Month: May 2019

20 ideas to create meal space in small kitchen

O kitchen space planning it’s very important. Even more so when she is small. And a fast-food corner in the kitchen is valuable in the day-to-day running that almost everyone has. That’s why I selected these 20 noodle noodle ideas in the small kitchen (photo: architectureconstruction) Typical of the current small kitchens, the hallway kitchen […]

53 Bathroom Pots That Leave Modern and Sophisticated Decor!

Do you know the pads? They are resistant and easy to clean, a growing trend in projects. A bathroom with modern and sophisticated, even with the adhesive pads which, incidentally, increase even more practicality. Check out several inspiring options below! The bathroom inserts highlight the decor with elegance. Small toilets with inserts in detail become […]

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