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Sliding Doors for Bedroom: Modern and Elegant Models!

Decoração de Casa - Idéias e dicas inspiradoras

THE sliding door to bedroom is a great bet for anyone who wants or needs save space at home. In addition, the sliding door to bedroom can still be a great article for the House decoration, depending on the model you choose! Here are some stylish and stylish options and get inspired for your project!

This sliding door is made of solid wood and is finished in the same material.

Here, the choice was this lacquered wood door, with mirror, to divide the bedroom and the closet.

How about this solid wood sheet door with a contrasting colored rail?

For a more modern and futuristic look, this mirrored door with steel finish is perfect.

In closed tones, the wooden sliding door gives a more serious finish to the project.

This door with sculpted diamonds gives more texture to the outer wall of the room.

Here, the rustic door complements the bucolic design of the house.

Colored toned doors help give an up on cleaner decorations.

Here, the translucent horizontal windows add more bossa to the white door.

The material chosen for the door accompanies the rest of the decoration.

A good alternative is to include a mirror in the sliding door to give more space.

In the case of this door, the rail is built-in, not impacting the visual.

Translucent doors bring a lot of sophistication and air of mystery to space.

Here, the sliding door is not merely a supporting part of the decor.

The metallic steel rail makes all the difference on this sliding door.

The set of shapes of this door accompanying the painting in the room next door was also incredible in this project!

Pieces of hardwood speak for themselves in the decoration, as in the case of that sliding door.

Another beautiful application of solid wood + mirror indoors.

With reflective material, this sliding door brings a different proposal rail.

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