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+50 Solid, Light or Dark Wooden Baby Rooms to Inspire!
Massive, light or dark, it does not matter: if you look for a contemporary decoration without losing the sophistication, bet in a baby baby room! The baby’s room is a special room that needs to be planned with love and the wood brings a special touch of warmth and... Read more
Decoration for your dog
I selected some ideas for cottages and cabins for dogs of all sizes. Some have step-by-step photos and they have different degrees of difficulty, from those of the do-it-yourself type to those that the skilled can do more easily. Show it to your puppy and see which one he... Read more
Garden care for autumn
You who love Gardening as I know the needs of plants change in every season, right? But, do you know how to take care of their needs in the autumn? (photo: mage of 9883074 by pixabay) This is a milder period without many inclement weather but also produces challenges... Read more
Decoration – Color combination in practice
I’ve talked a lot about how to choose and match the colors used in the decoration. But there are always doubts and more to talk about and in this series “Choosing the colors of the decoration in practice” I have been showing and modifying the colors of environments to... Read more
9 ways to distribute furniture for a couple and a baby in a 3 x 3 bedroom
It is not the best situation and you will not find miraculous solutions. A 3m x 3m room should be the minimum for the comfort of a couple, but currently the new middle-class ventures have less than that! And when the family grows, or for want of another space... Read more