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And our editor of Gardening and Landscaping has one more easy to care for you !!! It’s Texas Grass! Come and see!

One of the darling species of the moment is the Texas Grass (Pennisetum setaceum), which is not actually from Texas, it is from Africa and Asia.


Look at Márcia’s little beauty with a copy of Texas Grass!

This foliage species is charming, elegant and striking in the garden forming beautiful or isolated masses.


2 texas grass cultivars

It is perennial and rustic. Fluttering, it creates movement with the bouncing of the winds and does not go unnoticed with its inflorescence in the form of feathers and very ornamental.


It can also be used for erosion control. There are several cultivars with different colors such as red, green, purplish and leaves with blades and thinner or wider.


(photos: Casaabril and Floriculture São Luiz)

With caring?

Must be plant under Full Sun. It goes well on any kind of soil like acid, alkaline, dry, moist or poor.


(Left photo: Luciana Leal)

Drastic prunings reinvigorate budding. It tolerates frosts and even burns.


(photos: blogdecorandoonline and casaejardim)

One caution: buy sterile seedlings, this will prevent the emergence of unwanted budding and becoming invasive.


(photos: Free Market)

If you liked, enjoy, comment and share. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


(left photo: casaejardim)

Marcia Nassrallah

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