Cat Decoration – 16 Ideas

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A selection with 16 ideas to make your kittens happy. After all, they make us happy, do not we? Studies show that living with animals like cats and dogs do good to the human being … How could it be different? So when you think of the decor, think of your pets! Inspire yourself in these ideas.

tresstudio 8

Tents are a trend in decorating children’s bedrooms … Why not use them for your kitten to play and sleep and play? The important thing is to have a very solid structure fixing the 3 pillars (which can be made of wood, pvc pipes, etc.). Photo: tresstudio

Without any money and wanting to please the pet? Look at these ideas:

diquets snoozepal-hammock-l

Cats do not care about glamor! They want to be happy! But how do you want to make it beautiful in your house, just caprichar in the finish! (Photo: diquets)

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Boxes of cardboard, crates of fair – everything can become party and rest for the pets

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If you have a way with felt it will not be difficult to make this “nest”. They will love it! (photo: vaivanat)

Are you going to reform? Think Pets!

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If you’re doing a makeover, how about creating some shelves / shelves that they can play with? The second picture shows an idea with pipes and wood. (photos: fernandaguizi and Homepolish)

More ideas for walking, socializing and joking


A basket to transport the pet with the greatest comfort and, for those who have crochet skills, this “little house” is super decorative, in addition to please your kitten. (photos: stranamasterov and minhacasaminhacara)

hauspanther CatCastlesHowToBook2

Super simple and very nice for pets. You can do with cardboard and cover with textured fabric like these (Photo: hauspanther)

cats _-_ box_of_areia_arquitrecos_via_bhg

A very simple little mobile that you can fit in the service area or kitchen and that solves everything for your kitten (photo: bhg)


This is just for fun. The structure with wires embedded in the fabric are fun to be sure. To complete, place a pompom at the ends. The cool thing is that you can save without taking up space. (photo: limaonaagua)

catracalivre 9145-1406316935-1

Suction cups, wires, a “tray” that can be made with pvc pipes and fabric and a soft cushion. And you can take it to different places whenever you want. (photo: catracalivre)

cats 4

A simple bag in a very cozy fabric (they love things like that, do not they?). The other idea is to use a pot of plants as a little house for the pet. In this case the plant and its real pot will be at the top (or you can use artificial plant). Photos: thezenofmaking and tuacasa)

Architects Elenaraa6605630c6d7

Adventurous cats camping in your living room, how about? With wood or cardboard and fabric or plastic you easily create this tent that they will love. (photo: architects)

So let’s make the kittens happier?

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