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My trip to Europe – Part 4 – Vatican My trip to Europe – Part 4 – Vatican
And continuing this sharing of my trip to Europe with you, now I will speak and show you a little of the Vatican. Although... My trip to Europe – Part 4 – Vatican

And continuing this sharing of my trip to Europe with you, now I will speak and show you a little of the Vatican. Although it is so close to the hotel where I stayed I was able to walk (do not go because you will be walking there soooo much), to be the smallest country in the world and I have stayed there only a few hours, it is a country and what an important country, folks?

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To walk, if you are in the historical part of the city of Rome, you should cross the Tevere, which is a pleasure (would do it every day!). I have already shown in the post about Rome the St. Peter’s Basilica view from Tevere. In the photo above, part of the Isola Tiberina, the only urban island in the Tiber (or Tevere). I’m passing by the Garibaldi bridge and photographing in the opposite direction of the Vatican this time.


I went to Vatican Museums. In fact, one can not know where one ends and another begins in that crowded and open-mouthed walk all the way – due to the beauty, grandeur, quality and quantity of works of art of all kinds: sculptures, tapestries, porcelain, floors, ceilings, finally: Everything is art, history … Where you look sees a wealth of centuries and centuries accumulated. Learn more about them here. Go look at the photos to get a clue! It seems to be the meeting of the world’s largest accumulators of works … seriously. It is wonderful.


We go out walking and looking and photographing what can – many people, speaking all languages ​​…


Endless corridors and rooms and more rooms, many that you can not enter, just see from the outside:


Only the ceilings … if you go silly you see nothing but them


Look at the size and complexity of this


And I found myself in a crack with a big band-aid! Meeedo! lol


I have a few photos … I think I hit the record by minute.


And the end of the tour is the Sistine Chapel, which is in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope – we do not even realize why everything is connected. But the Chapel can not be photographed – there was a priest there who was very serious and giving enthusiasm to all who tried. I swore she was huge, but no. It is one of the simplest and smallest environments, if you can call it an entire environment painted by Michelangelo, Rafael, Bernini and Sandro Botticelli, and others … kkkk!


(The floors! Imagine the madness: Look up, look down, look at the sides and try not to lose anything – which is impossible – along with a small crowd!)

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And simply the visit accumulates us of visions of things that we can not know what they are – I think it would take months … Anyway, it’s worth seeing … I’m kind of confused and thinking that I was in a troubled and beautiful dream … Then we went to St. Peter’s Square – heat of about 40 degrees, people everywhere and a monstrous queue to enter the Basilica. After all, it is pure emotion to see something so grand and historical.



A special place, full of faith, history, architecture, art, wealth.