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Garden care for autumn Garden care for autumn
You who love Gardening as I know the needs of plants change in every season, right? But, do you know how to take care... Garden care for autumn

You who love Gardening as I know the needs of plants change in every season, right? But, do you know how to take care of their needs in the autumn?

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This is a milder period without many inclement weather but also produces challenges for our little plants. Let’s get the tips?

1. Pruning: with the exception of plants that will bloom or fruit in this period, you should do a cleaning pruning, correction of plant formation (especially shrubs), elimination of diseased parts, etc. As you prune, seal the cuts with sealant paste or a mix of propolis and cinnamon (for woody plants). The rest do not need to be sealed. Prefer to prune on the waning moon because the sap will be more concentrated in the roots. If you have questions about this you can ask us.

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(photo: brcondos)

2. Watering: decrease watering. Since the climate is milder, the water wear is much less. Always water in the early morning.

1- watering

3. Fertilization: prefer fertilization rich in potassium to better protect your plants and prepare it for the winter. Examples: crushed eggshells, wood ash (free of salt), coffee husks or rich chemical fertilizers and potassium (K).

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4. Gramado: Keep the height of 4cm and do not leave pruning trimmings on it.


(photo: decorandocasas)

5. Pests and Diseases: be aware of the onset of any pest or disease such as fungi and mites. Try to recognize the problem and solve it quickly before it spreads. The use of copper sulfate is a good option.

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(photo: huertodeortega with Simple Translation)

6. Cluster Division: now is the time to create new seedlings by clump division. Example: Agapanto, Snake beard, Dianela, Lily, Chlorophyte, Ajuga, etc. See what you have there in your garden and what gives to make division of clump.


7. Location changes: if you plan to change or transplant species such as shrubs, palms or trees in formation, the moment is now, during this mild climate.

2 Corners with vases

8 – Floríferas: if you want flowers in this season, plant: primroses, eleven o’clock, pansy, peace lily, gerbera, beautiful emily, daisy, anthurium, sunpatiens, etc..


What’s up? Are you excited? It does not matter if your garden is large or small, if it is just a vase, remember to apply the tips I left here, so you will have many reasons to rejoice.

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If you liked, enjoy, comment and share. And always want, send questions.