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53 Bathroom Pots That Leave Modern and Sophisticated Decor!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Do you know the pads? They are resistant and easy to clean, a growing trend in projects. A bathroom with modern and sophisticated, even with the adhesive pads which, incidentally, increase even more practicality. Check out several inspiring options below!

The bathroom inserts highlight the decor with elegance.

Small toilets with inserts in detail become more charming.

The whole toilet-lined bathroom looks cute!

What about highlighting small spaces with lighting and pads?

Add vibrant colors through the pads.

Bet on all that is unique!

Shape your bathroom with lozenges.

Bathroom inserts can be of different colors and shapes. Bet on combinations.

Tabs can be used to highlight a wall in the decor.

Want to put color in your bathroom and do not know how? Tablets are the solution!

Modernize your bathroom with gum and soft lighting.

Give sophistication to the small bathroom with sticky pads!

A retro decoration can also count on tablets!

Impossible to resist the bathrooms with pads in the stall!

Lighting and color are efficient ways to make your room more pleasant.

Adhesive bathroom inserts give a special touch and differentiate in detail.

Neutral tones are ideal for restrooms.

Create an ambiance in your large bathroom with inserts that contrast with the rest of the decor.

How about this combination of green in the closet and the box insert?

Colorful inserts give joy to the environment without losing elegance.

Small bathrooms can become sophisticated with glossy inserts.

The adhesive pads for the bathroom are the solution to finish the corners without decoration.

Invest in tablets in the spaces without decoration.

Gray is modern and contemporary.

The combination of lighting and pads are great for highlighting the environment.

How about shades of blue and white? Surely the right choice for the bathroom!

Toilets with pads in the stall will be much easier to keep clean!

Create your own design! Different shape inserts give authenticity to the space.

A vat with tablets will surely be a highlight!

Bathroom inserts can be used to coat both walls and floors.

How about creating distinctive mosaics with the bathroom adhesive pads?

Bet on sparkling tablets to boost your bathroom lighting.

A small bathroom box with inserts gets nicer and more colorful.

The combination of frosted and sparkling inserts gives luxury without exaggeration.

Choose the most eye-catching! The bathroom insert can be the prominent item in the decoration.

Choose inserts that value the space of the environment.

The highlight in the bathroom decor is the box insert.

The small bathroom will be much cozier with colorful inserts.

Tablets are decor items! Use to highlight details.

A sophisticated bathroom will have the ideal finish with any choice of lozenge.

Bold and unique! Risk without fear to have a unique corner.

The combination of tones in the box insert leaves the bathroom with sober tones more fun.

The black and white décor comes alive with a colorful wall.

Pastilles can be used to create amazing designs!

Bet the bathroom insert combination!

Black inserts will add a touch of refinement to your bathroom.

Create highlights with inserts.

Shades of gray will never go out of style! Harmonize the space with the right lighting.

The colored tablets are the touch of life that was missing.

Toilets with inserts in the box will be modern in any color!

Enjoy the inserts to complement the touch of color of your bathroom.

This lit candle in the bathroom box reminds you, how much luxury!

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48 Sofa Colors to Match with Any Decor!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Brown, gray, blue, beige, it does not matter: there are no rules when choosing sofa colors for your living room! How about 48 different options? Check here some sofa color tips that will fit your decor, joining the useful to the pleasant when choosing the ideal furniture for your environment. In addition to comfort and size, this is another important point that should be taken into consideration!

The gray color is modern and adapts to various styles of decoration.

Baby pink leaves the environment softer.

Larger models are ideal in large environments, turquoise blue stands out in the decor.

Earthy shades fall very well in combination with raw wood.

The gray combined with the carpet brown leaves the room more sophisticated.

Neutral tones are good choices for those who prefer coloring with cushions.

A modern room asks for a light gray sofa.

A clear sofa can be decorated with more eye-catching throw pillows.

The highlight in the living room is the navy blue sofa. The bright fabric illuminates the intense color.

Bet on basic tones that go with everything.

Bring the sofas to life in neutral colors with colorful cushions.

The leather sofa is rustic and charming.

The turquoise green combined with the aged rose gives a retro touch.

How about a sofa with vertical stripes?

The aged rose falls super well with any shade of green.

The blue pool stands out in white environments.

This blue jeans sofa is super modern and cozy.

Neutral-colored sofas never go out of style.

The brown tile combined with gold accents is pure elegance.

Sofa cover is a creative way to change color with little expense.

The yellow stands out in the environment!

Here, the rose also takes over and stands out.

Dark shades look great in bright places.

Modernize your space by betting on turquoise blue!

The black leather is always very elegant.

What about this delicate and practical idea?

Create cozy spaces by betting on color contrast.

Enjoy spaces without losing the charm.

Orange innovates the industrial decoration.

Sober colors are excellent in retro decorations.

Who resists the contrast of navy blue?

The combination of white and blue gives a nautical feel to the environment.

Leave the color for the pillows so you can change more often.

Bet on cute tones to make your environment more enjoyable.

A sofa with chaise is guaranteed comfort.

Enhance a basic sofa with different cushions.

The white leather is simply sophisticated!

Highlight your small living room with a colorful sofa.

Brown is a sure bet!

The tiffany green leaves your room much more sophisticated.

The lighting also contributes in color, bet in soft light.

Combine modern colors to ensure the beauty of the room.

A neutral tone will never lose its charm!

Combine different colors of sofa and armchairs.

Black and red talk very well.

Bluish tones are contemporary.

The red sofa is a mess in the modern decor.

Leave the environment more romantic by adding details and baby pink on the neutral sofa.

