New uses for porcelain tile

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I started to hear talk and see in decoration and various websites on the use of porcelain tile not only for floors and walls in Kitchens and bathrooms, but throughout the house and I think it’s worth thinking about this coating at reform or construction ,saw? So, let’s see where the porcelain tile is being beautifully worn around?

Porcelanato on the walls of all environments!

liane 6-wall-porcelain-wood-white-eliane-coatings-427x640

(Photo: Eliane’s website – porcelanato on the wall of the room)

At kitchen, service area and bathroom He is king, but in the living room and in the room? There are those who like and who does not put it at all.


(Photo: Assimeugosto – porcelanato on the wall of the room)

The advantages: Durability, beauty, ease of cleaning, economy compared to other coatings ….

Porcelanato in room Ceramica Portinari and archtrends

(Photos: Ceramica Portinari and archtrends – porcelanato on the wall of the room)

and the disadvantages: Cold touch, hardness (for bedside cabinet, for example, this is a disadvantage, which can be circumvented by the installation of a more comfortable headboard on the porcelain wall) greater expense in case of need of maintenance or desire of change (for a simple painting, for example).

Porcelanato in the LC room Architecture and archtrends

(Photos: LC Architecture and archtrends – Porcelain on the walls of the room)

The “coldness” of the environment can be circumvented by use of warm colors and / or warm textures and lighting whether in the choice of porcelain tile and / or in the decoration of the environment. Thus the living room or room it will not look like a hospital or a kitchen, as many complain.

Porcelanato in the room Adriana Abdalla

(Photos: Adriana Abdalla – Porcelanato on the walls of the room)

Porcelain in your living room

(photos: Your house – Porcelain on the walls of the rooms)

Porcelain tile on bathroom and kitchen countertops

The efficient and economical granite has gained a competitor to the height, with the advantage of a plethora of colors.

Porcelanato on the kitchen counter Eliane and Porto Design

(Photos: Eliane and Porto Design- Porcelanato in the kitchen countertop)

The porcelain tile is more resistant and less porous than much more expensive materials, so it supports very high temperatures and is more difficult to stain.

Porcelain countertop Eliane Mont Blanc by Larissa Franco porcelanato-mont-blanc-in-countertop-design-signed-by-Larissa-Franco

(Photo: Eliane – Porcelanato Mont Blanc on the bathroom counter by Larissa Franco)

But pay attention with the installation: large formats allow smaller number of cutouts and joints; porcelain tiles thinner they facilitate because they are lighter; the high shine are, as always, more susceptible to blemishes (and there is products which you can pass to reduce this possibility) and, IMPORTANTÍSSIMO: professionals must have experience with this type of use.

hometeka 45eda3-683x1024

(photo: hometeka – porcelain tile on the bathroom counter)

THE stand can be made on a masonry base or metal frame. Ah, one difference is that you can (like in the video below) mold the tub also in porcelanato.Para the kitchen and bathroom cleaning That’s really good! It becomes “more” possible until the dream of a wood bench (that is to say, imitating super good wood and with much less expense with the purchase and maintenance) and facilitates the creation of niches coated in the same material.

I found this video, very good, from Doma Architecture. See the details of a porcelain countertop:

porcelain countertops

(Photos: Vaicomtudo – kitchen countertops and porcelain bathroom)

See also this post from ClickArchitecture which raises many doubts on the subject.

Porcelain in furniture

portodesign table with porcelain tile 2-768x1024

(Photo: portodesign table with porcelain tile)

We already have tables, benches, benches, shelves, niches, finally … many furniture made (or can be made) using porcelain tile as a coating.

Furniture in porcelain ware Officina Portobello and revistaarea

(Photos: Officina Portobello: Bookcase in porcelanato and revistaarea: Furniture created by Rui Ottake with porcelanato)

Be very careful in choice of colors – they should consider and match well with the rest of the decor – And again: hire experienced professionals.

Furniture in porcelanato BlogDOTTendTUdo and Florim_Ceramiche

(Photos: Porcelain tile tables – BlogDOTTendTUdo and Florim_Ceramiche)

You see, the porcelain tile is invading everything, is not it? So enjoy! But I suggest not exaggerating, okay?

alemdaruaatelier porcelain table

(Photo: AlémdaRuaatelier – Porcelain table)

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