Offices in the TV Room: 36 Ways to Build and Decorate

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An TV room can be perfectly integrated with an office. For set up an office in the living room just bet on the right furniture. Often, a bench or desk is just behind the couch! Drawers and organizers are essential to maintaining the organization. Decorative items and special lighting help give the finishing touch to your home office in the living room!

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Have you ever thought you could separate a corner of your living room to set up this office? Check below how to make one.
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Office in the room

Before you start thinking about setting up your office in the living room, you must demystify the idea that an office should be an enclosed room where there are a table, chairs and books.


Of course a separate environment is perfect, but with the diminution of the size of the houses, having this space became luxury item. But having an office is not luxury, having an office is ideal.

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Thinking about furniture

Just as your television should occupy a special space, reserve a special space for your mini office, after booking this space, look for a furniture that fits with your decor and space.

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A small table, desk-type is ideal, look for one that has drawers, so you avoid leaving loose papers on the table. On top of this table, the ideal is to have a note pad and a pen holder.

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The chair can be one that matches the table, but in case you do not want to put it, it is not necessary, you can pick up a chair from the dining table, or even have a stool.

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However, the stool is not recommended when you spend a lot of time sitting working in your mini office.

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Lighting Tip

Another tip for those who will set up their office in the room is always important to think about how to light up the workplace. If you do a lighting project, try to put a light in the office space in case you can not touch the lighting, no problem.

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You can buy a table lamp and put it in a way that it does not bother people in the room when it is turned on.

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Check out more photos to get inspired to set up your office!

Now that you already know where to start putting your office in the room, it’s time to separate the space and assemble your space in the living room!

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