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The 15 best tips for decorating small and integrated apartments The 15 best tips for decorating small and integrated apartments
Bought or rented a small apartment with few walls and now are thinking of how to decorate it? Yes, it is not easy, but... The 15 best tips for decorating small and integrated apartments

Bought or rented a small apartment with few walls and now are thinking of how to decorate it? Yes, it is not easy, but I will give you the 15 most important tips on good decoration of small and integrated apartments. Anyone who is already a reader of Simple Decoration knows about almost all of them, but it is always good to remember. And who is coming now, write down and be inspired.

1) Divide the space into functional areas

Acasaqueaminhavoqueria Apartment-decorated-in-sp4

(photo: acasaqueamigovoqueria)

Although it does not have walls, space needs to meet its needs in terms of functionality. So you should think about what activities are going to be done and separate space for each of them (For example: Living, dining, mini-office, fast snack, reading …). Even if a small armchair is your “reading space” and is in the middle of the living area, also functioning as a part of it – in fact, this leads us to the next item:

2) Create multipurpose environments


(photo: Decorarmaispormenos)

Thinking about spaces that allow different functions saves space. This living / dining room is quite different: The “dining table” is a bench that is in the “middle” of the living area. It may not suit everyone, but it served this family. You can have an office in the bedroom space, a laundry room in the bathroom and so on. Everything with the goal of making the small space “render” the maximum. Of course, in order to achieve this, it takes a lot of planning, which reminds me of the next few tips:

3) Bet as much as you can on your planned furniture


(photo: revistacasaejardim)

In this small space above there is a bed, a chest (in the headboard), a drawer, a mattress, a dumb man (which could be even a study table if it were higher) and a closed niche. Difficult you to optimize so much this space with furniture ready. In kitchens then, they are fundamental. Worth investing yes.

4 and 5) Think well about the size of the furniture and the colors that will be used:


(photo: Casaabril)

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In a small apartment everything has its place and any centimeter is super important: Small chairs and armchairs, sofas with narrow arms and little depth, tvs in size that is not incompatible with the distance in which they will be seen, standard size beds, tables of center if possible and maintaining good circulation … in short, even a lampshade bought on impulse can end the space of the bedside table! And the colors, yes, the colors occupy “visual space” – many colors everywhere will make your small apartment “full” even when empty. In addition, they can help keep the spaces clear, give the impression that they are larger or draw attention to the kitchen when that is not their goal.

6 and 7) “Increase” Space – Leave the right foot as high as possible and use the same covering in maximum areas


(photo: casa2arquitetos)

Well, talk in larger print, the same coating on the bedrooms, living room and kitchen does this (besides being more economical in general). Porcelain is perfect for this! And keeping the ceiling as high as possible (not using liner, for example, as in this photo) really makes the environment bigger … it will not be just printing! And it also improves the luminosity, ventilation, reduces the heat … it is a beauty indeed! By the way….

8) Does a mezzanine fit?

contemporary small-apartment_170715_03

(photo: contemporist)

I know it is not cheap nor possible most of the time, but hey, if you have a double right foot investing in making the room on the “upstairs” add value to your apartment besides giving you a lot of space.

9) Try to see the horizon !! LOL!

decorfacil20171124 frames-for-room-39

(photo: decor)

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If you have tall furniture in the middle of the environment it is clear that the “view” of all the space will be impaired and your apartment will look much smaller than it is (except that the possibility of getting strange is great) … But of course you will want to share some environments and increase privacy in others … How do?

10) Wherever you need, place smart dividers!


(photo: Foundedecoration)

There you use dividers that add beauty to the spaces and, better yet, have some functionality (this is the TV panel above and probably supports some small furniture or shelves on the kitchen side. Where possible, make partitions that allow light and ventilation (say: prefer cast partitions).

11) Kitchen that is seen, better be simple and elegant

chictip interior-design-Christopher-Elliott-Design-4-494x700

(photo: chictip)

As we speak of cooking, it is good to think that it will be seen from the room (or from the whole corner of the apartment), it must be “presentable” and should not call – in general – more attention than the room, for example. So it’s a good idea to plan a simple kitchen, straight lines, more closed cabinets – it’s discreet, easier to clean and lets you take that lot of utensils and pans and dishes out of your eyes …

12) Find and save space


(photo: dcorevoce)

Use sliding doors, air racks, wall-hugging bedding – but place something, preferably cushioned to protect you and increase comfort. Wow! You can not imagine how much space you will win!


(photo: netstudios)

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You need not even say anything, right?

earth decorating-room-men-with-bed-leather

(photo: earth)

Look how much is saved and how much activity can happen in this little corner!

13) Use transparencies on furniture


(photo: earth)

Just look how this coffee table – relatively large for space – was light and does not even seem to be there! Glass, acrylic, mirrored furniture … work! (if you do not have small children)

14) Use the old mirrors trick

mintyinspirations Czy204

(photo: mintyinspirations)

Yes, they work! But do not use anywhere, let alone around the corner. Choose safe and strategic places, preferably reflecting a window because it will automatically appear, there is another window in the environment and you will gain light. For free. As in the picture above.

15) Do not forget the circulation space !!!

keltainentalorannalla md2015_05_29-094724-1-y

(photo: keltainentalorannalla)

Last and the MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Empty space is the most important space in your home! That’s why you walk and do anything. So can not you put coffee table? Do not put! I would like a table for 4 but there is no space? Get a fold up, put 2 chairs and use puffs … Anyway, use creativity and accept that some things will not be possible, but do not live “tight” by tapping your legs on the furniture. You can not be happy like this.