Stirring in the paintings of others & houses


I do not know you, but I often go crazy to tinker with the decor of the house of others, especially the paintings. I think it’s OCD, people! When I feel it I put my hands in my pocket and I’m crazy to get home to do it in peace, with the photos I keep here. And I ended up showing some interesting tips for you! See also:

In all the groups of photos below, the first photo is the original and the second is my modification


(photo: limaonagua)

A very strange composition that drew attention to the lower right foot, because the most “strong” picture (that of the buildings) was up there, almost on the ceiling. And it fits so well with the sofa that looks best around him. And the picture with white frame and details in blue looks much better and brightens the corner with the blue cart, does not it? (He could get lower but I liked the movement that made him taller).


(photo: bettybetruetoyourself)

Probably the frame is centralized with the furniture (behind the sofa) but centralizing the wall makes a lot more sense, does not it? After all, the furniture can also be positioned like this …


(photo: cepaynasi)

I found that narrow picture on this wall (although it gives the impression that the right foot is taller), but I always prefer broader frames behind the sofa – I just repeated the painting to get less work, think of the idea).


(photo: desiretoinspire)

It’s not that it’s ugly or there’s something very wrong, but do you agree that such a tall right foot deserves bigger pictures? Small pictures seem disproportionate.


(photo: sfgirlbybay)

It is even a sin such a beautiful composition placed so high, ending with the coziness of this little corner. The difference is enormous.


(photo: umbrinco)

As I have said here many times and repeating here: One of the biggest mistakes in positioning frames is the height. In this case, besides it, the comics formed almost 2 horizontal lines that ended very wide for the free space and the size of the sofa, you see?


(photo: cepaynasi)

Another common mistake is putting the frames too far apart. It seems that they do not give “bind”, do not form a harmonious whole. Just put together a little that looks pretty good!


(photo: style-files)

My feeling about this set is that there’s an imbalance, with a bigger “weight” on the right side, which ends up with the beauty of the set … (aside from some crooked comics – it’s very important to fix them so they do not warp and get an impression of mess). I simply changed the position of the rightmost frame, which is darker – so heavier visually. And that alone balanced the whole. It’s not interesting?


(photo: cepaynasi)

Again, for me, a matter of weight: The empty frame and bugle is very “light” for the rest of the set. I decided to put a black frame inside it. I took that picture there on the right end too … but I do not know what’s in the rest of the room..kkkk!


(photo: boligliv)

Again 2 pictures too far away. I figured that putting them lined underneath gives a balance to the pendant and originality. The room looks more contemporary, as I see it.


(photo: sfgirlbybay)

A somewhat difficult composition that I did not find legal, again due to the distance between the 3 comics that form a separate set of masks that, closer to the foot lamp is like forming another set. Now I see that the 3 pictures could have been left more a bit, but overall, it got better than the first picture, in my opinion.

Now I resolved to move in the pictures of others. Is that you? Do you have this every once in a while too? And what did you think of my changes? What’s up!!

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