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Renovation or Construction: See whats up in todays kitchens! Renovation or Construction: See whats up in todays kitchens!
Many of the trends I’ve laid out for 2018 have appeared in kitchens this year. Let’s see the ones that are and will continue... Renovation or Construction: See whats up in todays kitchens!

Many of the trends I’ve laid out for 2018 have appeared in kitchens this year. Let’s see the ones that are and will continue to blast at you that is making that reform or construction stand inside and choose what suits your own style.


Here 3 trends, in this middle kitchen industrial chic – the super trend that still prevails: woodthe cabinets in blue and style pulled to the colonial and the wooden shelves hanging above the workbench that separates the environments (photo: Mydomaine)

thedecojournaldesenho catalog-cocina2

Theor hexagonal ceramics, just like the non-rectilinear shape as do the division with the part of the wall coated only with paint appeared enough this year. Of course, you have already current kitchen tends to use only the pediment area (wall where the sink is) tiled, it is not ? And the copper taps are still more in the bathrooms, but sometimes by another you already see in kitchens (photo: thedecojournaldesenho)

earth decoration-for-kitchen-retro-with-floor-grid-and-blue-cabinets-photo-in-architecture

The call totile or brick subway (or subway) appeared (and appears) a lot here and some cabinets in navy plywood lined with colored formica (photo: House Stories)

earth decor-kitchen-retro-with-wardrobe-green-and-wood-floor-photo-gabriel-valdivieso

Look at the Subway there again. Now in a green kitchen, a widely used color lately. Look at the style of the cabinets, reminiscent of Provencal style, the frame (boiserie), another growing trend and these models of handles (shell) Also super gifts. (photo: earth decoration)


The tiles in geometric colorful designs are still high, as are the kitchens with cabinets in different colors (usually 2 colors and often in wood and a color) and the lighting rails. O concrete and burned cement follow strong on the floor in walls and even on countertops (Photo: projectshabitissimo)

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Korman ArchitectsLoftKorman-293

O apparent brick, just like the exposed – typical of industrial style continue. And began to appear more kitchens with cabinets all in black or almost black and matte – what I do not recommend for small and poorly lit kitchens naturally (Photo: Korman Architects)

keltainentalorannalla md2015_05_29-093140-y

Another kitchen with cabinets in very dark gray matte, details and banked in wood and brick in sight. Multi-purpose luminaires with apparent and “do-it-yourself” as the above are everywhere, andThis classic pattern of tile or tile has long been rescued from the past (photo: keltainentalorannalla)

decoracao24 decoracao-geometrica-4

Another beautiful ceramic model that has been widely used with several variations. This delicate atmosphere is also a trend, even with the use of pastel shades. I think it’s pretty, but the crayons do not feel much acceptance yet. See again the Light wood tone details in cabinets and niches and the simplicity of handles (photo: decoration24)

CasacorSP 54_Pati Hagobian Kitchen IMG_6335-1details

The air colonial, with glass doors, again this blue and here the black metals, this is a stronger trend for kitchens. (Photo: CasacorSP 2018 – Kitchen of Pati Hagobian)

Kitchen Rosemary by Bernardo Gaudie-Ley and Tânia Braida casacorRJ

Of the CasaCor that is happening now in Rio de Janeiro, the Kitchen Alecrim by Bernardo Gaudie-Ley and Tânia Braida highlights this beautiful green that I have actually seen in many environments and that looks great in a kitchen. See the same type of shelf support the first photo, but that was more delicate in white color and with glass shelves.

I helped with the ideas? Hope so!!!