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60 Montessori Room Options That Are a Flush Explosion! 60 Montessori Room Options That Are a Flush Explosion!
If you want to set up a montessorian bedroom for child, keep an eye on the 60 decor references below! Borrowing from Education, the... 60 Montessori Room Options That Are a Flush Explosion!

If you want to set up a montessorian bedroom for child, keep an eye on the 60 decor references below! Borrowing from Education, the Montessorian method preaches the development of kid from their own aptitudes.

When talking about Design, the technique aims to enable children to perform simple activities, with autonomy and safety. But they depend on facilitated conditions for this. Want to see an example? To get the book itself, they need a bookcase at their height. The same goes for looking for clothes in the drawer, lying in bed or sitting at the table to do homework!

It is a playful way for the girls to really feel at home. Next to it, everything you need to develop: toys and books at ease.Already in this decoration, an explosion of colors, amid animals of all kinds. In bed, little flags to decorate.Bed of small house, geometric painting and many colors and toys is what you see in this decoration. In the ceiling, the solar system stimulates the will to go beyond.The little bed also appears here at a height even more suited to the child’s needs. Toy storage trunks, rug and school desk help close the circuit of small children’s needs.Geometric painting also appears in this infantile room, with bed close to the floor and colors and patterns more in line with what the girls usually like.How cute this bookcase is in solid wood and pastel colored decor. Yellow helps to bring more energy.
The decoration in neutral colors and triangles print was the formula adopted in this decoration, which can be used even for very small children.
In this room, the bed was created in the best cabaninha style.Already in this one, the black and white dominate, but without regret. White reminds of the ice, habitat of bears, which are prominent in the decoration. A more colorful option was also what happened in this little beehive room, with a grass-like rug and a mirror on the wall at the height of the little one. In fact, this is a central element in Montessori rooms so that children can recognize themselves.Neutral colors, colorful cushions, domino dresser, a very charming little stool and tree trunk. It is difficult to list one element alone. The easiest thing is to die for cuteness with this decoration!Who never wanted a tree house? This lucky child can fulfill this old dream in the bedroom. Accompanying the forest climate, vegetation wallpaper and bedding in the same tone. To organize the toys, colored baskets. Whoever has two fofurinhas at home can mount a single room, with the feature of the bunks. And right next to it, the bookcase makes the readings available. The cottage design also has this bedroom, which has two beds. In all furniture, honey-colored wood predominates. On walls and bedding, neutral colors and lilac.
Look at the jungle together! And everything to protect the prince who sleep there. The bed has a height very close to the floor, as the Montessori booklet says.In this room, a toast to the imagination! Decorative frames with hand-made faces, fun stuffed animals and even a wooden stilt to play with. Can not let creativity flow!And what about a picture to do a different work each day to decorate the room? Encourage your child!Gray and pink can be a beautiful combination. In this room, ball-point light, varied cushions and a well-carpeted carpet help to finish off the cozy climate.
The grace of this room, for even smaller children, is on account of the camping tent, with the right fox and all! It’s for daydreaming!
Here lives a princess that enchants with the ballet! And it not only counts sheep to sleep, but also travels long distances with them! Pink and lilac predominate in painting and other decorative elements.If this boy doubted he could be a hero, the decor of the room is to end any doubt. On the wall is lit the city that needs to be saved.Another corner to let the imagination go. With low furniture, children can do most things on their own. This room can be adapted even for larger children. The headboard of the bed is a perfect silhouette of a house, in solid wood. The cloud comes to crown everything.And this room? How delicate … The shades of pink and white predominate, with many teddy bears and dolls to decorate. In blue and gray, Samuel’s little room also gives a show. On the floor, a rug inspires the little one to walk down a great road. Bunnies and teddy bears are the great characters in this room. But the cabaninha bed can not be left out. So there’s no way you can not have that little nappy to get up in the morning!This other male room is very colorful, with a series of elements to make the imagination fly as high as a balloon or an airplane. Yellow gives contrast and light.With such a special little corner, can not you be an avid reader in the future?Once again, the little house appears framed by the bed. A voal curtain brings even more charm. In the bedroom, there is still a table like the ones in the park, so the drawings run free.This cozy bed is going to be a little shove for the little ones out walking around as soon as they wish.In the multicolored room, it even has room to spread a net for friends dolls. And who used to sleep in the crib now puts their own toys to sleep. The blue and white bedroom does not need much investment to look gorgeous. Full of natural light, it still encourages children to travel the world, with balloons on high, and the map of the world on the pillow. Bed almost on the floor, tiny stools and everything within reach of the hand: the way the Montessori bedroom should be.For young children, television can be a distracting need. But you can not forget the corner to study. Going through the world was also the recipe of this little room. On the wall, the board: “Dream high!”.Neutral colors and very cute furniture, like these mini rabbit chairs. On the wall, paper with a print of a poha. The books are on the shelves within reach of the eyes and hands.And how about being able to get out of bed safely, like you’re on a slide in the park? For the mother to be calmer, you can put a thick rug just below.With such a decoration, your child will always think he is in a dream. Cloud rugs will not allow anything else. Hanging aprons help keep things more or less in order when painting seven.This room shows you can get out of the obvious pink / blue in a beautiful way! And still guarantee great dreams for the children.This room brings a peace of clean furniture, and even recalls the papal characters that marked his childhood.The triangle trend marks the walls again. The polyamide bugs on the floor, the little name on the wall and the balloon on the ceiling help to compose the look. “Let me do the climbing, Mother?” Such requests will be more harmless, if made in the bedroom itself, at the edge of the bed.And if the baby gets tired of dragging himself on the floor of the little room, he can go back to the side walk and rest as much as he wants.In this enchanted room, the pink is king. In addition, a small table with toothpicks, rope swing and a mini closet combine functionality and innovation.In this room, it’s always night, which helps create a calmer atmosphere for the little ones to sleep.The gray was a bet on this room, which has some elements in color of wood to give contrast.One of the tips for the Montessori bedroom is to separate some pieces of clothing and leave it to the free choice of the little ones. Preferably, in cabinets adjusted to their height. What if each pillow could represent the story of a princess? In addition to enhancing memory, they still make up a wonderful look. If the little girl eats a lot of cheese, she can check the whole story in the booklets behind the bed. Bugs are a key element in this decoration. Can you imagine the room without that knitting fox rug?Geometric painting, zigzag rug and chest for storing toys are some of the highlights in the room.
Here, the idea is to make the child feel at the bottom of the sea, accompanied by all their adorable little animals.For those who like trolleys, this decoration is a full plate. If you have energy left after the slide, you still have a boxing bag waiting.What if your daughter could play house until bedtime?Here, besides the cozy bed, there is the mysterious hut. What stories can come from there?The prince of the forest will love a room with this theme. The lion and the alligator are just a charm!In this room in neutral tones, your princess has to walk a short trail to get to her rooms.Shades of blue and zig zag give more personality to the wooden walk. And for those who like a little house, there is one in lesser part completing the decoration. For those who enjoy the beauty of cacti, this decoration is ideal. And the yellow knot cushion still creates a new color stitch.One more option for those who have a couple of little ones. The little houses are symmetrical, but respecting the individuality of each one. This little room is almost a small town. And there your daughter can sleep, dream, have fun and study, practically using a mobile only.

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