A little corner for crafts at home


And a challenge in ever smaller environments: Get a space to exercise your handiwork, whether as a hobby or professionally. I selected some ideas for workspaces and material organization. Get inspired and get to work!

manual1A little piece of the room near the window. Here you will see that using the walls, hanging everything you need to be at hand is crucial!

manual2Plates of perforated eucatex, hooks, shelves, wires, all this is very welcome. If there is space, a single workbench can be office or study space and sewing area or other crafts. If there is no room to divide, the business is to split the time.

manual3Wires of various sizes have numerous functions. I found it cool to support big rolls of paper! I will adopt! And the easel table is already a classic, is not it?

manual4And there is a wall to organize so much dishonesty. A mobile full of niches, a narrow shelf also helps a lot. The important thing here, since everything is in sight, is to maintain the organization.

manual5A slightly wider corridor can already be put into a workbench. In this, magazines are on a shelf under the counter, but you can also think of a bench that closes (or runs parallel to the wall) when not used. I also liked the way to keep the spools of thread, see?

manual6Bar and hangers fit a lot … and a narrow box with dividers leaves the wool always in sight.

Well, using the walls, you can create a lot of space, you know?

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