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58 Double Rooms Planned with Tailor-Made Furniture! 58 Double Rooms Planned with Tailor-Made Furniture!
How about a planned double room with custom-made forniture? Check out more than 50 fascinating projects here! The couple’s planned room will be the... 58 Double Rooms Planned with Tailor-Made Furniture!

How about a planned double room with custom-made forniture? Check out more than 50 fascinating projects here! The couple’s planned room will be the most romantic room in the house, so it needs to be thought about in order to cultivate love. And nothing cultivates love more than the organization! No matter the size: one planned small double bedroom can be as special as a room with more space!

The bed nestled in the center gives room for movement on the sides.

Small rooms are larger with mirrors.

Bet on discreet lighting in the planned room.

The bed in the wall is very cozy!

Take advantage of the space on the bedside table to install cabinet and increase the storage capacity.

Do not have room for a dressing table? Use a built-in coffee table!

Sliding doors in the wardrobe make moving easier.

The dresser on the side of the room interacts well with space.

Small environments gain space with the addition of mirrors.

The yellow and indirect light from the lamp is very romantic.

Built-in lighting ensures soft light.

Niches make decorating more practical.

The bed on the deck is cozy and modern.

The combination of wood tones and dark gray leaves the couple’s room more mature.

Lofts in open concept are modern, glass creates an interesting divider.

How about the smoked glass separating the closet?

For those who need a work / study space, the planned room extends the options.

The combination of white upholstered headboard with mirrors, certainly fills the room of the luxury couple.

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Speaking of luxury, the illuminated base and glass panel for TV are extremely luxurious items.

A small room can be well taken advantage of when planning!

Light colors bring peace to the couple’s room.

The niche above the headboard allows the couple to display their personal items in the decor!

The pendant luminaire replaces the lamp.

How about a retractable bed? The space can be used as living room and bedroom.

Fun comics mark the space of the couple!

Pendants are trend! Bet to upgrade.

Elegantly designed double bedroom features a neutral color palette.

Enjoy the foot of the bed to fit furniture.

The lamps can move on the bed.

How about fitting the couple’s room into a planned space? Differentiated and cozy!

The contrast of the wood tones draws attention to this modern decor.

Large double rooms are always very stylish.

The glass partition is certainly a highlight.

Create a hotel room in your home! The illuminated panel is a luxurious item.

Natural wood leaves the environment younger.

Add touches of color to the décor details.

Air lockers are modern and versatile.

The low ceiling combined with dark-tone floorboards, leaves the environment much more welcoming.

The wooden headboard in vertical ballast makes all the difference to enlarge the room.

Pastel tones are ideal for keeping the contemporary couple’s bedroom.

How about daring in design? Guaranteed modernity!

The planned double bedroom can play with various shapes and incorporate items that please both.

A minimalist decor is irresistible!

Lighting is the key! Bet on a planned lighting to ensure a calm environment.

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Modern designs will ensure a stylish and pleasant room.

Carpets are the luxury! Bet on bold prints to differentiate.

The planned room optimizes every corner of the environment!

The combination of modern and rustic design is a charm.

This large double bedroom shows that the lighting makes all the difference!

Modern decoration with niches.

The carpet ensures the warmth in the couple’s bedroom!

The burnt cement wall combined with the lighter decor leaves the room super modern.

Shades of gray are always on the rise!

Highlight for the ceiling with low cutout that inspires the lighting issue.

The sticker on the mirror stands out in the decor.

This natural wood partition is the charm in this open environment.

Neutral tones look great in small spaces!

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