10 Small rooms for more than one child


The family grows and the apartment does not or not always … And it turns out that we have to fit two where before there was room for one. In this case the business is to appeal to creativity and a good joinery, see? Let’s see some examples to inspire you?


Nothing against the more classic solution, if there is space and creative decoration (photo SouMãe)


(photo thebooandtheboy)

With space, it’s cool to move the side of the bed off the wall for comfort. And the cool thing is that this space was super well used: It serves to place objects, lamp and can still keep bedding, etc.


This solution that I found in the magazine couple still uses super well the space. I would just put something to protect the top bed and a liner between the bed and the wall.


(photo thebooandtheboy)

When a baby comes up and there is not a single room for him, this may be the solution and for a long time … It’s not great, because the crib ends up getting low (when you do not have that high ceiling wonder, that’s the way ..)

children's room-shared-bedroom6

(couple magazine photo)

A variation that I find more beautiful and comfortable than the above. See the wood cladding on the wall and the mirror detail.

Children's Rooms-07

Millimetrically measured, this room I found at CasaAbril: I was silly with everything in such a small room and still with a reasonable circulation.


The kidsmopolitan room website has room for 3 kids in a small footage. Note that the right foot may be low, since the bottom bed is on the floor (there are those who do not like it, I know..and need to have a huge concern about cleaning, besides not good for allergy sufferers)


I like wood and hardware made out of pipes, you see? A simple and clean design. I just miss, as always, something on the wall to protect from body contact. This photo I found on the website centsationalgirl.


The decor is rather raw, I miss the more high on the wall and such, but this is a good idea for long, narrow rooms with high ceilings that do not overlook a bunk. (photo thebooandtheboy)


A variation of the overhead bed with study table underneath. The only problem is that the height of the bed has to be thought about both the right foot and the size of the child that will use the bottom bed (or else she should lie down with her feet on the blue wall, right?

Hopefully some of these ideas will solve your “more children than space”

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