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The versatility and advantages of wallpaper The versatility and advantages of wallpaper
If you want to make a quick, economical and impactful change in your house or apartment there is nothing better than using wallpaper. In... The versatility and advantages of wallpaper

If you want to make a quick, economical and impactful change in your house or apartment there is nothing better than using wallpaper. In this post I will explore the use of it in the rooms of the house, be it as a couple, singles, guests, teenagers, children or babies. Keep looking:

At the double bedroom


(photo: earth)

Surely this room would not be the same without this beautiful wallpaper, which adds an important touch of glamor to the classic style of the decor. If the area is small or plain paper, you can install it without error. For large areas and embossed papers I suggest you hire a professional, but if you have the style and patience you can achieve.

keltainentalorannalla MHP_YipWestEnd_LW-329

(photo: keltainentalorannalla)

A perfect wallpaper for a double bedroom com young and relaxed spirit. Another cool thing about the wallpaper is that there are prints for all tastes and styles.

limaonaagua5-room-with-shelves-and-crochet-colored blanket

(photo: limaonaagua)

The role can be the protagonist or be more discreet and take the entire wall of the head, part of it or any other wall of the room and even a mobile, as below:

designsponge 9415d0fad

(photo: designsponge)

In the Children’s Room

wallpaper montacasa-com-border

(photo: montacasa)

You can make compositions with different wallpapers or other materials (such as wood paneling or fabric, for example) and wallpaper. In this children’s room see how easy it is to combine by choosing the color of paper or unprinted material between one of the colors of the embossed paper.

earth niches-room-of-girl-patricia-kolanian-305

(photo: earth)

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Paper can (and should) help to emphasize the desired style or mood. In the room above, the romantic tone is clearly shown by the choice of print. But see below how a more serious print changes the entire “climate” of the room:

In the bedroom of adolescents

earth bed-upholstered-single-navy

(photo: earth)

The room above can both please boys and teens and even work well for a guest room. Already in this below, the tone is feminine, joyful, but not infantile or romantic. It would please many teenagers.

architects 419826169

(photo: architects)

In the bedroomspedes

decoritzion JodiYork_bedroom2

(photo: decoritzion)

A more impersonal room that suits different tastes is ideal for guests. A wallpaper imitating brick on the sides of the bed, like this, embellishes and has a great possibility to please everyone.

apartment ceiling wallpaper 204

(photo: apartmenttherapy)

And do not forget that a trend that has been maintaining in recent years, but still with novelty because the adhesion is not so great, is the use of wallpapers on the ceiling! A difference in decoration!

Nthe baby’s room

thebooandtheboy 22

Photo: thebooandtheboy)

The wallpaper for the baby’s room may have children’s drawings, geometric designs (like above), flowery, neutral or even colorful. The important thing, in my opinion, is that if they are too colorful, do not stand in the baby’s sight when lying in the crib. Babies are very sensitive to any stimulus, including strong colors. Therefore, most prefer pastel shades, like this one and the one in the picture below.


(photo: closetdare)

So when you want to give a renovated room or think about renovating, do not forget the wallpapers! They are really a great and economical option!

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