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10 kitchens in gray and black 10 kitchens in gray and black
And since we show 14 bathrooms in gray and black, why not show kitchens in gray and black? And I’ll give you some with... 10 kitchens in gray and black

And since we show 14 bathrooms in gray and black, why not show kitchens in gray and black? And I’ll give you some with suggestions for materials to have a similar environment, OK?

They can be beautiful and they are also the darlings of the hour … Again, it is the industrial style which is still very strong. But you can use the colors even without being adept of the style, of course. Neutral classic colors are timeless.

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For those who like light kitchens but does not give up the double gray / black, the solution is to use light gray and black in details and metals. One more idea is to use white in the upper cabinets, as in this photo. O light wood tone floor (here we use even cold tile – porcelain, burnt cement, etc.) is a great option to break the monochrome palette. THE stand, that looks like granite with various shades of gray, such as Ceará white, for example, is perfect. Gray / black / wood or beige combine super good. (Photo: keltainentalorannalla)


Possible materials in the Brazilian market for similar environment – Faucet, furniture coating and worktop

designinnova apartamento_preto, _brnaco_e_cinza_ (4)

O a little darker gray of cabinets in antique style with frames, is compensated with little black and very white. The use of whiter allows you to use this palette even in kitchens that do not have much natural light (which is not the case here). Note that in the case of dark kitchens, the areas that receive light are lighter. Thus, light colors reflect the light received and all areas become brighter. The white bench appears to be a quartz, silestone or similar. The pediment has, until the shelf, the known white subway tile. The floor mixes the 3 colors and gives joy and movement to the environment. The lighting is made by light fixtures with spotlights. (Photo: designinnova)


Possible materials in the Brazilian market for a similar environment – Pediment, furniture and floor covering

kitchen _-_ coats_arquitrecos_via_eliane_01.jpg

The pediment tiles can be well bonded (an economical measure when the previous coat is in good condition) but there are also geometric tiles (see below). On the bench, a dark granite – which should be the Saint Gabriel. The furniture in White and the floor is a ceramic that has appearance of burnt cement. The general illumination is made by a overlapping ceiling. Simple and beautiful. (Photo: Eliane)


Possible materials in the Brazilian market for similar environment – Pediment and floor

tipsdemulher laundry-small-21a

An example of a kitchen with low natural light where the lower furniture is dark and the upper ones are light (here white MDF, doors in milky white glass with contours in dark grey) – a great way to use these colors without making the kitchen darker. The walls are in subway tiles with a color between gray and beige they call greige. Here some call nude). The bench is in a silestone (or quartz similar) grayish beige. See that there are still details in light wood. And the floor in porcelain beige rectified. Also notice the lighting, using electric rail with spots. (Photo: woman’s tips)


Possible materials in the Brazilian market for a similar environment – Walls, lower cabinet and floor

home-designing wire-barstools-600x600

Gray pin, gray wood on the floor (there is porcelain tiles similar), light and natural wood in furniture, black in cupboards and White on the bench. The metals in silver (luminaire, trail with spots, wire stool) and a black SMEG to complete. Who needs more for an industrial kitchen from scratch? (Photo: home-designing)


O burnt cement well stained on the walls gives the industrial and rustic tone to this kitchen which, apart from that and the 2 lamps on the sides of the window, is too chic, with this black minimalist mobile (with built-in handles) and white bench with black borders, which strikes me as a quartz. The faucet is white too. On the floor, carpets do not show the coating, but we could have there from porcelanato in beige or medium gray to clear as hydraulic tiles in black and gray prints, with or without beige or another preferred color. (Photo: keltainentalorannalla)


It’s the subway tile appears again in a beautiful blue that illuminates this kitchen that has cupboards in medium gray with black, blue and silver details, an frosted black wall that works as blackboard, table topped on what appears to be concrete with feet in black metal, black stools already known by fans of industrial style and floor in light wood. See that this champion mix is ​​repeated a lot. Because it works! The lamp on the table is already a trademark of the style. (Photo: projectshabitissimo)

keltainentalorannalla kok_farg

A different choice for colors: See that the floor, pediment and walls receive dark gray and black, as well as the beautiful round table, and cabinets are the elements that lighten the environment with white at the top and a very light gray at the bottom. Bold and different, but works super well, even in the area that is not very brightly lit – but realize that the ceiling is also white. To end the boldness, the red and yellow The details also help to illuminate. The silver lamp also does not go unnoticed and is perfect where it is. (Photo: keltainentalorannalla)

view + design aed338

I put this photo for you to see a wonderful option if what you want is a Sophisticated kitchen that uses gray and black: How about adding this Beautiful green and golden details (imagine this faucet Golden or rose gold). The black bench (which can be absolute black granite or quartz) is the perfect complement. The cabinets can be whiteas in the picture, or in very light gray, as in the first photo of this post. And the floor you can also choose between medium gray or gray and black prints. A luxury!

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And another photo with a very beautiful and sophisticated color combination: Gray, white, black and copper. Of course, in this picture the use of marble It’s from 3D coating help you to sophisticate, but you can be sure that even with simpler materials these colors, using copper in details, will really make a difference. And notice another trend that, using discretion, works: the mixing metals in different colors(Photo: voceprecisadecor)

It’s only 10 photos, but we have lots of ideas there to explore. Enjoy!