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I want to plant a tree – but how to choose? I want to plant a tree – but how to choose?
Today I saw an image on the internet that I did not understand anything, but anyway, the “citizen” stopped next to a tree sapling... I want to plant a tree – but how to choose?

Today I saw an image on the internet that I did not understand anything, but anyway, the “citizen” stopped next to a tree sapling on a sidewalk and simply destroyed it !!!!!

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A tree-lined street is a boon in this heat, is not it? (Photo: flower pods: flowering trees)

As I was already thinking of writing about planting trees, which is a very common question in groups on facebook, I motivated … Even more because at this time of year the heat reminds us of them daily, does not it?

Landscaping project Alex Hanazaki Photo Pedro Abude Editora Globo tree-garden-and-garden-and-pool-hall-cj582365

A well-planted and pruned jaboticaba tree, and massifs of agapanthus and irises (Design by the landscaper Alex Hanazaki Foto Pedro Abude – Editora Globo)

I have noticed some “wrong requests” such as:

I want a fast-growing tree! I want a tree that blooms all year long!

I want a tree that does not make dirt! I want a fruit on the sidewalk! I want lots of fruit!

I want, I want, I want …


“I was able to put many glass cloths, because the environments are protected from sunlight by the trees that are still the landscape of the residents.” (Architect Bel Lobo. Photo: revistacasaejardim)

In order for your tree to succeed and you are happy, what you should know (so ask) is:

Which trees are native to the region where I live? Why plant native species?

Which trees are suitable for the sidewalk? What are the rules for planting the City Hall of my city?

jardineironet 2984412281_25e033b7bb_o

With these “powerful” roots this tree is not suitable for the sidewalk, do you agree?

How to plant a tree? How to care for a tree?

Which trees can be planted near my house? How will the tree influence the comfort of my home?

position trees

Example of a concern we should have about the positioning of trees in relation to the house and the Sun (Drawing from Manual

As for the “wrong requests”, some tips:

It is important to note that a fast growing tree usually has weak wood (wood), that is, it can break easily causing accidents.

revistaonline vcv-20-10-2017-09-38-05

Badly planted or cared for trees can cause serious accidents … (photo: diarioonline)

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Floríferas on the sidewalk, although beautiful, can be a problem, as they can cause slipping and therefore accidents due to falling of passers-by, so the species needs to be well chosen, the same is true of fruit trees.

Trees do not make dirt – they fulfill their cycles! Some of them naturally lose many or all of their leaves in one period, some not.

Culture Mix-trees-in-Yard-7

Distant tree walls are always a good idea. (photo: Culture Mix)

Before you choose, buy and plant your tree, search for Guide to Planting Your City (the one of many cities you find in google). Do the right thing from the beginning. Nothing to ask about “Zé das Cabras” because the consequences can be very bad, from financial damage to serious accident.


See below the link for some general guides and others for specific cities. Follow the rules for planting trees on sidewalks and recommendations for planting trees in a safe way on your land.

floresefolias trees-and-shrubs-for-calcada-1-4

Trees need room to grow (Photo: floresefolhagens – Cristina Braga)

But why plant trees? Do you know all the benefits of having trees nearby? See some:

They can serve as barriers against wind, noise and excessive natural or artificial light (of mirrored buildings, for example)

Decrease pollution because they sequester CO2 through photosynthesis, helping to combat global warming. and retain in their leaves the particles suspended in the air, which are frequent in cities with high vehicular traffic, preventing them from reaching the airways. Then they are carried away by the rain.


There are many tips to follow to safely plant trees on sidewalks (photo: arqconcursos)

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Control air temperature and humidity

Intercept rainwater, protecting the soil from erosion


Space for transients, tree space, permeable soil (photo: deiasparadecoracao)

Improve the permeability of soil with its roots, helping to avoid flooding.

They provide shade, decreasing the local temperature.

Attract birds


Green corridor creator (connection between elements of fauna, harbor insects, lichens, birds, enriching the
ecosystem and increasing its biodiversity.

Produce psychological well-being, Improving the quality of life

Irrigate the atmosphere

This is just a summary of the benefits.

Ah! I also wanted to remember that tree is not pole. Have you seen trees cemented on the sidewalks? Absurd, is not it? Unfortunately it is very common. Trees need permeable area to grow and stay healthy.


I will not quote tree suggestions here because the readers are in different regions of the country and each region has its peculiarity.

Then see the Guide to Planting Your City. If you have any questions afterwards, please submit your question. It will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

Some Guides I found on the Internet:

General Arborization Manual

CPFL afforestation guide

Urban Arborization Manual of São Paulo

Manual of Urban Arborization of Recife

Manual of Urban Arborization of Belém

Urban Arborization Manual of Belo Horizonte

Manual of Urban Arborization of Uberaba

Acre Urban Tree Handbook

Manual of Urban Arborization of Porto Alegre

Manual of Urban Arborization of Natal

Salvador Arborization Manual

Atibaia Arborization Guide

Guide to Arborization of Campo Grande

Palm Tree Arborization Manual

Urban Planification Plan of Goiânia

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