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20 ideas to create meal space in small kitchen 20 ideas to create meal space in small kitchen
O kitchen space planning it’s very important. Even more so when she is small. And a fast-food corner in the kitchen is valuable in... 20 ideas to create meal space in small kitchen

O kitchen space planning it’s very important. Even more so when she is small. And a fast-food corner in the kitchen is valuable in the day-to-day running that almost everyone has. That’s why I selected these 20 noodle noodle ideas in the small kitchen

architectureeconstruction img_6723

(photo: architectureconstruction)

Typical of the current small kitchens, the hallway kitchen is very narrow and usually everything is placed on one wall. But it is possible to have something narrow on the empty wall, like this “little table” that – see the mechanism at the bottom – occupies almost no space when not used. The benches can be left in another compartment or you can buy armchairs from those that are stuck to the wall, what’s up?


(photo: Foundedecoration)

If the kitchen has a little more width and you can afford to have a free space of cabinets (at least at the bottom) you can have a table that is more comfortable – it can be foldable too

asarquitetas CA_7023-1-533x800

(photo: asarquitetas)

Another space that can be created in a kitchen a little less narrow. And look at the drawers below


(photo: decor)

Similar idea for a small square kitchen. The turquoise-colored seats still add a touch of color to the kitchen in black and white

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(photo: decor)

Next to the refrigerator. Just give up some cabinets


(photo: decor)

Runner kitchens that have a wider part at the entrance allow a table like this … But if this space is smaller use the previous idea in this space, for example


(photo: habitissimo)

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Kitchens that have a countertop separating them from the living room can have a dining space and even that can be used as a small dining table. At the idea above what worried me was the microwave in this very uncomfortable position … But having this space below you can put the seats in it


(photo: histiasdecasas)

The small countertop was stretched and turned into a small table

verychique kitchen countertops-2017-122-865x649

(photo: verychique)

Again the space that could have cabinets is used for a good dining table. If you do not have much to save is a great option

verychique countertops-kitchen-2017-160-865x1068

(photo: verychique)

A small space, a simple workbench and ready


(photo: decor)

The table divides the kitchen from the living room


(photo: projectshabitissimo)

Tailor-made and functional workbench: The table is embedded in the furniture when it is not used

Below are ideas similar to the ones already shown above


(photo: projectshabitissimo)

projects habitissimo slate-in-the-wall-kitchen-1851663

(photo: projectshabitissimo)


(photo: projectshabitissimo)

The treatment of the area with lighting, glass, lacquer, wood and beautiful chairs transformed the corner


(photo: revistacasalinda)

This table that you can not understand very well, gave me the idea of ​​one that can be folded up when it is not used

earth simple-stools-low-to-kitchen-of-wood

(photo: earth)

This works for kitchens that have a wider entrance. And the table is very close, can be placed on the bench, in the corner, when not being used, you see?

Below 2 more kitchens with this most common solution

tuacasa porcelanato-madeira-23

(photo: tuacasa)


(photo: tuacasa)

vmdesignblogg A-Gamers-Dream-15-850x1133

(photo: vmdesignblogg)

Lastly, this solution does not need bespoke furniture. Just choose a trimmer that fits in the space (better still if it is free underneath because you can put the seats there

I hope some of the solutions above inspire you and you have this nice little corner to have even in a small kitchen.