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Time to ensure a warm bath – Everything about the gas heater


When the temperature goes down, the best thing is a relaxing bath … So this is the best time for you to ensure you have the most tasty and economical hot bath in your home. With the light bill on the heights and the drawbacks and occasional shocks of the electric shower, it’s time to seriously think of one gas heater.

With it you can also end the torture of dishwasher with that cold water in the coldest, have you thought about it?


(That nothing! This is only for those who do not have gas heater!) – Photo: almanaquesos

I have been many years and I do not change at all! Why am I going to change the comfort and economy I have with this equipment that still has a useful life of more than 10 years?

And now I’m going to take all your doubts so that you have, next winter, the pleasure of a gas heater and still save your rich buck!

1) How does the gas heater work?

Synthesizing, see the drawing below:


You hardly need to explain, do you? But the water passes through this copper “pipe” (serpentine) which is heated by the gas fire (burner) and I came out warm on the other side. And this happens as soon as the heater “feels” that there is cold water passing (automatic activation) because you opened some hot water register (faucet or shower). Everything is very fast and the water is warm soon.


Gas heaters in digital models

There are models where you control the height of the flame and the amount of water coming in – so you change the temperature of the water. On the other hand, gas heaters the younger ones are digital: You inform the temperature you want and it controls everything. They are more efficient and even safer. The two models also have equipment with different capacities to serve from a house with only one shower to another that has several points of hot water used at the same time.

2) What are the necessary facilities?

Firstly, you need to know if your home or apartment is prepared for a gas heater.

There should be a tubing that carries cold water to the heater and hot water from the heater to the points where you will use it, in addition to the specific gas point for the heater. gas heater.


In addition, there should be a permanent ventilation point (always open out of the house) near where the heater will be and a larger pipe for the exhaust (similar to that used for exhausting the hoods).

Not having this facility – and even if it already exists – it is very important that you hire qualified personnel to do it, if necessary, and to install your gas heater exactly in accordance with the standards of your city’s gas supplier, if applicable, according to the rules of your condominium. Security is vital!


Example of a good installation

3) What about day-to-day care and maintenance?

To further enhance your economy, comfort and safety, the following points are important:

– Adjust the temperature of your heater so that you do not need to open the cold water to “regulate” the water. After all, it does not make sense for you to spend gas to heat the water that will then cool, right?


-Observe the color of the flame in the heater. It must be blue. If you notice flames in different colors it is good to have a review with a reliable technical service.

-As with all equipment and especially equipment dealing with gas and fire, gas heaters need a good periodic overhaul. Correctly follow all instructions from the manufacturer of your gas heater and the gas utility in the city where you live.

4) Where can I find more information about gas heaters?

Of course this post presents general and not detailed information, but I will recommend a great site where you will find – besides selling the best gas heaters on the market (for all Brazil) and offering all kinds of service installation and maintenance (for Sao Paulo) with online quote – all the answers and clarifications for your doubts:

It is the site of AQUECENORTE, which has a highly specialized team serving homes and companies. On the blog you will find lots of information, including some cool ebooks that explain everything in detail. Download this one that gives tips on how to choose the best gas heater for your home. and stay on top of the subject.

See too AQUECENORTE’s customer reviews on Google for you to imagine the level of services provided by it.

hot water works

(photo: asuaobra)

I, if I were you, would go and ensure a much more pleasant and economical bath for you and your family! They will love it!

25 Office Models with Library Decorated

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Embed the office with a private library in your house is a great request! An library integrated to the office it can be possible through planned cabinets, shelves, shelves, in short, everything that fits in the decoration of the office and that allows the correct accommodation of all your books!

35 Folding Tables That Can Also Be Installed in Walls!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

Have you run out of table space? There is a very practical option that will enchant you: folding table! The folding table, which can also be wall, can be used in the kitchen, but adapts to any corner of the house, changing its usefulness in a functional way. Inspire yourself here with some models!

The foldable wall desk camouflages very well in planned environments.

Panels are great for folding tables.

Enjoy spaces! This table was positioned under the niche.

How about this closet with folding table?

Some folding tables become sideboards when closed.

This folding wooden table stands out for being of a natural tone.

In white, the folding kitchen table blends in with any type of décor!

Compose the wall pictures with table and benches.

This folding iron table is super sturdy and beautiful.

Versatile closet that turns a nice little table.

Bet on colorful folding tables will become a decorative item.

A good method to harmonize the environment is to turn the cabinet door into a desk.

The more functional the better! Enjoy the foot of the table for storage.

Two or four places? Choose the folding kitchen table as you prefer!

Breakfast tables look great in wall cabinets.

Folding table with stools is ideal for those who also do not have space for chairs.

How about that folding iron table with wall bracket?

Make your space more functional with this wheel table.

Folding wooden table is graceful, composes small environments like balconies.

The round table does not occupy corners when open. Excellent choice for tight kitchens.

A discreet way of inserting the folding table.

The cabinet that turns folding kitchen table is a useful alternative.

Colored tables are a charm and make up the environment.

Invest in a folding table with stools, your room will be more organized.

Efficient ideas improve the working of your space.

The house is happier when the environment is harmonized.

External areas also become more functional with folding wall tables.

Enjoy the modern decor to insert the table in the closet.

Planned folding tables set the mood appropriately without losing elegance.

Need a touch of fun in the kitchen? Choose a colored coffee table.

Break the tone of the décor with a folding wooden table.

Tables that save your space and still decorate!

Do not have an office at home? Try a folding wall table.

How about this multipurpose space?

Folding study table is a good outlet and fits any room.

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