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The essentials for a home office The essentials for a home office
Need to work from home? Learn what it is absolutely necessary to have a mini or not so small comfortable office in your house... The essentials for a home office

Need to work from home? Learn what it is absolutely necessary to have a mini or not so small comfortable office in your house or apartment.

1) One corner: That should give you the comfort you need. There are people who do not care about noise when they are working, there are people who can not work in a space where other activities are carried out by other people. There are people who like to see the exterior, others do not bother to have a wall ahead. You do not want to use a little corner that does not give you what you need. You will not use it or you will be unhappy and unproductive. Another issue is that depending on what you want to do, maybe a little corner is very small – especially if it is to receive people, ideally it has a specific environment for this.


Maybe see something at home? A space just to surf the internet? A small and simple corner in the room can serve


Or a table in the corner of the room, if you want more privacy … Even the chair does not have to be “the chair”

2) Table and / or work bench: Of course, how to work without a support, even q is not so … a table … if your activity involves only a laptop, for example, a shelf 40cm deep solves the question. If you use a desktop or a larger monitor, you need more depth (at least 55cm). Other services require more than a table, such as a sewing machine, etc … The most important is: The) table / bench height is perfect for you, whether you’re standing or sitting. B) Have enough space to carry out your work.W) Let it be a well-balanced base, with no gradients.

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Everything is very different when your home-office is even an office, for a full or almost full time job


It requires more space and investment even when you will have more people working with you.

3) Chair: Do not skimp on this item if you are going to spend a lot of time sitting down. It is best to test before buying and – mind – test with a table at the same time as your desk has.


All this can be called home office, office. But they are very different things, with different needs

4) Great lighting for your work: Targeted lighting for the task and general ambient lighting. Do not exaggerate because light beyond what is necessary also tires. If it is possible to have a good window to look out for once in a while and have good natural daylight, this is great.


You can start small and then rethink all the space for an expansion … In this case, do not miss the time to invest to keep and grow your business!

5) Shelves, Organizers, Closet with Drawers: To keep and keep at hand what you need for your work.

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Keeping everything organized and feeling comfortable is a must have for productivity

6) The necessary sockets for your equipment: The electrical installation should be efficient and safe. The ideal thing is that the wires are organized so as not to give the air of a mess that makes almost everyone angry … And working angry can not!

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And whether in a corner or in a larger environment, do not forget to make everyone respect your workplace

7) The above items are the minimum required, but if you serve people, you will also need a chair or armchair for your client, or a couch to talk to and a coffee table.

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Do not forget: The important thing is to feel happy!