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12 ways to distribute furniture in a 3 × 3 room – Part 2 12 ways to distribute furniture in a 3 × 3 room – Part 2
And let’s now see the other 6 ways you can use to distribute the furniture in your 3x3m bedroom, with its advantages and disadvantages.... 12 ways to distribute furniture in a 3 × 3 room – Part 2

And let’s now see the other 6 ways you can use to distribute the furniture in your 3x3m bedroom, with its advantages and disadvantages.

The first 6 are here.

Distribution 7


Similar to distribution 4 of the previous post, only putting the area with more space near the window. A good thing for those who need and like to have more natural light in the study or office area, for example. The rest of the circulation area is damaged, as you can see.

earth bedroom-with-bedside-blue-tiffany-design-of-renata-cafaro

An idea of ​​what could be done in such a distribution. (Photo: earth)

Distribution 8


Honestly, this is a provision that has no appeal in my point of view. I only put it because it is possible and it is for those who hate (even) that the bed is facing the side of the window or that you want a beautiful view of the entrance of the room (because the headboard will face the entrance and centralized, other than solution 11 that, other than that, is exactly the same … but .. these are not so valid reasons, are they? Even more that the headboard will be under a window …) The circulation is very impaired, except in the side where the servant is mute, which is not a real advantage.

Brandani Decorate-21

Use your imagination (hard to find a photo that shows exactly how it would look in a 3x3m). (Photo: Brandani Decorate)

Distribution 9


Always the possible discomfort of having a bed leaning against the wall will bring the advantage of plenty of room for movement, larger furniture, hence more room to store things and perform other activities in comfort. Of course your needs are what will make you decide for one thing or another. In this configuration, the space at the side of the bed is quite large and gives a lot of things (deeper dresser or even a wardrobe, chair, shoe rack, or even all of this along with a good design. (or both of you if you want to have better access to the window) and you will need one of the users of the bed not to feel uncomfortable being “clinging” to the wall – the idea of ​​the lambri on this side of the bed is super valid.

rquiteturaeconstrucao img_6690-copy

An idea (this one with the bedside table on the free side of the bed) (foto: arquitecturaeconstrucao)

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Distribution 10


Another distribution that puts the headboard of the bed in the window. Here you can choose to lose a dumb servant to get better access to the wardrobe. Around the bed is tight and access to the window is impaired. In addition, the “foot” of the bed is almost facing the door, which many people do not like. In compensation, it has a large free space on the side wall to the door and can use it for a lot (office, makeup, other wardrobe, shelves, shoe rack, etc).

cj bedroom-bedside-twill

An idea of ​​this distribution (with the mute two sides) Photo: Casaejardim

Distribution 11


Similar to the previous layout, but I changed the wardrobe position with the dresser and this was very interesting: See that the circulation areas are bigger and now it is possible to have the bedside tables on both sides. Access to the window remains complicated. And the “feet” of the bed remain facing the door. This distribution is identical to 8, but the bed is not centralized and this makes a good difference !.

Distribution 12

room 3x3m

Note that this distribution solves the problem of the foot of the bed being in front of the door and maintains all the advantages and disadvantages of the distribution 10.

I still wondered if we had more possibilities … but now I can not think of anything other than the simple variations of solutions I put here. I hope this helps you to realize that with patience and study it is possible to create different ways of using your spaces.

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