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Small bathrooms with simple and cheap decoration Small bathrooms with simple and cheap decoration
I made one more selection, now bathrooms and small toilets with simple and economical decoration. These are ideas you can inspire for that construction... Small bathrooms with simple and cheap decoration

I made one more selection, now bathrooms and small toilets with simple and economical decoration. These are ideas you can inspire for that construction or reform in which, spending little, or less, you want to have a functional and beautiful bathroom or toilet.

TipsDecor rogeria_schmidt

Hexagonal ceramic only in the area where there is contact with water, furniture and mirror bought ready to the counter, wall painting and simple lighting (photo: dicasdecor rogeria_schmidt)

A great expense in decoration is the coatings and custom-made forniture. Another, the labor. Then choose cheaper coatings, such as painting, on all walls that do not have direct contact with water, and furniture already ready, Besides do everything you can do yourself, greatly reduces the work.

bathrooms simple1

(photos: find decoration and see + design)

You can save money on bathroom fittings putting a staircase like these for the towels, for example. If it is possible not to have cabinets (in the lavatories it is usually) put baskets to store some spare items.

bathrooms simple2

(photos: anikasdiylife and arquitrecos)

If the staircase takes up too much space you can do a “Towel rack and shelf” like this. And remember that shelves occupy well qquer free space. Only beware of the hydraulic installations (stick a pipe costs expensive !!)

bathroom furnishings5

O you do it anyway is the order of the day and use casters with wheels also (photos: housebuilding and catracalivre)

bathrooms simple4

When the hydraulic part is well made and the waterproofed wood no problem with contact with water. Old furniture such as the sewing machine and retreaded cabinets give charm to the decoration and joy to the pocket! O cement burned on the wall is still a current and inexpensive way of working the walls and the Adnet type mirror is easy to do – you find many tutorials on the internet (photos: apt704 and casadevalentina Ambienta-Architecture)

aminhacasa pc3aa-of-25mc2b2-a-large-balcony-of-design-c3a9-a-bed-in-mezzanine-bathroom

Again wood, baskets and shelves saving your rich money without making it ugly. At support tanks are the easiest to place (photo: aminhacasa).

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bathroom furniture3

In the bathrooms wallpapers or even lick them are a very valid option. A striking painting on one of the walls and an interesting frame finish well the decoration. In another toilet the countertop was made on the spot and coated with ceramics. The burnt cement completes the rustic and economic style (photos: findings of decoration)

small bathrooms9

THE masonryIf you are building, you can lower the total cost and simplify the project always makes it cheaper. But if you are renovating, one way of making the work very cheap is not to touch the position of the hydraulic part pq change toilet and taps of place is broken, obligatorily (photos: Mrsboho and openhouse)

simple bathrooms11

The toilet can be very clean and even then it will not be that expensive. Just simplify and use the most expensive coatings in small areas. Another idea that is being used more and more is the use of tablets (which gets more expensive) ceramic or porcelanato (cheaper) in the coating of the benches built in the environment. (photos: Architecture of the Property and casaabril)

deardesigner Common-Interior-Design-Mistakes-and-How-to-Avoid-Them-3

Another example (and this current good) of a furniture with wheels and baskets instead of drawers. This is all metal, industrial style type, but even with pvc pipes I’ve seen furniture like this in the bathroom (see this post). Look, too, at the idea of ​​the ribbon of light around the mirror. You can put a ribbon of LEDs to help and cheapen the illumination. (photo: deardesigner)

bathrooms simple6

Speaking of pvc pipes, look what you can do with them and that fits very well in the humid environment of the bathrooms. (photos: yourorganizas)

luckythinkd9cb8e14bd46 - small-bathroom-storage-small-bathroom-decorating

And if you have ability with woodAnyway, it looks like pretty furniture is in this bathroom. He is not small, but what counts is the idea. Put your hand in the dough and save a lot by creating a bathroom or toilet that no one will have the same and, best, spending little anyway! (photo: luckythink)

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