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What you can not have in a home office What you can not have in a home office
I’m going to talk about that little corner that you use at home to do that social on the internet or take a quick... What you can not have in a home office

I’m going to talk about that little corner that you use at home to do that social on the internet or take a quick job request. In it you do not need to have all the amenities of a home Office (of those you work for for hours on end). The requirements are much smaller, but even so, it takes the minimum for you to be comfortable … No one wants to have a headache, stiff neck, back pain or irritated is not it? So, see the important points of this little corner – and more importantly if you stay too long in it.


The distance between the end of the table and the seat of the chair should be enough to fit your legs, otherwise you will have to stay on the side or very far from the table … super uncomfortable!


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Also the distance between the seat and the tabletop can not be so great that you look like a child sitting at an adult table. This “ends” with your arm and hands in no time.

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Always prefer a comfortable chair instead of a beautiful chair that does not give you comfort for long.


If you are over 20, forget about this business of sitting on a bench to use the computer. You will suffer later … If you are under 20, think about it: Your spine will have to support you for a lifetime …


Sun is great, but banging on your face while you try to use the computer can not!


Double problem: Bench (no comfort for the spine) and moreover, too loud! You’re going to use the laptop to pose as a Hunchback of Notre Dame … It does not work!

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Daylight again – coming behind the monitor will rather tire your vision.


A lamp like this is not the best choice: His light dims his vision, he’s trying to see the screen …

athomeinlove wide-stripes

The side of the window is yes, the best position to have a monitor or lap screen. Only if it gets too light you will also feel visually uncomfortable. Decrease brightness with curtains or blinds.


This bunch of wires rolled up in the chair is an accident. It is best to organize them. And it looks beautiful, because this little bag is really ugly!

fancy Homestyle4

In this photo, 2 possible problems at the same time: The tangle of yarn, ugly and close to your leg and the carpet too close to the chair, which can irritate you and still ruin the poor thing with the movement of the chair.

Freshome project-Swedish-crib-20

Finally, taken towards the feet and legs are not convenient. You put your foot in and turn it off with enormous ease.

Details, only details … But the devil lives in them! (I.e.