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Wallpaper for Room that will Innovate the Decor with Modernity!
Want to change the environment without spending too much and still ravaging the decor? Bet on a living room wallpaper! Easy to apply and with great durability, the wallpaper stands out in any environment: TV room, living room or dining room, always with a lot of practicality. In this... Read more
50 rooms decorated and inspiring by Twin Babies
Building a baby room is a very difficult task, but adapting to two children requires double care. For those who have difficulty, what is good, is to pick a theme for the decoration, as it will help in the selection of the details of the room. It is important... Read more
How to arrange the plants on the balcony
We have already talked about plants, gardens and balconies here but now we are going to an issue that has to do with decoration and organization of space and plants in it: CHow to fix the plants so that everything looks beautiful and meets the functions that the balcony... Read more
54 Kitchens Black and White Planned with Fascinating Cabinets!
Would you like luxury and sophistication? Bet without fear in a black and white kitchen! The white and black kitchen is a joker to decorate with the most diverse items, it will never go out of style and shows elegance in the smallest details. Check out some amazing models... Read more
Bathroom with Glass Blocks: Lighting and Elegance!
Use glass bricks in the decoration promotes lighting and a touch of elegance. To decorate toilets with glass blocks is a good alternative for dividing wall-shaped spaces, creating the box in a more creative way or even creating “windows” and tilting! Alternatives available in Bathroom Decorations with Glass Blocks... Read more
How to combine rugs, curtains and sofas in practice
I get many doubts about combining rugs, curtains and sofas in the decor. So, it’s good for us to talk even more about it! I will present to you photos of rooms where the choice of carpet was well made and explain why. For a good choice of carpet... Read more
Small balcony decoration – 20 ideas
A small well decorated balcony does not cost much, in general. And it will be much more useful and used, besides valuing your property. I’ve selected 20 good economic ideas, others that need more investment, but it sure is worth it! Get Inspired! Perfect for an industrial style house,... Read more
60 Decorations for Baby Room for Girl and Boy
Looking for an easy-to-design baby room decor? Come with us! Find the complete baby room to be inspired from the cradle wallpaper with everything that fits in the budget. They are cozy and very elegant designs that will give a special air to the room with great affection! Modern... Read more
45 Awesome 3D Wallpaper Templates
With the 3D wallpaper you can add depth and texture to the environment. For the living room and the bedroom, it is worth betting on the 3D wall paper that allows the use of colors and shapes in a more relaxed and unusual way to make the walls are... Read more
Decoration for childrens party
Organizing a children’s party requires a lot of work, as well as preparing the sweets, which you also need to think about the decoration. The small details make the difference and make this event even more enjoyable for children. The first step is to determine the environment in which... Read more
50 Kitchen Vats That Leave Any Sophisticated Sink!
Are you in doubt about which kitchen tub to choose? Let’s give you a hand! There are several types of kitchen tub and to choose the ideal, you need to consider the counter space, whether it will be planned or waiting for the tub. It is also important to... Read more
50 kitchens with Central Island – photos
The kitchen with the central island is very much in demand by people who want to have a practical element in this environment, without neglecting the modern and contemporary style. The reference for this type of kitchen comes from the American style, which has an architecture with generous environments... Read more