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My trip to Europe – Part 5 – Lisbon My trip to Europe – Part 5 – Lisbon
And finally I reach the end of my trip: Lisbon. And I will tell you: I should have separated more days for this beautiful... My trip to Europe – Part 5 – Lisbon

And finally I reach the end of my trip: Lisbon. And I will tell you: I should have separated more days for this beautiful and welcoming city, which won my heart still on the plane.


25 de Abril Bridge, which connects Lisbon to Almada, view of the plane, on arrival in Lisbon.

But I know I’m coming back with more time. Meanwhile, let’s see what I saw in only 2 days

First of all, I would like to thank and recommend the InSuitesChiado, especially the Sérgio Ferreira, who was another angel, helping me with tips, hosting pampering in a tasty, cozy, super well positioned and at a great price. I stayed in Chiado, in this study here with a full kitchen (economy and comfort is always good, right? And the reality is identical to the photos) and close to many sights, but quiet at night and safe (all good!) and just to see I was homesick! But they have many others in the best areas of Lisbon and Algarve.


Leaving the Ap and walking almost nothing I arrived at Santa Justa Elevator. Beautiful views of the city (Pedestrian area is the area that the staff does on foot kkkk!)


The square is the one of D. Pedro IV (our D. Pedro I, you know that?), better known as Rossio


Look at her at night.


Also close by, going by Justa or going up a little street, is the Carmo Church and Convent built in the 14th century and almost destroyed in the great earthquake of 1755. What remained is beautiful, imposing and melancholic.


I also went to have coffee and see books on the Bertrand Bookstore, the oldest in the world still in operation.


O famous 28 passes close by and is a great request to get to know (tiring less with the little bumps …) many sights of the city.


Walking I also came to Commerce Square, or Terreiro do Paço, which was the home of the kings of Portugal for a time. This behind me is the arch of Augusta Street, inaugurated in 1875. Behind him stands the CHANGE IT (Museum of Design and Fashion), which was under construction (I.e. The square is facing the Tejo River and is huge, one of the largest in Europe.


O Tejo River (he’s really big!) with bridge 25 april there at the bottom and to the left, the King Christ – like our Christ the Redeemer, which is in Almada.


Walking a little more, I came to the Town Hall Square. The old one Church of St. Julian is, in fact, today the Banco de Portugal, the Money Museum. The restoration of this church seems to me a very nice job, which you can see here. And you have this video. The “tree” is solar energy capturing device to charge cell phones …


THE Brasileira do Chiado, is a famous café (it has its history here), founded in 19 of November of 1905 in the Garrett Street, near the Largo do Chiado, also near my ap. It is where the famous statue of Fernando Pessoa stands …

Well, but going further, as I did not have much time, I took one of those buses open for a ride and met, unfortunately in a very superficial way:


Monastery of the Jeronimos


Gave time to eat a Bethlehem cake (delicious !!!)


I saw the Belém Tower from afar


And the Monument to the Navigators

No way, People !! I have to go back!!!

Thank you for having accompanied my trip. I love sharing!

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