9 ways to distribute furniture for a couple and a baby in a 3 x 3 bedroom


It is not the best situation and you will not find miraculous solutions. A 3m x 3m room should be the minimum for the comfort of a couple, but currently the new middle-class ventures have less than that! And when the family grows, or for want of another space or for some time, often the baby stays in the couple’s room.

fourth old

A long time ago I made a post talking about it and I designed these 3 distribution possibilities in a room with the most common door and window positioning. At the time I used furniture with the following measures:

baby room 3x3 baby3

(in relation to this distribution see what I say below on the air currents, which can be dangerous for the baby depending on the characteristics of your room)

Now I bring some more forms of distribution and I chose furniture in more common sizes in the market (in some I had to reduce the size of the dresser a little bit). Of course if you find smaller furniture can, for example, add a minimum chair for breastfeeding (which is much missed, but can – leaving to be desired in comfort – be a small, lightweight chair to be moved with ease. That’s why I did not draw it.

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 1aa

Benefits: a) It is possible to place a chair / armchair for breastfeeding between the bed and the wardrobe. b) The crib is well protected from drafts and excessive external brightness. c) Circulation is reasonable. Disadvantages: a) Bed leaning against the wall – Placing a panel of wood or similar between the wall and the bed improves a lot. And you can change the position of the cradle / exchanger with the wardrobe:

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 1ba

Another important thing that can be added if you downsize some of these furniture is a bedside table on the two sides of the bed. I also did not put it because I focused on the essential: Crib and chest of drawers with changing table. But think about it.

perfect kids5

Do not forget to use the walls in a functional way (photo: Perfect order)

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 2a1

Benefits: a) Better positioned bed (only the headboard on the wall). b) It is possible to put either a bedside table or a nursing chair between the bed and the wardrobe (it will mess up when opening the wardrobe, but it’s worth it). Disadvantage: The crib, even changing places with the dresser, is more subject to drafts (from the window to the door), which you can improve by changing the place wardrobe with the crib / changer:

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 2b1

(the differences in the measurements of the left are due only to the distance between the bedside table and the bed that I have varied and now that I have seen …).

pincsunday baby-room-theme-cloud-28-730x730

(chair or very small armchair may disrupt the circulation, but it is super important for your comfort (photo: pincsunday)

Attention: I avoided distributions that place the cradle or the exchanger below the window like the one I did in the previous post – there would be more shapes, but this is a of the worst positions of the crib / exchanger for the baby: It is subject to the variations of the luminosity of the exterior and blows of wind. If you want to do this, pay attention to the blinds and / or window blinds. Close them when changing the baby, at night or when there is a lot of sun / wind.


Sometimes it’s how it can be. With the crib at the front of the window the care with curtains and blinds should be redoubled (photo: closetdare)

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 3a1

The same as above, only with the bed upside down. And again you can change the position of the wardrobe with the cradle / changer (below). Benefits: a) You can put a bedside table on both sides. b) The crib is protected from the air circulation. Disadvantage: Maybe you can put a chair between the bed and the wardrobe but it will be tight and subject to blows.

Daily Dream Decorthe-princesses-castle-nursery

A decoration that is not too “childish” makes the room look very interesting (Photo: Daily Dream Decor)

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 3b1

Advantage: In this configuration the crib is even more protected and it is easier to place a nursing chair between the bed and the door … even being a bad position.

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 41

Advantage: a) You can have a bedside table on the two sides of the bed. b) The bed is not against the wall. c) Circulation is reasonable. Disadvantages: Placing the exchanger next to the crib will prevent access to the window and the wardrobe and is a bad place. I think it would be better to have a breastfeeding armchair in this space. Although the baby stays longer in the armchair than the exchanger, the point is that he is more unprotected when he is being changed.

QUARTOcasalebebe3x3 5111

And finally, this is a possibility for those who want to have a good breastfeeding armchair with space around. It can be between the dresser / changing table and the bed. Just not great because the exchanger is too close to the window.

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