Puffs for the Room: 48 Models Modern and Lovely! Puffs for the Room: 48 Models Modern and Lovely!
Using room puffs is a great way to increase the feeling of coziness and make the environment more inviting. Room puffs are available in... Puffs for the Room: 48 Models Modern and Lovely!

Using room puffs is a great way to increase the feeling of coziness and make the environment more inviting. Room puffs are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes: crochet, plush, leather … Anyway, there is an ocean of possibilities and here you get 48 perfect inspirations to find the ideal room puff model! below the trimmer and only come out when used!

And how about a vintage puff for living room, with gold metal bracket and pink velvet fabric? More delicacy, impossible!

Square puffs are even more modern and larger sizes are ideal for rooms that have more space.

The crochet puff has already become a trend and matches any type of decoration in the room!

Yellow puffs help create a contrast point in the room’s visuals.

This one in a peculiar pyramid format served as support for a jug of flowers!

Here puffs are also properly stored when not in use!

Crochet puffs in neutral tones go well even in the most modern decorations!

Puffs can also be even more utilitarian pieces! The models below, for example, comes with the hollow interior for storing whatever you want!

The most traditional way of using puffs in the room decoration is to combine them with the rest of the decoration, following the same color palette.

Or even using complementary tones.

There are those who prefer the more neutral tones, which make the puff blend into the rest of the room.

There are people who bet on alternative models and creative prints …

And those who like colors and want the puffs in a prominent position!

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There are several models of puffs, like those that look like sofas.

And the puffs of different shapes, which are very modern!

As another example of versatile use of puff, we have one serving as decoration piece and coffee table!

The puffs that resemble banquettes are well stripped and combine with a more youthful decor.

Square puffs are fun and can be used in creative ways to decorate the environment.

If the idea of the puff in the room is to bring comfort, what can we say of a plush puff?

The puff is that piece that allows the imagination to run loose. The use of prints, shapes, textures and colors is more than allowed, it is encouraged!

Exploring unconventional materials that create contrast in the environment is a good idea.

Little is said more in favor of comfort than drop-shaped puffs, lying on the floor!

The puff can be incorporated into the environment in a very discreet way.

Or it can be the center of attention

The idea of using cushions on top of leather puffs is great!

The puff can be a point of color in a monochrome environment.

Combining the puff with the couch cushions always works!

But using the puff as an element of color contrast also works, and very well.

For those who want to escape the conventional, giving up the comfort that puffs bring …

The perfect place to read a book, or take a nap.

Planning places to “save” the puffs when they are not in use ensures that they are still decorative, but allows a better use of the space.

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For which coffee table if you can use a puff?

You can put the puff under the coffee table, of course!

And it works to have puffs and coffee table next to each other!

You just have to be careful not to spill anything on them!

To better enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, nothing like puffs scattered around the room …

These are to sit or support your feet after a tiring day of work!

There are many different models of puffs, inspiration is what you will not miss!

We talk about colorful puffs in a neutral environment, but the opposite may happen: puffs are the balance point in a more extravagant decor.

Modifying the puff base material is a creative way of taking advantage of it in the environment.

For those who like colors, why not use them all in the same puff?

Crochet puffs resemble our grandmother’s house, and who does not love grandma’s house?

For those looking for delicacy and elegance, puffs in shades of blue-Tiffany are a good request!

Using leather puffs as a coffee table helps a lot when cleaning …

Square puffs are more modern and dashing.

Using pairs of puffs of different colors is a strategy to brighten the mood and make you more relaxed.

Proof that you can do everything – or almost everything – in the puff, and it remains super stylish!