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A little corner for crafts at home
And a challenge in ever smaller environments: Get a space to exercise your handiwork, whether as a hobby or professionally. I selected some ideas for workspaces and material organization. Get inspired and get to work! A little piece of the room near the window. Here you will see that... Read more
Cat Decoration – 16 Ideas
A selection with 16 ideas to make your kittens happy. After all, they make us happy, do not we? Studies show that living with animals like cats and dogs do good to the human being … How could it be different? So when you think of the decor, think... Read more
10 Small rooms for more than one child
The family grows and the apartment does not or not always … And it turns out that we have to fit two where before there was room for one. In this case the business is to appeal to creativity and a good joinery, see? Let’s see some examples to... Read more
Easy to Care Plants – Texas Grass
And our editor of Gardening and Landscaping has one more easy to care for you !!! It’s Texas Grass! Come and see! One of the darling species of the moment is the Texas Grass (Pennisetum setaceum), which is not actually from Texas, it is from Africa and Asia. Look... Read more
12 ways to distribute furniture in a 3 × 3 room – Part 2
And let’s now see the other 6 ways you can use to distribute the furniture in your 3x3m bedroom, with its advantages and disadvantages. The first 6 are here. Distribution 7 Similar to distribution 4 of the previous post, only putting the area with more space near the window.... Read more
Minnie& Kids Party Decoration
The topic of Minnie It pleases many mothers and also the girls, because it is sweet and full of details to choose. To escape the traditional, choose to decorate the party in pink instead of the classic red. The combination of colors is what will give personality at your... Read more
10 kitchens in gray and black
And since we show 14 bathrooms in gray and black, why not show kitchens in gray and black? And I’ll give you some with suggestions for materials to have a similar environment, OK? They can be beautiful and they are also the darlings of the hour … Again, it... Read more
Bath cabins

Bath cabins

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The bath cabin has the shape of a traditional box and is known as a vertical massager with lateral jets of water. There are also the most sophisticated models with seats, with bath, saunas, TV, radio and with LED lighting. They were created to give practical practicality to your... Read more
My trip to Europe – Part 4 – Vatican
And continuing this sharing of my trip to Europe with you, now I will speak and show you a little of the Vatican. Although it is so close to the hotel where I stayed I was able to walk (do not go because you will be walking there soooo... Read more
58 Double Rooms Planned with Tailor-Made Furniture!
How about a planned double room with custom-made forniture? Check out more than 50 fascinating projects here! The couple’s planned room will be the most romantic room in the house, so it needs to be thought about in order to cultivate love. And nothing cultivates love more than the... Read more
Bathrooms with Stylish Winter Garden
Up to one bathroom small can have his own winter garden inside! Winter gardens in bathrooms can be vertical gardens, be inside the stall or even in toilets. The bathroom began to enter forcefully into the world of decoration: began to think of it as if it was any... Read more
36 Small Kitchen Tables that Give Harmony to the Decor!
It’s not always so easy to find a small kitchen table that fits perfectly into the space we have, does not it? An little kitchen demands a small table, after all, it is necessary that the environment is harmonious so that it maintains the elegance and allows a comfortable... Read more