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Using contrasts in the bathroom Using contrasts in the bathroom
When we talk about contrast in the decoration the possibilities are much more comprehensive than simply the color contrast. Contrast is, as the dictionary... Using contrasts in the bathroom

When we talk about contrast in the decoration the possibilities are much more comprehensive than simply the color contrast. Contrast is, as the dictionary says, “difference or opposition between things of the same nature“. And as you can see in the examples of the photos below, you have your techniques to produce a beautiful result. We will see ?

bathroom contrast 2

(Photos: openhouse and voceprecisadecor)

The colors contrast in these bathrooms NOT for their shades (hue is the one makes us call a color of red and another one of yellow, for example. We speak “red color” but the right thing would be to call “red hue”) But for your luminosity (how light or dark it is). The colors black and white, of course have the higher brightness contrast. THE blank area in the bathroom on the left makes contrast with the rest of the blue walls, changing the whole “sensation” of space.

bathroom contrast 1

(Photos: CasaAbril and voceprecisadecor)

Now yes, contrasts between color shades: The Red (and the Window Orange) contrast strongly with the light bathroom, almost all white. I would say that there is also this almost exaggerated contrast of the unexpected bold use of these colors in the whole environment classic and behaved. In the bathroom on the right the yellow would already be bold and contrasting with white of the bathroom but still entered the blue in the closet and the gray tending toward the lilac on the countertop and part of the wall. I particularly think that using one of the two would only make the environment more impactful (sometimes less is more …)

bathroom contrast4

(Photos: CasaAbril and CasaeJardim)

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The marble, a classic, contrasts with the rusticity of the wall covering (which “talks to the stool, you see?). And wood “warms” the environment that would be very cold without this touch. Already in the next photo, I found that the furniture under the counter in this very sophisticated bathroom is too rustic and, even repeating the blue, seems to be “displaced” there. I may be wrong, since I am not seeing the whole environment, but it serves to exemplify the tip: You need to dose the contrast a few times and / or add other contrasting elements as well.

bathroom contrast5

(Photos: construindominhacasaclean and casadefirulas)

In the left lavatory we can say that there is a contrast of finishes and delicate / feminine / sophisticated elements with other “coarse” / masculine / rustic / : The oval mirror and the fine vat, the organic formats contrast with exposed brick wall which seems “badly finished”. A strong contrast and a lot of impact. Already in the bathroom next door, the delicacy of the toilet (in colors, polka dots and even in basketwork) is contrasted with the very rudimentary pallet shelf, but decorated with delicate objects seeking a certain balance. Particularly I did not like the shelf itself, I found that it depreciated the toilet, but in theory, the composition was not incorrect.

bathroom contrast 3

(Photos: aolopcasa and arquitrecos)

I must say that I almost liked it the contrast of floor coatings and countertop wall part: One more stampand delicate, which seems older and other more current, less delicate and simple. I think I’d like it if instead of the dark blue the light yellow on the floor was used (so the print would not be so strong – the contrast would be less, you see?). Already in the other photo, a contrast that works beautifully: the bathroom masculine, with current coats and the type tank antique, delicate and embossed.

bathroom contrast7

(Photos: designlovefest and desvinter)

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The contrast in the photo on the left ishuge stampa on a small toilet (outside black and white). In general, this contrast works because this is an area where people get little time. So, it gives to excite and it does not give time to get tired … rs! In the photo on the right, the straight lines present in the whole environment contrast as organic format of Beautiful mirrored and well lit mirror.

bathroom contrast6

(Photos: Decoratrix)

The contrasts of the bathroom on the right have to do with color and lines: O green in the bathroom black and white it’s the conical shape of the tub in relation to the straight lines of the coating. Strong, different and beautiful. In the bathroom on the right we have the wood, which together with the basket, in their golden tones warm the bathroom cold and gray in straight lines, in addition to the pebble floor, which rusticity for the environment very straight and with minimalist way.

bathroom contrast9

(Photos: CasaAbril and 1kindesign)

Another way to contrast (and thereby “break down”) with the masculine tone of burnt or concrete cement, Besides use wood, are old and / or organic and / or delicate / feminine objects, as in this bathroom on the left (mirror, trays, comics ..). In the following picture a mixture that, in my opinion, sinned by excess: The straight coating lines below the bench until they were rozable against the wallpaper twist pattern. But the vat, besides blue (where there is nothing more blue) contrasts a lot with the classic bathroom style too. It’s a lot of contrast together in one piece, you know? He had become a “strange being” …

vmdesignblogg ED8

(Photo: vmdesignblogg)

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In this bathroom, the Bench contrast in style and color with almost monochromatic, cool and somewhat industrial tone of the rest of the bathroom. But realize that there are also delicate crystal lamps and the bathtub in organic format which make the stool, although quite contrasting, not absurdly foreign to the environment. Did you notice the difference from the previous example?

bathroom contrast8

(Photos: interiordesignserved and int2architecture)

In the photo on the left the contrast I want to show you see in the mirror: Look what ceiling worked! And how it contrasts with the simplicity of the rest of the bathroom! This contrast balances the set, because if everything were worked out and full of details, beIt was too much in the small environment, was not it? And in the other photo, the industrial style bathroom, well present and simple, receives the contrast of the ancient sewing machine, in a detonated wood with super-worked feet what chat with the wonderful floor plan and the rustic stool. A bold contrasting game beauty!