Decoration for your dog


I selected some ideas for cottages and cabins for dogs of all sizes. Some have step-by-step photos and they have different degrees of difficulty, from those of the do-it-yourself type to those that the skilled can do more easily. Show it to your puppy and see which one he likes best. And then, let’s get going!


A delight for the cooler times that many dogs will love. And it’s just a cushion with an open fold. Really simple (Photo: Etsy)

HOMEMADEMODERN hmm_ep78_copperbikebasket_option2

To take a wave on the bike, made with copper pipes. The background is a simple painted wood (photo: Homemademodern)


If you have a straw chair that you can not use it for, this “throne” is cool: Just remove your feet and put on a cozy pillow (Photo: homeremediesrx)


A soft mattress with a “support” to rest your head looking at the landscape (Photo: limaonaagua)


This is for anyone who has a disused dresser. The drawer turns into a walkway (Photo: tuacasa)

lifeannstyle Pinterest-1024x875

Simple, cute and easy to make with fair box (photo: lifeannstyle)


If you have yard, space and a bigger dog, why not a house with a balcony? (Photo: prakticideas)


The fashion of the green ceiling arrived in the dogs’ house! The cool thing is that it lowers the temperature inside (I did not save where I took the photo.) Who knows, please let me know!

diyshowoff DIY-Parasol-Dresser-Drawer-Pet-Bed

It is a simple drawer where feet were placed, a mattress and a long cushion. But the charm is undeniable (Photo: diyshowoff)


To make this walk with an old T-shirt follow the steps below (Photos: handimania)




Have you thought about bunk beds for dogs? Then there are 2! (Photos: imagui)


And finally a walk with wood (can be pallet, well treated) and a walks style network with 4 points of support. I found it very different and for those who have some experience, not difficult wall to do just watching the photos. (photos: diyjoy and FurnitureFashion)

Saw? Ideas for everyone! Let’s give comfort and affection to this friend !!!

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