Home Office – Whats Beyond the Table?

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A reader, the Evelise, wrote:

I’ve been researching home office images and practically all the photos show the bench / table, but what about the other side? I look at mine and think … “Will I put a shelf or a low cabinet? or a sofa and shelves? an armchair and a narrow closet, maybe? “and when looking for photos to inspire me, it was … I did not find ANYTHING!

So, folks, let’s help Evelise (and probably a lot more people!)?

All the options that Evelise wrote may be the correct answer. Everything depends on space and need.

1-Kindesign Home-Office-Inspiration-05-1-Kindesign

A sofa, cabinets and shelves are great if you have room for that. If you need the office to also work as an extra room a sofa bed is perfect. The shelves and cabinets can be well functional, even narrow. But if the office is in the room?


You can steal a little bit of it for a seat, shelves and narrow niches, maybe a mini-refrigerator.


If you have a specific office environment you can have an armchair to relax for a few moments, a message board or specific painting on a wall.

casa_jardim 6_1

Despite the stairs, here you can see an armchair, a tv, a closet, shelves (you can see they can not be missing, right?) And the cooler.


Here a smaller space but very nice with the sofa and niches


Another idea, now a full room with single bed, drawers, closet and shelves. And depending on the decor, the same environment can be used as extra room, home office and even to meet people!


And in this same situation: Office / extra room.


If it does not fit sofa, a corner to sit with drawers underneath. And if there is space, an extra table is welcome for other equipment and / or quick jobs.


And another office / extra room and in the photo next door, a bookshelf full of class.


And in this room, which is not large, an entire planned space, which uses well the walls and can be used as extra bedroom as well.

And what can not be forgotten: Good lighting! Whether for work at the desk or computer as well as a more pleasant and cozy lighting for the times when the environment is being used as a bedroom, if that is the case.

I hope that Evelise and those who need it most have found inspiration for the decoration of their home offices!

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