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Wallpapers for Bathroom +50 Different Models! Wallpapers for Bathroom +50 Different Models!
The bathroom wallpaper can totally renew the environment with an air of sophistication and lightness. The bathroom with wallpaper turns a modern and distinctive... Wallpapers for Bathroom +50 Different Models!

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The bathroom wallpaper can totally renew the environment with an air of sophistication and lightness. The bathroom with wallpaper turns a modern and distinctive environment and there are different models, including washable and waterproof. Here you can check a selection of different styles of bathroom wallpaper and you can be inspired to choose your own!
Striped wallpaper never goes out of style and the navy blue color is synonymous with sophistication.
The textured white wallpaper gives life to the bathroom I maintain the simple and minimalist essence of the decoration.
You can also opt for a more flamboyant bathroom wallpaper. This is beehive style in orange, beige and navy blue.
The sophisticated bathroom with warm lighting became even more elegant with the geometric pattern beige and gold wallpaper.The golden wallpaper is another model that can bring more elegance to this room.
The arabesque wallpaper is a big darling in the overall decor and also goes well in bathrooms!
The floral wallpaper in the bathroom leaves the ambiance delicate and matches the antique furniture and romantic decor.
This arabesque pattern in neutral tones also leaves the environment even more delicate.The modern bathroom with wallpaper jeans was decorated with some rustic elements as counterpoints.
The geometric wallpaper with shades of blue in the bathroom is ideal for those who like more colors and prints.The arabesque wallpaper combined with the classic bathroom decor.The gray wallpaper in the bathroom with geometric pattern is discreet and elegant in the right measure.Once again the arabesque wallpaper in warmer tones prints a bathroom with classic decor.The plaid wallpaper in shades rosé and brownish only prints one wall and leaves the bathroom well feminine.
The thicker black and white stripes are classic and can be used in more modern designs!
The neutral wallpaper in the bathroom with fish pattern is different and can give the room a fun and elegant look at the same time! The retro bathroom combines with the wallpaper that mixes various prints, similar to a patchwork quilt!Another differentiated model of wallpaper for bathroom is the one with feather print in light and dark tones.This is another geometric model in darker shades of black and gray.The wallpaper with the old newspaper print leaves the bathroom a charm!The floral print can be used in both classic and retro designs as well as in modern ones!
The gray arabesque is neutral and catches the eye!Vertical stripes in different sizes and light colors lengthen the environment.How about a thematic bathroom? This one received wallpaper with paradisiacal beach scenery and has even garden with sand and artificial flowers!This neutral and textured model is ideal for those who prefer something more discreet.Arabesque wallpaper with more delicate features leaves the decor smoother!The modern bathroom with blue furniture won wallpaper with geometric prints in neutral colors.This model of black wallpaper with dry golden twig trees is stunning! For a black bathroom with warm lighting is ideal!The simple bathroom gained a retro feel with wallpaper with vintage American prints!The pink wallpaper in the bathroom with white geometric prints leaves the atmosphere full of life!The brown and golden wallpaper stripes in the bathroom leave the sophisticated ambience with very little!

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Black and gray arabesque wallpaper in modern bathroom with skull frame.Bathroom wallpaper with gradient between shades of green and rosé.
Portuguese tile wallpapers with green, brown, white and beige stripes.
Arabesque wallpaper in bathroom with black and white.The wallpaper of pink polka dots was the chosen one to compose the romantic design of the decoration of the bathroom.These are other stylish models in warm tones.
The arabesque print can also come in different colors, such as blue and yellow.
The floral print is distinctive and modern!Another arabesque print in bathroom with antique furniture and delicate decoration.The mixture of strong colors and geometric prints can work!Brick wall paper with a distinctive style is creative and makes the atmosphere more cheerful!The floral print on a darker background is more charged, leaving the environment tighter, so it should be placed, preferably, in larger bathrooms, on only one wall, as detail in the decoration.The white wallpaper with black polka dots may be the choice of who wants a retro and fun air in the bathroom!Arabesque wallpaper in bathroom with antique wooden floor and bench.
Blue floral bathroom wallpaper.

Another wallpaper with fish pattern in the bathroom, this time more colorful!
Pink, blue and gray striped wallpaper.
Arabesque wallpaper in rustic bathroom with wall and brick bench.
Black and white wallpaper in classic bathroom with cross pattern.