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58 Carpets for Double Bedroom, Kids and Singles! 58 Carpets for Double Bedroom, Kids and Singles!
Nothing so nice as putting your bare feet on a cuddly rug when we wake up! The floor mats are ideal for preventing foot... 58 Carpets for Double Bedroom, Kids and Singles!

Nothing so nice as putting your bare feet on a cuddly rug when we wake up! The floor mats are ideal for preventing foot cooling and ensuring warmth the environment. If you still have doubts about including a carpet in your bedroom decor, in this post we will show you irresistible models to end any indecision! Check out child and double bedroom carpets, crocheted carpets, doormats and more!

Geometric prints are super modern for the double bedroom carpet!

A more industrial environment becomes cozy with a linen rug.

Crochet rug is unique and gives a delicate touch to the girl’s room.

A luxurious rug leaves the room very sophisticated.

The round shape is perfect to highlight the rug.

An ample rug of neutral color leaves the room contemporary.

How about a different print?

Open fibers make it easy to clean.

The neutral rug is a discreet decor item.

Are you looking for something modern? Bet on large carpets with sober tones.

Shag rug is the perfect choice for a cozy bedroom!

Smaller sizes are ideal for bed side.

Prints always leave the original atmosphere.

It is important to balance the environment with a little color.

Discrete prints give the ideal finish to the mat for the couple’s bedroom.

Differentiated formats are very unique.

O rug keeps the room colorful neutral.

One worked in relief highlights the neutral rug.

Nothing cozier for the children’s room than a thick rug.

Cheerful prints are ideal for young people.

Use the environmentally friendly stripes.

In your princess’s bedroom, a heart-shaped rug is just perfect.

A large bedroom asks for a large rug. Highlight with luxurious prints.

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The black and white rug gives sophistication to the couple’s bedroom.

How to resist a white mat rug?

The rug with a print, besides comfortable, is very elegant.

Round shape is ideal for small rooms.

A modern environment works very well with a composition of carpets.

The contrast of the navy blue bed with the white shag rug is simply enthralling.

Bet on black and white to make the decor without making a mistake!

Neutral colors will never go out of style.

For a darker floor, choose a lighter carpet shade.

A luxurious bedroom blends perfectly with a large rug.

The dark carpet contrasts with the light floor.

The environment is well harmonized with the neutral carpet.

The carpet gives a perfect finish to the decor.

Highlight the environment with a striped rug.

The black mixed with the tones already used in the decoration emphasizes the carpet.

The combination of cozy rug with fun rug leaves the room childlike Perfect.

The sisal rug leaves the environment comfortable and neutral.

The patterned carpet is a highlight in the decor!

The yellow tone harmonizes with the painting of the room.

Pink leaves the room very romantic and feminine.

Bet on a neutral rug so you do not miss the decor.

Give elegance to the room of the couple without losing the modernity with a rug.

Soft tone prints are ideal for those who do not seek attention, but look for a little color.

The brightly colored carpet enhances the mood.

Red stands out in the environment.

The round carpet demarcates the table space.

The rug harmonizes with the rustic details.

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The carpet accompanying the tones of the bed gives balance to the room.

The carpet’s gray tone blends well with the details of the room.

The combination of three small rugs makes it easy to clean.

The carved rug harmonizes with the wallpaper on the ceiling.

The Persian style is elegant and never goes out of style.

The combination of shades of blue on the rug mat ensures the comfort of the room. See below for a practical explanation of carpet size and placement for the room.

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