessories according to your needs.

Round vats are very different! Bet to upgrade.

White stands out in this deep, deep tub.

A planned counter is perfect for optimizing the environment.

Mobile faucets are very versatile. Bet on this accessory if you choose a larger tub.

Having room for drying is essential!

The following model optimizes washing and drying by combining two formats into a single tank.

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Bet on stainless steel for any counter model.

The friezes facilitate the draining of the water in the drying.

The sink that fits the cutting board makes it easy to wash food.

Impossible to regret choosing a double tub!

How about a triple tub? Total use of wide benches.

Bet on accessories that facilitate washing and drying.

The square model is traditional and ideal for small environments.

Did you choose your model?